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Things Kids Say Thursday: Rogue One

We love Star Wars in my family. We watch the movies over and over, have light saber battles, talk about it at length. We get especially irritated when other people — like my dad — confuse Star Wars and Star Trek and call us “trekkies.” Even Baby Girl loves Star Wars (she’s seen bits and pieces) — she walks around humming Darth Vader’s music, calls for her light saber, and tells us she needs BB-8 because she’s Rey.

We went to see the new one last week, Rogue One. (And Sam and I saw it again last night for our date night.) We all thought it was amazing and did a great job of showing the events that led to episode four. All three of us walked out of the theater wiping tears away. I won’t go into specifics because spoilers, but the tears were in part due to just how damn good it was.

While talking about the movie on the way home, Little Man had a question.

“That was one of the best movies ever! It had such a great story. Do you think Shakespeare wrote Rogue One?”

screenshot-2016-12-22-at-2-20-07-pmAfter a good laugh, I had to break it to LM that, no, The Bard had nothing to do with writing any of the Star Wars movies.

(While looking for an image to include, I stumbled across William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Trilogy on Amazon. The trilogy is retold in Shakespeare’s writing style. I’m so getting that!)


Questions I Asked My Family: Star Wars

Today’s post comes from Eric at All In A Dad’s Work. He does an awesome post each week where he asks his two boys a set of questions. The answers are often hilarious. This week he did a Star Wars theme, which I liked so much that I ripped off the questions for my own post. Thanks, Eric!

1. If you were a Jedi, what color light saber would you use?

LM: I’d have to say yellow. No, orange, because that’s how I am. Half yellow and half red because I will kick butt if someone messes with me.
Sam: Green.
Me: Green.

2. Would you fight for the Rebels or for the Empire?

LM: Rebels. Because I’m a good guy.
Sam: Rebels.
Me: Rebels — X-Wings for the win!

3. Would you live on Tatooine, Hoth, Degoba, or Coruscant?

LM: Hoth. I love the snow, and South Carolina hardly ever gets any snow.
Sam: I wouldn’t want live in any of those damn places.
Me: Degoba.

4. Using the Star Wars Name Generator what would your Star Wars name be?

LM: Alcyone Aquagold – A foolish young hero from Helska.
Sam: Obinbes Regor – A Rebel from Dubrillion.
Me: Dheneb Lectronflame – A troublemaker from Aldera.

5. Who is prettier, Queen Amadala, Princess Leia or Rey?

LM: (Snickers, gets a huge grin on his face…) Rey.
Sam: Rey.
Me: Rey.


6. Which vehicle would you drive? A speeder bike, AT-AT, X-Wing fighter, TIE Fighter or Millennium Falcon?

LM: That is so easy — a TIE fighter.
Sam: X-Wing fighter.
Me: X-wing.

7. Who is your favorite character?

LM: Finn, because he’s a traitor and a rebel.
Sam: Obi-Wan.
Me: Rey. I generally like the main characters on Episode VII more than the old ones.

8. How would you escape from Jabba the Hutt?

LM: I would get a tack and poke him like a balloon, so all the aliens would burst out. And then I’d run for my life.
Sam: I’d make a bet and con him.
Me: I’d let LM or Sam do the work and run for it.

9. What would you use a droid for?

LM: Doing my chores, being my best friend, and tickling my sister.
Sam: I’d let it be part of the family like a pet.
Me: To help keep the house tidy.

10. Who would win in a duel, Kylo Ren or Darth Vader?

LM: Darth Vader. Remember what Rey said when Kylo Ren attacked her? Rey said, “You’re afraid that you’ll never be as strong as Darth Vader.”
Sam: Darth Vader. Kylo couldn’t even beat Rey.
Me: What they said.

Those of y’all that like Star Wars should join in the ripping off of the questions and do this yourself. We can call it “The Pilfering From Eric Star Wars Challenge.” 😉

Darth Vader’s Lullabye

Last week was brutal sleep-wise. Thanks to a certain toddler that resides in the Anxious home, I don’t think I fell asleep before 4AM any night last week.


The poor girl is cutting two molars right now, which has made her crankier than normal and has definitely affected her sleep. And when her sleep is affected, Mama’s sleep is affected more so than it usually is. I spent many nights rocking her throughout the night, as my arms are about the only place she’ll sleep much when she’s either sick or teething.

Do not tell me to “Cherish these days now, because one day…”

To hell with that.

There’s a lot I will miss. I will definitely miss rocking Baby Girl, who has needed someone to rock her to sleep since she’s been born, but I don’t think I’ll miss rocking her at 3:00 in the morning for the third night in a row, nor will I miss not going to bed until 6:40AM. I’d probably say that I’ll miss being spit up on or plain old vomited on before I say I miss that.

(Who the hell am I kidding, I’ll probably miss it all.)

It doesn’t help that she’s so funny when I’m rocking her. She’ll pretend to snore (I took a video of her pretend snoring yesterday, see below), shush me, stick her hands out of the blanket bag thing she sleeps in to go “Shhhhh, we sweeping!” And, of course, she’s the only one making any noise.

On the last rough night, my phone died, so it was up to my singing abilities to help ease her off into dreamland. I’m not a singer. In fact, I’m so not a singer that I was given a pity spot in our middle school chorus. No solo though, they didn’t pity me quite that badly. Pretty sure this is the reaction I would have gotten as I cycled through every song that I know at least 50 percent of the words to, which is not that many.


Towards the end, I started singing Darth Vader’s “Imperial March,” as much as one can sing that song anyway. It sounds pretty interesting if you put a lullabye spin on “Bum-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-buhhh.”

Based on the last two nights — which she slept, and I actually slept for 8 hours, and it was amazing — it would appear that the hard part of her molars coming through is over. *Fingers crossed* Now if we could just get the child to, ya know, eat regular food like meat and vegetables, not punch her brother in the face, and transition from the last bottle (I swear, if anyone says she’s too old, we’re gonna have a come to Jesus meeting) and move away towards some of the rocking and get into a toddler bed. That’s my summer plans.

Speaking of summer plans, what are yours?

When Do I Get My Nerd Card?

When I was helping Little Man get ready for bed tonight, we were talking about school, and I asked if he could decide right now, whether he’d still want to go to his new school (charter school he started recently that is heavy on science), his old school, or be home schooled.

I know what his answer is first thing in the morning, but I was curious about when he isn’t actively trying to stay in bed.

“I’d go with the charter school,” he said after thinking about it.

“Oh, I forgot, there is secret option number four–Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters,” I joked.

He didn’t get the joke. “What are you talking about?” he asked.

“You know…Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters…I think Wolverine has helped out with a class or two.”

Still didn’t get it. “From X-Men. You’re going to lose your nerd card!”

“Ohhh,” he said, finally getting it. “Wait, what’s a nerd card?”

“It’s what you get when you join the Nerd Club. You’ve gotta like comic books, science, computers, video games, and stuff like that to join, though.”

LM’s face lit up. “I like all of that!”

My husband was listening to the conversation and chimed in. “It’s also helpful to like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings.”

LM kept smiling. “I like all of that, too! But Mommy doesn’t like Star Trek, so does she get to be in?”

“I think we’ll let her,” my husband told him. “Hopefully she’ll change her mind, though.”

Nope. Not happening. I freaking hate Star Trek. I’ve tried, but no. I’m pretty sure my husband considers it a character flaw.

“So, when do I get my nerd card?” Little Man asked.

I guess I better print up something official. Maybe laminate it. 😉

What’s Your Star Wars Personality Type? No Red Lightsaber for Me

Screenshot 2015-02-07 at 9.50.49 PM

I thought this chart that matches your Myers-Briggs personality type to a Star Wars character was really cool. If you haven’t ever done one of those online tests to find your MBTI, you can take the Star Wars version here or the long version here to match up with your character.

I got Luke Skywalker – INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving)

Check out the chart below:



The Dreamer: INFP (Luke Skywalker)
Defining Attributes: Creative, Private, Introspective, Highly IdealisticDriven by your values, as an INFP you are interested in helping people and serving humanity as a whole. An easy going individual, you are unusually adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value of yours is threatened. “Idealists” are characterized by their ability to be present with another individual on a deep level, and are usually Imaginative and often talented in language and writing.

A lot of that definitely applies, with the exception of the laid back part, since that largely depends on my mood.
So, which personality type/Star Wars character are you? No ESFJs, please 😉