Fun With Search Terms

If you’ve ever looked at your stats page, you’ve probably noticed that there is a section that shows the terms people have searched for to get to your website. Most of the time it shows “unknown search terms,” but not always.

And usually when not always happens, the search terms are boring or expected. Like I’ll get something to do with anxiety or depression, or something to do with medication. No surprise there, as I’ve blogged about those subjects quite a bit.

And sometimes with not always, I hit the search term jackpot and get something that’s fucking hilarious.

I took a screenshot of my search terms last night and put a big red arrow next to the ones I LOL’d at. My favorite one is “couldn’t you just step on ant man.” A close runner up was “people” because I imagine whoever did a random search on “people” had to go through a shit ton of Google search pages to get to my blog.

Check them out:


Which search term made you LOL? What’s the funniest search term you’ve ever noticed on your blog?