Love-Hate Challenge

Joey at Joeyfully Stated nominated me to participate in the Love-Hate Challenge. I have to write down 10 things I love, 10 things I hate, and list 10 nominees.


Things I Love:

  1. The way Little Man always brings me a gift when he comes in from playing (usually a flower or a pretty stone).
  2. The Kindle app on my iPad mini.
  3. Entenmann’s.
  4. Goodwill.
  5. Baby Girl’s mean face.
  6. The big-ass air conditioner in my bedroom.
  7. The blue-tooth connection for the radio in my car so I can play the music on my phone.
  8. Hot baths.
  9. My husband’s tendency to blurt out “That’s what she said!” even for non-that’s-what-she-said situations.
  10. School supplies.

Things I Hate:

  1. Mosquitoes. At last count, I have well over a dozen skeeter bites from wearing capri pants outside at my brother’s graduation party. I developed malaria earlier today, but I’ve since recovered.
  2. People who don’t listen. You know, the ones that appear to be listening but they’re really waiting for you to shut up.
  3. PEOPLE WHO DON’T USE SIGNALS. OMG, use them so I don’t teach my kids more curse words!
  4. Phone calls. Text me, yo.
  5. Commercials.
  6. Wrestling (the fake kind).
  7. Paper cups for fountain drinks.
  8. Sweating.
  9. Mustaches, even the ones that are just two day’s growth.
  10. Having to put my bra back on after I’ve taken it off for the day.