#WeekendCoffeeShare: The Dog, Weekend Stuff, and Teaching

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that Little Man’s dog made it through his surgery just fine. The vet said it would take around 6 weeks for him to recover and get back to normal. We’re all relieved, especially Little Man. He spent some of his money to buy a welcome home present for him today, and hopefully he’ll get to give it to him tomorrow.

Over our coffee (well, a Coke for me), I’d also tell you that we’ve had a nice, relaxing weekend. It is blistering hot out here again, so we’ve spent a lot of time indoors. Last night we rented the 1977 version of Pete’s Dragon on Amazon. No one else had seen it before except me, and Sam and LM really liked it. (Although LM did complain every time they broke into song. He hates singing in movies. But he loved the story.)

Baby Girl has preschool open house next week. She’ll be going to their Mommy’s Morning Out program twice per week, maybe three times if she really likes it. It’ll be nice for her to get a break from the same old, same old and be around other kids more. The preschool director called us last week to ask about putting her in a regular preschool class, but we decided to hold off for now. She’s already mastered most of the stuff they’d be working on, and there’s not much point in paying extra when she’d only be going for social interaction. We’ll save that for when she turns three.

And speaking of school, I’ve been thinking about going back to teaching after BG starts kindergarten. I know that’s a ways down the road — three years — but the first two years went by so quickly, and I know that will be here sooner than we want, so I’ve felt a lot of pressure to decide what it is I want to do job-wise when that happens (y’all know how my brain tends to get stuck on something). I’ve always said that I’d never, ever, ever go back to teaching, but dammit, that’s what has ended up at the top of my list. I’ve been researching what I’d have to do to get my certification back, and it’ll require taking a few classes and testing (up to six classes if I change content area), but I’m getting my game plan together. (Hopefully the powers that be won’t change that stuff by then.) I’m going to ask about volunteering to tutor in the homework center at LM’s school, and I may do some subbing next year to make sure that’s the way I want to go.

I think we’ve hit the bottom of our mugs/cans by this point, so I’m going to get back to watching Diary of a Wimpy Kid with LM (those books are hilarious, by the way). I hope y’all have a good week!

What’s going on with you guys?

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How to Answer a Writing Prompt

In the folder Little Man brought home yesterday, there was worksheet where he had written down his answer to the following writing prompt.

Pretend you live in a snow globe. What would you do?

If I lived in a snow globe, I would see snow. And I would die because you can’t breathe in a snow globe. I would also starve. But then I would wake up and say oh man because it was all just a bad dream.

Being a first grade teacher can’t be easy, but I doubt it gets boring.

My First Grader is a Valentine’s Day Card Maker Pro

One of my favorite things about Little Man in his way with words. He tends to say exactly what is on his mind and doesn’t have much of a filter. He is very literal, so sometimes the things he says can come off as being a bit rude, but don’t usually mean to be (I don’t think), as he is a very thoughtful and tender-hearted kid. As such, it’s always fun to see what he comes up with when he has to write a letter or card.

He fixed up cards for his classmates and teachers tonight to take for their party tomorrow. I had a tough time keeping a straight face when I saw the one he did for his teacher:


Lesson Learned As A Teacher: Always Check for Porn

I spent one year teaching English to middle school kids before I left to become a SAHM. That probably goes down as one of the shortest teaching careers on record, but despite that, I learned something that is pretty invaluable to all teacher and aspiring teachers everywhere: always check for porn.

Yes, porn.

I don’t care what grade you teach, but always check anything you bring into the classroom (or anything you give your own kids) to make sure it hasn’t been, ah, contaminated.