And…M is for Marvel Mashers

If you have kids, you’ve probably heard of the Marvel Superhero Mashers. These are super awesome action figures that you can take apart and switch out the body parts with other heroes or villains as you please.

This is a brilliant idea–business wise and fun wise. The kid have to have a minimum of two Mashers, which were going for $13 each when Little Man saw the commercial and had to have them (allowing the kid to watch shows that don’t come from PBS or Netflix = parenting fail), which means beaucoup bucks for Hasbro. And they’re really fun. What’s not to love about putting Spiderman’s arm on Thor’s body and adding in the Dr. Doom’s head?

Here is Little Man’s box of Masher parts:

Yes, that is a box of superhero and villain body parts. This is not to be confused with this box of body parts that is clearly labeled “body parts.”

LM has process when playing with his Mashers. First, he dumps out the parts, then organizes the parts by type into piles (heads, arms, and so on), then he builds the figure the way it’s supposed to look, and then he takes them all apart, sorts them back into parts piles, and lets the fun of switching things up begin.

Piles of parts.

A pile of heads.

Torsos! Those six packs aren’t as impressive all alone, are they?


Avengers (well, some of them) assemble(d)!

As parents, we’re expected to play with our kids. (Why didn’t the What to Expect book tell me this instead of the 1,392 ways things could go wrong?!) Sometimes the toys we have to play with rather suck for us (I. Do. Not. Like. Transformers.) and sometimes they’re loads of fun (Lincoln Logs!). The Mashers definitely fall into the fun category!

What toys do your kids have that you truly enjoy playing with?


B is for Batman, the Poor Man’s Tony Stark

I had originally planned to write something about Batman for B in the April A to Z challenge, but I didn’t know quite where I would go with that until this morning.

My husband read the first A to Z post and bristled over the part where I jokingly referred to Batman as the “poor man’s Tony Stark.”

So naturally, this post has to be about why Batman is basically Iron Man–if Iron Man were having a really bad, hangover-type day.

Batman fans are pretty much like roadies. Fans are so in awe of the duality, his cool nicknames, the costume and vehicle combo, that they let those things distract them from all of Batman’s failings as a superhero. (I know, I know, he doesn’t want to be a superhero…sigh.)

But, let’s be honest–he would never beat Superman in a real fight, and it’s pretty much the awesome line of villains that make Batman interesting.

In Marvel Universe and Tony Stark’s world, Batman would be the sidekick. Do you need proof? Check it out:

Screenshot 2015-04-02 at 1.19.05 AM

It’s official, then. An somewhat anonymous blogger who has minimal Google spreadsheet skills decided to compare the two…what more do you need?!

Even though Batman was conceived of and appeared in print a couple of decades earlier than Iron Man and exists in a completely different comic book universe, he’s still very much Iron Man’s kid brother. Whatever Batman does, Iron Man will always one-up that–doesn’t matter whether we’re talking armor, fight moves, wit, skills in the sack, whatever.

I’m pretty sure steam will be coming out of my husband’s ears at this point, so that, combined with writing about the letter B for the day, and I’d say mission accomplished.


(Confession: I really do enjoy Batman. And, no, that’s not the nickname the hubby goes by in the sack. I just like giving my husband a hard time. And everyone else. And Superman would win every freaking time.)

Too Heavy to Fly Like Wonder Woman

When discussing Halloween costumes with Little Man back in September, I mentioned that I might dress up as Wonder Woman–and by dressing up, I meant a Wonder Woman t-shirt because when your physique has been in a state of constant decline for about a decade plus carrying two babies to term, wearing a bikini bottom out isn’t such a great idea.

Screenshot 2014-11-10 at 10.37.21 PM

LM’s response to my costume suggestion: “You can’t be Wonder Woman. You’re too heavy to fly.”

Well damn. No Lasso of Truth for me and my non-gravity defying derriere.