Weekend Coffee Share: Not Cat Poop, Not A Flood, And Not Quite Preschool

If we were having coffee, I would shock you by fixing myself a cup of coffee. Yeah, you read that right — Mrs. Coffee Hater over here just might have a cup. One of my goals this year was to learn to like something new, and coffee was high on that list, as I absolutely love the smell of it, but hated the taste. I set out to find a coffee that wasn’t too bitter. Mission accomplished. It’s a Green Mountain breakfast blend with loads of creamer, but it’s still coffee.

Screenshot 2016-09-04 at 10.31.40 AM

I’m not sure how often I’ll be drinking, since the caffeine made me jittery as hell (I looked it up and it’s three times the amount in a can of Coke, which I usually consume much more slowly), but it’ll be nice to have one every once in a while and not always have to order hot chocolate at Starbucks. I also bought some herbal tea to help with sleep so I can kick my Ambien habit and a mocha latte K-cup pack that comes with creamer. (So that’s TWO things for the yearly goal.) I was looking up the name of the mocha latte so I could be lazy and not have to get up, and this is what Google told me.

Screenshot 2016-09-04 at 10.11.42 AM

It’s not that. It’s Gevalia brand. And they’re froth packets, not creamer. Thanks for making me get my ass off the couch and ruining my laziness, Google.

Now you’re up to date on my coffee adventures.

If we were having coffee, I’d also tell you that our dog came home on Wednesday. He has to stay on crated bed rest for a month, aside from going out to use the bathroom, per the vet, but we set up Baby Girl’s old play yard for him, so he has more space. He’s getting around well when we take him out to use the bathroom. He wanted to run and go after a dog that came in the yard on Friday, so that’s a good sign.

Screenshot 2016-09-04 at 10.31.20 AM

Did y’all see the news about Hurricane Hermine? We were supposed to get 9 inches in my part of South Carolina, had flood watches and all that, so I kept LM home from school on Friday. The other districts around us had announced early dismissal, but not ours, of course. We live quite a ways away from the school, so rather than risk getting caught in a flash flood, I kept him home. There were no flash floods, and barely a couple inches of rain the last I checked, thankfully, but you can bet LM was happy to get a four-day weekend!

LM starts soccer on Monday. And Baby Girl starts her Mommy’s Morning Out thing at the preschool on Wednesday. Big week! The school had orientation on Thursday night, and one little boy hit BG and made her cry because he wanted her toy. The kid ended up being the grandson of the teacher who paddled me in elementary school (I didn’t do anything wrong, but that’s a story for another day). I told Sam that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I know that sort of thing will happen, though. I was surprised that as assertive as BG is with LM (she’ll clobber him if he gets in her face or takes something from her), that she cried. (The kid’s mom scolded him and made him say sorry, in case you’re wondering.)

Hmm…what else? I’m sure you don’t want to hear about grocery shopping yesterday, or watching lots of college football this weekend, so I’m going to stop here. Have a good weekend!

What’s been going on with you this week?

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: The Dog, Weekend Stuff, and Teaching

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that Little Man’s dog made it through his surgery just fine. The vet said it would take around 6 weeks for him to recover and get back to normal. We’re all relieved, especially Little Man. He spent some of his money to buy a welcome home present for him today, and hopefully he’ll get to give it to him tomorrow.

Over our coffee (well, a Coke for me), I’d also tell you that we’ve had a nice, relaxing weekend. It is blistering hot out here again, so we’ve spent a lot of time indoors. Last night we rented the 1977 version of Pete’s Dragon on Amazon. No one else had seen it before except me, and Sam and LM really liked it. (Although LM did complain every time they broke into song. He hates singing in movies. But he loved the story.)

Baby Girl has preschool open house next week. She’ll be going to their Mommy’s Morning Out program twice per week, maybe three times if she really likes it. It’ll be nice for her to get a break from the same old, same old and be around other kids more. The preschool director called us last week to ask about putting her in a regular preschool class, but we decided to hold off for now. She’s already mastered most of the stuff they’d be working on, and there’s not much point in paying extra when she’d only be going for social interaction. We’ll save that for when she turns three.

And speaking of school, I’ve been thinking about going back to teaching after BG starts kindergarten. I know that’s a ways down the road — three years — but the first two years went by so quickly, and I know that will be here sooner than we want, so I’ve felt a lot of pressure to decide what it is I want to do job-wise when that happens (y’all know how my brain tends to get stuck on something). I’ve always said that I’d never, ever, ever go back to teaching, but dammit, that’s what has ended up at the top of my list. I’ve been researching what I’d have to do to get my certification back, and it’ll require taking a few classes and testing (up to six classes if I change content area), but I’m getting my game plan together. (Hopefully the powers that be won’t change that stuff by then.) I’m going to ask about volunteering to tutor in the homework center at LM’s school, and I may do some subbing next year to make sure that’s the way I want to go.

I think we’ve hit the bottom of our mugs/cans by this point, so I’m going to get back to watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid with LM (those books are hilarious, by the way). I hope y’all have a good week!

What’s going on with you guys?

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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Soccer, Spring Cleaning, and Origami


Good evening, coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers. This has been a pretty busy weekend, so I’m behind on the post I intended to write yesterday afternoon (although I now have more to write about), as well as blog reading, commenting, and then minor household crap like sweeping and folding the laundry. (We all know that the household crap can wait.) 

Since I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve been so busy with, I’ll tell you: soccer, soccer, soccer. Okay, only a little of it was soccer. Little Man had a soccer game yesterday, and his team won 2-0. Little Man spent half of the game at midfield and half on offense. He loves playing midfielder, but isn’t a fan of playing on offense, although he (quite maturely) said, “I might not like it, but I’ll play where I’m needed.” He did well at both spots and is super excited about the next game. He has become intensely interested in it this season, which has been nice to see! (Can you tell this paragraph was mainly a way to get a parent brag in?)

After soccer yesterday, we got a start on our spring cleaning, which meant cleaning out the kids’ clothes drawers and stuff. We also went through all of Baby Girl’s clothes that were in storage and packed up everything that didn’t have sentimental value to give away.


BG’s preemie onesie vs. outfit for now.

The little preemie clothes were killing my ovaries. “Must have another baby!” they shouted at me and Sam, but Sam wasn’t hearing it and told them to piss off.


The cleaning out extended into today, when we focused mostly on Little Man’s room, which has looked especially rough since getting half a toy story between Christmas and his birthday last month (despite getting rid of stuff before the holidays). He has done okay with keeping stuff out of his floor, but that meant piling toys up on every surface. On top of that, there were all of his collections, some of which needed to go, such as the fruit seeds collection. Thankfully there was no “dead bugs collection” this time.


After we finished cleaning LM’s room, LM and I worked on his school project. This semester, Little Man had to select a topic that relates to Japan or India and do a report about the topic, as well as come up with a costume and include an interactive presentation. After some discussion, he decided on origami. That sounded easy enough, until we actually tried origami together.


Some of our attempts.

Little Man is just like me in some ways, which means his brain shuts down when there’s instructions overload.

folding-an-origami-crane_o_1191555I found a couple origami projects intended for preschoolers, and Little Man and I both were able to complete them. Whew! We’ve been working on putting together a PowerPoint presentation on origami, which has meant doing fun stuff like research. We finished it today, so the only thing left is practicing delivering the presentation.

That’s about it for my weekend. Do tell me about yours!

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Weekend Coffee Share: Baking, The Kids, And Puke


Hello coffee drinkers!

First and foremost, can I get an “Amen” on the appropriately-placed commas in my title above? Because without it, I could be talking about baking the kids, or baking the kids and puke. Blech.


Okay, this may not be entirely applicable, but it’s still funny.

Now it’s time to get on with the show. I’d like to advise you to proceed into this coffee share using caution. One of my offspring turned into that evil little Excorist girl and projectile vomited err’where. On second thought, maybe you should just spray Lysol in my eyes, run, and then spray yourself down.

* * *

As you may have gleaned from the title and picture below, I once again attempted to bake some bread this week. It didn’t pan out. I used one of those “so easy a child could do it” recipes where all you do is add a beer and let it sit for a while and stuff, and mine looked like this:


It was not good. Sam and Little Man swore they loved it, but the looks on their faces when I asked if they wanted me to wrap some up for lunch the next day betrayed them. At least they tried. Seriously though, you could’ve chipped a tooth on that crust. And the inside was doughy. No es bueno!

* * *

So, have y’all seen that video where some reporter interviews a woman that lived in an apartment complex that caught on fire? Like the Sweet Brown “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” interview, this was pretty funny as well. The Sweet Brown interview/song came out shortly after LM turned 4. It drove him batty to hear some of our relatives quote the song. He’d get all irritated and correct them, saying, “No one has time for this.”

He’s since become a little more laid back and will sing the song (his dad is always singing it or something else). After watching the “Fire” song, he decided to sing “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.” It was pretty funny, so I had him do it again so I could record it (but of course!). I wish he would have done more of the song, but this totally cracks me up every time I watch it.

* * *

Baby Girl had her 18-month well child visit on Thursday. As predicted, certain ladies in the office fawned all over Sam for bringing his daughter to an appointment. She is healthy, and the only thing we need to work on is her head banging. When she gets mad, she leans over and hits her forehead on the floor as hard as she can. Occasionally she does this in a gentle manner just because she knows we don’t like it. Anyway, we will continue trying to stop that as well as her other hitting tendencies.

I got a chuckle out of her discharge sheet. That little thing is 30.5 inches (9th percentile for height), 33 pounds (50th percentile for weight), and her head circumference is 19.75 inches, which has her in the 100th percentile for that. That toddler bobble head is so cute, but it’s tough to find shirts that go over her head! I had to cut out a chunk of her sweatshirt so it’d go over.

* * *

Now for the last part. Baby Girl got sick all of a sudden yesterday. She took a longer nap than normal, and we were getting everything ready for the kids to go stay with Sam’s mom for the night so we could have a date night/put up the treadmill. (Don’t even get me started on that.) But then Baby Girl woke up feeling kinda warm and about 10 minutes later, she did this:


So long, Date Night.

She was running a fever of around 100. BG did the above number four more times throughout the evening. As fate would have it, I had just handed her off to Sam each time it happened. Sam had to change clothes so many time, and one time that mess was all in his beard!!! His reaction was priceless, too:


I felt slightly guilty since I started snickering at how he reacted. But I did clean everything up, at least.

BG was very tired throughout the rest of the evening and had a hard time keeping down and fluids. She seems mostly better this morning, thankfully!

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Weekend Coffee Share: Laziness, Gunshots, and Birthday Cake


First of all, let me wish you all a belated Happy New Year’s.

Happy New Year’s!

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’m gonna ramble on for a while about my family and myself because, well, that’s what I do best.

This week was not one of my best. Between a funky mood and those sweet fumes I was running on vanishing, I was not very productive. Some might say that I was lazy and mopey as fuck. Tomorrow will be all about catching up on all of the shit I didn’t do over the past week — namely laundry. I’ve literally restarted the same load of kid’s clothes 5 times now. Oops. And I planned to take the Christmas tree down on Monday, but that didn’t happen, so not only has my Grinch heart been unsatisfied, I’ve probably also jinxed our 2016 or something.

Moving on. Despite the laziness/tiredness, I did go to a New Year’s Eve get-together. And, oh my god, that started out not so good! Upon arriving at the home where the NYE thing was, we got out of the car to hear a bunch of gunshots going off in very close proximity. After I got closer, I saw it was our friends shooting guns in the air. With cans of beer in their free hands. Strong words were said, wives were told, and then super strong words were said. And the guns were put away. It took a little while after that for things to get fun, but they did.

We didn’t do anything on New Year’s Day aside from watch TV and pop Rolaid after Rolaid (sorry, I can’t do the vinegar, although my husband said it worked like a charm). Once again I was reminded that I should not drink even a little bit. Or that if I do drink, then I should just drink it all and make the day after worth it.

Today was spent celebrating my hubby’s birthday. He’s 38 now, so I repeatedly reminded him that he’s really close to 40. I’m a lovely wife. I did make him lasagna for supper, got him a cool Columbia pullover, and bought cupcakes. Maybe when he’s 40 he’ll get lasagna and a homemade cake.

I am not looking forward to Little Man going back to school on Monday. I am probably one of the few [crazy] parents to say this. It’s nice having someone to toss dirty diapers in the pail 24/7, and I’ll also miss him a lot. We’ve had a lot of fun together of the winter break. ❤

That’s all my rambling for now. Do tell me how your week or New Year’s celebration was. 

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