Meet A Blogger: Filosofa’s Word

Today we meet Jill, who blogs at Filosofa’s Word. This is the blog to follow if you are at all interested in politics and current events. Jill does an awesome job of keeping her readers in the know, especially about some things that might not get a lot of media coverage otherwise. Plus, she’s witty and a great writer!

What made you decide to start a blog? And why do you stick with it? Meet A Blogger

I had been writing book reviews for several years, publishing them on Amazon and Goodreads, and I was basically just looking for an additional venue to publish my reviews. Eventually, after reading other blogs, I expanded my horizons and now have a full-fledged blog that I find very fulfilling.

Why do I stick with it? Well, I write mainly two types of material: political and social commentary. Both are rather dark subjects, so every now and then I try to throw in a bit of humour, but it isn’t my main focus. I stick with it because I like to think that I am shedding light on some of the important socio-political issues facing the world today, and I like to think that at some point maybe I help somebody understand an issue better, or consider a side they have never considered before. In other words, it is my voice to the outside world and I hope that I am doing something good.

Which blog posts make up your blog’s Hall of Fame?





Just for fun, go over to the Trump Insult Generator and take a screenshot of the insult slung your way and include it here (or copy and paste).

“Do you believe highly overrated Jill? What a dope!”

Go to your iPod or whatever you use to listen to music and hit the shuffle button. What are the first five songs on the list?

1. Rainy Night in Georgia – Aaron Neville

2. Blowing in the Wind – Peter, Paul & Mary

3. This Night Won’t Last Forever – Sawyer Brown

4. Puff, the Magic Dragon – Peter, Paul & Mary

5. Just Once – Quincy Jones

What are your top pet peeves in the blogosphere?

Disrespect … either in the post itself or in the comments. I have zero tolerance for disrespect.

Religious, preachy blogs … I simply don’t follow or read them.

Links that do not work … it only takes a minute to test your link.

What’s the craziest/funniest lie someone has ever told you? And did you let it slide or did you call them on it?

When my children were small, they were outdoors playing with neighbor children and my son came running into the house saying “whatever they say I did, I didn’t do it!” I didn’t have to call him on it … the other kids did it for me!

Finally, which blogs are you loving on right now? Kindly include names, links, and a brief description.

Autumn Ambles – Beautiful pictures accompanied by short poems that I can actually understand and appreciate! (I am ‘poetry-challenged’)

Barataria, the work of Erik Hare – precise and logical political/economic analysis

a cooking pot and twisted tales – lots to love here, sometimes humour, sometimes introspection, always a good read

fromscotlandwithloveblog – written by a young woman who is currently volunteering on the Isle of Kos (Greece), working with refugees, she writes beautifully heartbreaking posts about her experiences

The Playground – Thumbup finds some of the most fun things on the internet … always brings me a smile or a chuckle

Stuck in Perpetual Soliloquy – ferddhie lives in Ghana, and though he does not post often, his posts are always interesting and provide a glimpse into a culture that is much different than my own

That’s What Anxious Mom Said – Anxious Mom is sometimes introspective, often humorous, and I absolutely love the stories about her children

Thanks for participating, Jill!


G is for GMV

Don’t you just love election time? It’s always lovely to see a group of servants work their hardest at promoting their qualities that would keep our country moving in a progressive direction. Or something like that.

Today’s textspeak can be used when discussing politics with your friends:

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.21.33 AMBefore you think this post is gonna be all about Feeling the Bern —


It’s not (but, yeah, he’s GMV). It’s also not going to be about how shitty the other candidates are. Instead, I’m gonna do something a little more fun.

Do you ever ask yourself who you’d appoint to help you run things if you became Queen of the World? Or President? No? Well, if you aren’t regularly sizing up your friends based on the GMV factor, then you’re doing things wrong.

As you’ve probably gleaned by now, I’ve created my own little government of sorts, and I can promise you it’s full of people who would make the contenders in the U.S. primaries look like weak little shits. This government’s purpose is to rule over the blogosphere. There will be no promises of making the blogging community great again, but we’ll do things. The things we do may or may not be helpful, but they’ll be funny. And if you don’t think they’re funny, then we can probably arrange for a virtual wall to be built on your dime to keep you away.

Without further ado, I give you the people who GMV for the little dictatorship that’s going to rock the blogging world. If your name isn’t up here, then I guess you should have done a little better on the bribery end of things. Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.54.28 AM

The President – Obviously that’s me. My qualities include being great at delegating any and all responsibilities and avoiding conflict. The most scandalous thing you’ll see during my time in office is that I far too often shirk my responsibilities for a Netflix binge. One day it will be revealed that Little Man was really the brains behind this operation.

The Vice President – Watch out for John — they don’t call him John the Basterd for no reason, after all. He’s ruthless, and is known for his ability to reduce a person to a quivering pile of goo with his sharp tongue, which makes him a great enforcer for this government. If anyone gets shot while hunting with John, you can pretty much guarantee that it wasn’t an accident.

The Assistant – (Okay, “Assistant” is kind of a sucky title, but blame the graphic I stole.) Meet Laura, the Assistant aka my Foul Language Czar. You’ve probably noticed that four-letter words are a thing on my slice of blog heaven, and Laura will make sure that continues. Not only that, but she’ll make sure that we stay up to date with cursing trends. We’re pretty sure her little guy is the one starting these trends, but either way, no one will accuse this government of not being with the times.

The Prime Minister – Remember all the shirking of the responsibilities? Well, someone has to keep shit afloat, and it’s Eric. No matter how much has has on his plate, he gets the job done, partly because he ignores child labor laws and enlists the help of his sons Crash and Bang, partly because he’s just that good.

The Opposition – You’re probably thinking that Joey would have made a great #2, and that’s true. She was all set for that spot until my research team uncovered her devious plan to remove me from the throne. Some people prefer a good old fashioned assassination, but her plan was to force me to listen to audio readings of the 50 Shades series until I went nuts. She’s now engaging in a mudslinging campaign to bring us all down. Watch out for her.

Thanks for being willing participants, y’all 🙂

Alternative meanings: None, unless you want to create your own textspeak acronym.

Textspeak I passed up: G2G (got to go), GI (google it), GMAB (give me a break), GNOC (get naked on cam), GILF (grandmother I’d like to fuck), and GOB (game on bitches).

Who would you say GMV for your blogging government? 

K is for Kryptonite (But Don’t Smoke It)

I’m not sure where my notebook is with the things I’ve written down to blog on for the A to Z Challenge. I’ll find it, but not right now, because the couch is comfy and I don’t want to move. I asked my husband for a suggestion for the K topic, hoping I wouldn’t have to move. He delivered: kryptonite. (This post probably won’t be how he imagined it going, though.)

Kryptonite: the green stuff that makes Superman not so super.

Lex Luthor loves the shit.

Batman has been known to carry it.

(Is there really any question about how shady Batman is now? Between his tendency to dress in black and lurk about like a creeper, he also has also been known to carry a bit of kryptonite around, just in case. Told y’all he was suspect!)


Yes, I am a hater.

So, Superman gets all weak in the knees over kryptonite, certain bad guys and so-called heroes have been known to get their grubby paws on it.

Yawn. Let’s go to google, shall we?

When one can use an Office gif, one does.

When one can use an Office gif, one does.

Ooh! In the first few search results, we have the Urban Dictionary’s take on kryptonite, the Kryptonite Handbook, and the song Kryptonite from 3 Doors Down.

First things, first. Urban Dictionary–the leading authority on the meaning of words as they’re commonly used.

Screenshot 2015-04-13 at 1.51.54 AM

Screenshot 2015-04-13 at 1.53.38 AM

If anyone ever offers me the opportunity to purchase kryptonite, I would definitely Just Say No. (This way I can’t be duped into thinking I’m going to jail again!)

Next up–Kryptonite Handbook. This one was slightly disappointing. I was expecting that it would, perhaps, be a play on The Anarchist Cookbook. I have no idea why I thought that, besides the fact that there may be something wrong with me. Oh well.

The non-political version–

Screenshot 2015-04-13 at 2.00.03 AM

The political version (perhaps this will read President Clinton’s Kryptonite Handbook in another year and a half or so?)–


And, finally, the song Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down. This was released when I was a sophomore in high school, so it has some age on it.

And since my brain went from the song Kryptonite to “Hey, wasn’t there also a Superman song out when I was in high school?” I found this:

By the way, if you were wondering what my personal kryptonite is, it’s chocolate. Yummy, delicious milk chocolate. So if you get pissed off at me for some reason, feel free to send it my way.