Post Theft: The ABCs Of Me

It’s been at least a couple months since I last did one of these types of posts. It’s possible that one day someone’s gonna steal my identity because of these posts, but identity theft shall not get in the way of my guilty pleasure. My post today is courtesy of Eli at Coach Daddy and Eric from All In A Dad’s Work. When I say “courtesy,” I mean I’m stealing it from them, just as they borrowed it from others.

Without further ado…

A: Age | 32

One more year and I’ll be in my mid-thirties, pretty much. Excuse me while I go buy another pair of Converse sneakers and add some more blue to my hair to make myself feel younger.

B: BIGGEST FEAR | Something bad happening to the kids or my husband.

No, I’m not going to elaborate on this. To do so would mean that I’d be up half the night freaking out about something that isn’t probable, yet possible.

As a bonus and more lighthearted “biggest fear,” I’ll say that I’m also afraid someone will try to force feed me something nasty, like zucchini or grits.

C: CURRENT TIME | 10:13 p.m.

The kids are in bed. Hallelujah!

D: DRINK I LAST HAD | Tea sweetened with Splenda.

Ugh, diets. But at least I sorta get my sweet tea fix. And, hey, I’ve lost 6 pounds from the first of the year, so that helps.


That might come as a surprise since I wasn’t all gung-ho about therapy, but I take comfort in knowing that I can pretty much tell the therapist anything that I work up the courage to tell her, that she can’t tell anyone else (unless, ya know, danger to self or others), and that anytime I decide I don’t want someone in my life knowing certain personal things, that I don’t ever have to see her again.

F: FAVORITE SONG | Put Me Back Together by Weezer

In preparation for Sam possibly beating me at our weight loss challenge, I’ve been listening to Weezer in the car more. This is one of my favorite songs of theirs. Naming a single favorite song overall from any of my favorite bands would be damn near impossible, so that’s the best I can offer.

G: GROSSEST MEMORY | Baby Girl pooping in the tub. And eating her poop.

Sam and I have both faced the wrath of her bowels in the tub over the past week. This new pooping schedule must end.

H: HOMETOWN | Somewhere Rural As Fuck, South Carolina

I’m very close to the home of the future Super Bowl Champions, the Carolina Panthers.

I: IN LOVE WITH | My husband

Who else would I say? Luke Kuechly? Charlie Hunnam?

J: JEALOUS OF | People who have their shit together.

But, since I’m approaching my mid-thirties, maybe that’ll happen soon.


I have, however, given people such dirty looks behind their backs that they’d wish they were dead if they knew what had happened.



We’re coming up on 12 years together and 10 years married.

M: MIDDLE NAME | Something everyone mispronounces.

Not that I’m bitter. I’m not bitter about relatives misspelling my first name, either.


Here’s how it goes: there’s my full sister, my half brother, my other half brother that I haven’t seen since he was a baby (but we did connect on Facebook), and my two stepsiblings. I don’t like doing family trees.

O: ONE WISH | That Baby Girl would stop throwing shit on the floor.

No, not actual shit, lest you assume that from the earlier comment. But all her food. Namely bananas. Sometimes I miss picking up a piece of banana, which gets dark and slimy super quick, and stepping on those makes me die a little inside.


As someone who rarely talks on the phone because of sucky hearing, I pretty much only talk to two people on the phone: my husband and my mother-in-law. I wouldn’t talk to my MIL on the phone if she could text without putting a period after every single word. Most other calls get screened and texted back. My best friends are awesome and never call me.

Q: QUESTION YOU’RE ALWAYS ASKED | When are you going back to teaching?

I. Am. Not. Asking me this repeatedly is not going to change that. First, I have my children. Second, I’d never, ever teach English again (save for extenuating circumstances, and even then, my license has lapsed). It took years to get comfortable saying “ain’t,” and I’m not giving that up.

R: REASON TO SMILE | We might be getting snow this weekend.

We got an hour’s worth of snow last weekend (it briefly stuck to the ground, but all evidence was gone by noon), and now the weather man is predicting that we’ll get snow this weekend. Or sleet. It better not be sleet.

S: SONG YOU LAST SANG | Pork And Beans by Weezer

Like I said, I was on a Weezer kick today.

T: TIME YOU WOKE UP | 7 a.m.

Why can’t everything happen at 11 a.m. so I can sleep until the appropriate time of 10 a.m.?

U: UNDERWEAR COLOR | I don’t know.

Really. And I’m not peaking down my pants for the sake of this post, either.


I don’t care if it’s somewhere tropical or not. I like to go on cruises, so put me on a boat and I’ll be a happy woman. Plus, I love to randomly yell out, “Look at me, ’cause I’m sailing on a boat!” People think it’s cuter when Little Man does it, though.

W: WORST HABIT | Overthinking things.

Hooray for anxiety! Hooray for OCD!

X: X-RAYS YOU’VE HAD | Not an easy question for someone who is clumsy.

I think I’ve only had a few foot x-rays, an arm x-ray, an ankle x-ray (yep, I’m separating that from “foot x-ray”), a knee x-ray, and a couple hand x-rays.

Y: YOUR FAVORITE FOOD | Chicken parm. And Steak. And chocolate.

Now I’m thinking “fuck this weight loss thing, I’m gonna go buy food.”

Z: ZODIAC SIGN | Sagitarius.


Eh. Some of that’s true. Some isn’t.

I made it to the end. And so did you if you’re still reading this! Now it’s your turn to continue the thievery.


Weekend Coffee Share: My World

If we were having coffee, I’d recommend that you don’t drink your coffee this way:


I don’t have to worry about this, as I do not consume coffee. This is one of the perks of drinking soda–no possibility for third-degree burns. 😉

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that Little Man is at art class right now. He loves art and has created some cool paintings.


I’m pretty sure that he prefers art to sports. He also loves music, and we have been looking for a decently price drum set for him. He uses the Garage Band app on his dad’s iPad to create some cool stuff for a kid his age.

If we were having coffee, I’d also tell you that I’m super excited to start reading Illyria: Haunted, which is a comic book mini-series that is part of Angel: After the Fall, the comic book series that picked up where the show left off.


I would also tell you that I watched two movies last night. The first was Into the Woods, which I was super excited about. I hated it, but Little Man thought it was the best movie he’s ever seen besides Big Hero 6, so I’m glad he was a fan! After the kids went to bed, the hubby and I watched The Imitation Game, which was amazing. Watch it, you must.

This has been a busy month for us birthday-wise. For some reason, nearly all of our relatives and friends decided to be born in April. We’ve celebrated five birthdays so far, and will go to a party tonight that will serve as a birthday celebration for not one, but two of my close friends. I now screen future friends and if their birthday falls in April, they’re dropped from consideration. I kid.

If we were having coffee, I’d also tell you that I booked a night at the Great Wolf Lodge for Little Man at the end of the month. I was having mommy guilt about his spring break being a bit of a bust (IMO, he thought it was the best ever), so off to the land of indoor water slides and and nonstop screaming we will go! I told him by showing him my confirmation email. It took him a second for it to click, but he is sooooo excited. We’re also let him skip school that day, which makes the whole thing 10 times cooler in his eyes.

That’s all for now. Please share about what’s going on in your world below! ❤