Share Your World – February 28

Ever ran out of gas in your vehicle?

No. With my older cars, I’d always fill up as soon as the arrow hit the 1/4 full mark. With my last two cars, it tells me when I’m at 5 percent on my gas and that I have so many miles left before I run out, so I just go by that, and so far it hasn’t failed me (knock on wood).

Which are better: black or green olives?

Green olives are da bomb. I’ve never (and will never) put a black olive in my mouth because I’m certain they’re terrible.

If you were a great explorer, what would you explore?

I’d just get lost wherever I attempted to explore, so send me on vacation somewhere with clear water, and I’ll sit under an umbrella and explore the island’s popular cocktails.


Quotes List: At least three of your favorite quotes?

I always answer something different for this type of question because I don’t have favorite quotes so much as quotes I like that I usually find with a google search of “quotes on ____.” If you asked me in person, I’d blank and then probably say “Just keep swimming” because that’d be the first thing to come to mind. It’s a good quote though, so I’ll use it. Two other quotes I like that quickly come to mind are “There’s no crying in baseball” and “You’re killing me, Smalls.”

The Share Your World challenge is hosted by Cee’s Photography blog


Recap Of Girls’ Weekend

Come gather ’round bloggers, and I’ll tell you all about my weekend away. Given the nature of the weekend, some shocking stories may or may not be written about here, so don’t say that you weren’t warned.

My friend J and I went to the quiet little beach town of Myrtle Beach for the weekend, which is also known as Dirty Myrtle for reasons. Our first stop upon arriving was the ABC store. Makes sense, right? Can’t do Girls’ Weekend without the ABC store. Uh-uh. That’s almost as crucial as taking singles to the male revue, not that we did that or even talked about it. After stocking up on some pretty weak shit that we estimated would get us a little buzzed but not too buzzed, we grabbed supper and headed back to the hotel.

And then the party didn’t start. No, it was 9:00 and we were tired, dammit. We decided that we would work on our buzz on Saturday, after we had a good night’s rest. In the meantime, we watched a little TV, read our books, and touched base with our families, who weren’t missing us as much as they should have been in our estimation.

After the good night’s rest, I woke up to a beautiful morning. Now, I don’t generally care for getting up early, so I didn’t see the sun rise over the ocean, and I’m pretty sure I never will unless I just don’t go to sleep until after the sun comes up, so this was my view at 10:00: Verrrry niiice, right? (You should have read that in Borat’s voice.)

We had a late breakfast and went back to the room to get into our swimsuits. Since it was chilly out, we had on thermal shirts and jogging pants over the swimsuits. Hawt stuff, there. We also broke out our weak ass booze to properly start Girls Weekend. Only my friend had stuck the pouch thingies in the freezer, so nothing much came out of the spout. We tried to thaw out our drinks under some hot water. When that took too long, I decided to take matters into my own hands by grabbing the pocketknife I keep in my purse to cut the pouch open.

After all that effort, the weak booze tasted very shitty, so we didn’t have our drinks by the pool, after all.

The day was very relaxing, even without the drinks. We laid out on some deck chairs for a long time soaking up the sun (with me spraying myself down with sunscreen every 20 minutes and still getting a little burned) and reading. After the wind kicked up and it got too chilly again, we got into the indoor pool and later tested out the waters slides. One trip down the water slide, which I don’t have a good history with, was enough. I didn’t show off my goods, but I did suck down a ridiculous amount of water since I can’t slide and hold my breath for a few seconds, apparently. Coordination is not my thing.

After we had enough of the pool area, we went back to our rooms for a little bit and watched the waves rolling in from our balcony. Soooo relaxing. Are you jealous yet? At one point, I saw two dolphins swimming through, which was awesome as I’ve never seen a dolphin not in confinement before.

One of the dolphins.

After the relaxing finished, we got ready to have supper with my friend Maple. I got all fancied up in yet another thermal shirt and jeans. I’m a master at style.

After dinner, we stopped by at a convenience store to get some drinks. I don’t do beer, so I grabbed a Mike’s Hard Lemonade, a Sex on the Beach, and a Screwdriver, all in aluminum cans. Quite the throwback to my college days! If only I had some huge bottles of Smirnoff Ice to round things out…

My drink that someone thought had Spiderman on the can.

Then things got interesting when we got back to the room. Apparently five wine cooler-esque drinks and one beer total are enough to get three women in their 30s tipsy! Our wildness was limited to talking about the merits (or lack thereof) of Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe that’s not quite the shocking story you were looking for, though.

We headed back after checking out yesterday morning. I was rather hoping that my kids would be excited to see me after being away for two days, but no. Little Man was mad about something when J dropped me off, so he barely hugged me. And when I asked Baby Girl for a kiss, she shook her head and said “no,” which is her favorite answer for every question we ask of her that doesn’t involve asking if she wants milk or something with carbs.

So, that was my weekend. Girls’ Weekend was a success, and I even came home to a house that was somewhat clean!

Girls Weekend

This weekend I’m heading out of town with one of my best friends for a girls’ weekend at the beach. I’ll be 3.5 hours away from poopy diapers, messes and spills, and having my personal space constantly invaded.

giphy (25)

“Here comes trouble! Who’s covering your bail?” my stepfather-in-law asked when my husband mentioned the weekend getaway.

“You,” I answered.

It won’t be like that, though. Long gone are the days of going to clubs and getting shit-faced, party drugs, and generally getting wild around strangers.

Oh wait, those days never happened anyway, hence the difficulty in coming up with scenarios that could have had me calling someone to bail me out. The wildest thing I’ve ever done out and about is drink too much and walk like Frankenstein around the resort Sam and I stayed at for our honeymoon and wrap a beach towel around my head and offer fortune reading on the beach.

I imagine this weekend will be pretty laid back, and hopefully — in addition to catching up on some girl time — I’ll catch up on some reading. And, yeah, there will probably be a few drinks, but not in excess, since I don’t want to spend the following week feeling like crap. (And if I complain about feeling like crap, you’ll know I didn’t follow through on my plan.)

So, here’s to the girls’ weekend. In four days, good times shall commence.

giphy (26)

Weekend Coffee Share: I’m Back Like Cooked Crack

Screenshot 2015-04-19 at 5.24.12 PM

If we were having coffee (and as tired as I am, I may actually consider drinking some this time!), I would tell you that I’m finally home after our nice, long vacation. Next, I would beg you to help me unpack and put away all this stuff.

Between Baby Girl’s birthday toys and our luggage and all the clothes to wash, my formerly nice clean house looks like it has been hit by a tornado.

After I complain and beg you to help out, maybe threaten bodily harm if you decline, I’d then tell you that I had a heck of a vacation. We stayed at Myrtle Beach for just over a week. The first six nights were with the kiddos and the next two nights were with another couple.


The kids had a blast while they were here. We spent a lot of time on the beach and in the pools. Baby Girl loved being on the beach for the first time and spent a lot of time crawling around and playing in the sand. Little Man and I went to a pirate dinner show with another blogger I met through WordPress. We went go kart racing. We rode rides at Broadway. We did all the things.

The funniest part of the whole trip came one day when my family hung out with Linden’s family on the beach one day. Little Man was trying to catch fish with his net under the pier when a lifeguard blew the whistle at him to tell him to move. We watched as LM exchanged words with the lifeguard, and then he stormed back over to us and told us “I can’t believe that guy disrespecting a little kid like that, telling me not to play there?!” (The lifeguard wasn’t wearing typical lifeguard clothes, which I think was the deal, but it sure was funny!)

When the kids left on Friday, I had to wait a while for our two friends to arrive, and then we had some adult fun on the beach, which was super relaxing. As was the next day.

All in all, it was a great vacation. The kids had a wonderful time, plus it was great to meet some new friends and have some relaxing adult time at the end. And, the icing on the good week cake was that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage, the ACA was upheld, and the governor of my state (South Carolina) wants to take down the Confederate flag from state grounds. Pretty big stuff there! (And judging from some stuff I’ve seen on Facebook, I’m pretty sure you’ll see a couple ranting posts from me soon.)

To wrap up our coffee share, I’d tell you that I have a heck of a lot of blogs to catch up on and comment on. I managed to read a few, but not many, but the ones I didn’t get to are hanging out in my inbox. Now I have to choose between laundry and reading blogs. Eh, it’s summer–less is more, right?

Who Wants A Quickie?

So, I’m at the beach. It’s hot, humid, and most importantly, fun. Relaxing? Uh, no, not with two kids, but that’ll happen over the weekend. 

Anyway, I wanted to write a short post. It’s not that I don’t have time to write a non-short post, but I’m not into the mobile blogging right now. Mainly because lazy fingers and no wi-fi. 

No wi-if! (Say that in your best Tom Hanks “There’s no crying in baseball” voice.) 

Since I would like to not pay $15 to Verizon for going over my meager data allotment, I’m trying to limit myself. I’ll probably break in the next day or two and then Baby Girl will have to do without a pack of diapers for a week because mama couldn’t kick her Internet habit. 

We’ve had a lot of fun on the beach and in the pools so far. My family met with blogger Linden at Tweet Less, Blog More and she’s just as awesome in person as she is online. And Little Man didn’t talk about his penis in front of them, so we had that going in our favor. 

And, speaking of which, let me give three Little Man-isms from vacation so far:

  • Look how tall Baby Girl is now! She’s up to my penis! (He had pants on.)
  • Baby Girl is such a hater, isn’t she? (After BG didn’t want to roll the ball.)
  • OMG there’s a bunch of sand on my penis! (Loudly enough for everyone in the pool and behind us at the shower to hear.) 

Aaaaaannnnddddd, today, I officially have a one-year-old. So happy birthday BG! Since she’s not able to eat cake yet, we had ice cream. Yum!

I’ll catch up on reading and commenting on all of the posts I’ve missed (since I’m sporadically browsing) in my email inbox either next week or tomorrow when I say “fuck this limited internet shit.” 😉