The Madness Is Over

Whew, Christmas is over! I feel like I’ve run a marathon, except for not burning any calories. And other things. We had a very nice Christmas, but it was tiring!

If you’re a parent, does it look like your home has been hit by a toy tornado? All the clutter. Gah. We did a few gifts each for the kids, so with the exception of a couple items, their stuff was in their room by the time we had brunch. But then they got gifts at my dad’s (which was the equivalence of three of our Christmases) and Sam’s mom’s house. So now the living room looks like a toy store puked its guts out because there is so much. I’m keeping my mouth shut about the mess until Monday, though, and then the cleaning/organizing will commence.

Come on, Monday! And on Monday, the Christmas tree and few decorations inside will come down! I’m like a post-Christmas Grinch who absolutely relishes in taking all that shit down and shoving it back in boxes and making my house look like Christmas never happened. (Except for that one fucking snow globe I always forget and end up leaving displayed throughout the year.)

giphy (19)

So, like I said, this Christmas was a good one. We did a lot of the things on my How I’m Gonna Make Christmas Perfect list. We didn’t watch all the movies, do crafts, or decorate outside. But we did a lot. More than usual, anyway. The kids saw Santa, we watched a few movies, there was hot cocoa, we went to see a light show, plus other things I’m probably forgetting — it was all a lot of fun for the kiddos.

Now that I’ve got the niceties out of the way, I’m going to grumble a bit and offer you some advice.

First, never decide to host two Christmas things back to back. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking. On Thursday, I was cleaning my house (which included cleaning the floors four different ways because OCD), wrapping gifts, preparing food for the Christmas Eve feast (and I forgot to include anything that I actually eat other than biscuits or ham in my menu, which sucked), making my dessert for the Christmas Day thing at my mother-in-law’s, and getting food ready for the Christmas Day brunch I was having, all the while going back and forth with my father on why I wouldn’t expand the guest list for brunch to 20 fucking people.

That was too much. Way too much. Maybe next time I’ll listen when I’m advised not to put too much pressure on myself. I’m glad that I didn’t fall apart as I usually do at least!

My second piece of advice — don’t buy your kids gifts that require a lot of putting together. Or at least don’t wait until the last minute to start the putting together. The words “I’m going to write a scathing review!” were uttered more than once. We were up until 3AM putting together Baby Girl’s coupe, her little house, and Little Man’s drum set. We’ve been doing this parent thing for eight Christmases now. You’d think we wouldn’t be making such rookie moves at this point!

Now that the grumbling is out of the way, I’ll say that everyone enjoyed the food at both of my things, the kids loved their Christmas gifts, Sam gave me the most thoughtful present ever (a charm bracelet with all of our babies’ names and birthstones), and things went okay at my Dad’s house and great at my mother-in-law’s. Little Man called it “the best Christmas ever.” 

How was your Christmas/holiday?


Little Man’s (Almost) Revenge

When discussing that he’d be going to my husband’s parents’ house for the weekend, Little Man started complaining about how his Grandma had kept two of his Transformers, which really upset him.

“Did you tell her they were yours?” I asked.

“I did, but she thinks they’re hers and said she better keep them for all the grandkids to play with. Can you believe that?!”

“Are you sure they’re yours?” Between the ones we’ve purchased, have found at yard sales, or he’s been gifted, he probably has 50 different Transformers.

“Of course I am! I know all of my Transformers,” he said and proceeded to rattle off the names of his various Transformers. “And you see what’s missing there? Starscream and Bulkhead. I only had one Starscream and Bulkhead, and now I have none. You know why? Because she kept them.”

“I’ll talk to her, then,” I offered.

“No need, Mom. I’m going to take my vengeance on Grandma.”


“I’m going to tell her to either hand over Starscream and Bulkhead or vengeance will be mine.”


I’m not sure whether to laugh or be slightly horrified. “Okay, um…how, exactly, do you plan to take revenge on her?”

He considered this for a moment. “Well, I’ll tell her that she needs to give back the Transformers she stole from me, and if she doesn’t, I’ll pass out right in front of her.”

“That’s how you’re going to get her back? You’re going to pass out?”

“Mom, it’s not going to be passing out for real, it’ll be fake. But it’ll scare her enough to give them back.”

Shit getting real over Transformers!

I texted his grandma and let her know what was up. “I didn’t realize I kept his Transformers. He can definitely have them back. I don’t want him pretending to pass out! lol!”

The morning he went back, Little Man told me that he changed his mind. “I don’t think I’m going to seek vengeance on Grandma after all. But I am going to ask her to give back my stolen Transformers.”

“That’s probably good,” I told him. “I don’t think Grandma would want you passing out all over the place.”

When I picked him up yesterday, he had not only the two stolen Transformers, but another one had surfaced as well.

And…M is for Marvel Mashers

If you have kids, you’ve probably heard of the Marvel Superhero Mashers. These are super awesome action figures that you can take apart and switch out the body parts with other heroes or villains as you please.

This is a brilliant idea–business wise and fun wise. The kid have to have a minimum of two Mashers, which were going for $13 each when Little Man saw the commercial and had to have them (allowing the kid to watch shows that don’t come from PBS or Netflix = parenting fail), which means beaucoup bucks for Hasbro. And they’re really fun. What’s not to love about putting Spiderman’s arm on Thor’s body and adding in the Dr. Doom’s head?

Here is Little Man’s box of Masher parts:

Yes, that is a box of superhero and villain body parts. This is not to be confused with this box of body parts that is clearly labeled “body parts.”

LM has process when playing with his Mashers. First, he dumps out the parts, then organizes the parts by type into piles (heads, arms, and so on), then he builds the figure the way it’s supposed to look, and then he takes them all apart, sorts them back into parts piles, and lets the fun of switching things up begin.

Piles of parts.

A pile of heads.

Torsos! Those six packs aren’t as impressive all alone, are they?


Avengers (well, some of them) assemble(d)!

As parents, we’re expected to play with our kids. (Why didn’t the What to Expect book tell me this instead of the 1,392 ways things could go wrong?!) Sometimes the toys we have to play with rather suck for us (I. Do. Not. Like. Transformers.) and sometimes they’re loads of fun (Lincoln Logs!). The Mashers definitely fall into the fun category!

What toys do your kids have that you truly enjoy playing with?

“So There You Go” – A Boy and His Stuffed Animal

Last night, I was playing with Baby Girl on the bed. Since Little Man had slept with us the night before, his favorite stuffed animal was on the bed, and I was using it to play with BG. Every time I would wave the stuffed dog closer, she would squeal and reach her arms out, then try to clutch him to put his ears in her mouth.

It was a lot of fun, and then Little Man entered and saw what was going on.

“That’s my dog,” he stated matter-of-factly, narrowing his eyes at his six-month-old sister, who looked at him innocently while slobbering all over the dog’s ear.

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