Things Kids Say: Love and Sh*t

Welcome to the first Things Kids Say Thursdays link up! The things kids come up with can be funny, but they’re usually even funnier when you didn’t contribute to said child’s DNA (or are otherwise responsible for him). So, let’s have fun sharing our stories–mine are below, and the info for joining the link up is at the bottom of the post.


When I was tucking Little Man in a few nights ago, I told him “I love you to the Death Star and back.”

We always go back and forth with these types of I love you’s (with him saying things like “I love you to the furthest star and back times infinity), so given his excitement about the upcoming Episode 7, I figured I’d go with a Star Wars themed I love you.

I shouldn’t have.

Little Man gave me an insulted look. “The Death Star doesn’t even exist. Luke and Han Solo blew it up. So that means you don’t love me much at all.”

I laughed. “Oh, come on…”

Without missing a beat, Little Man told me, “It’s a good thing I’m not mad at you, or I’d say, ‘I love you as much as the number of endangered White Tigers in the world. If you don’t know what that would mean, that would mean that I don’t love you much at all, because there aren’t very many White Tigers left. But I’m not mad at you.”

Thank goodness for that.

As many of y’all know, I have something of a potty mouth. Despite my best efforts at filtering, things have slipped out. And kids apparently have alarms that go off when things you don’t want them to hear slip out, helping them commit such things to memory for life. Fortunately, LM understands that these are adult words that he shouldn’t use, but apparently that doesn’t stop him from wanting to use them.

“I’ve been thinking about the appropriate times and places that I could use a bad word,” LM informed his dad and me last night.

“Okay…” I said, unsure of where he was going with this.

“How about if there was an alien invasion at my school? Would that be an appropriate time to use a certain word that starts with S-H?”

“An alien invasion?”

“Yeah, like if millions of aliens invaded my school and I said, ‘Oh shit, guys, there’s a bunch of aliens invading our school!’, would that be appropriate?”

I was silent for a few moments. “Sure. If a bunch of aliens attack your school, that’s okay. But that’s it.”


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