T is for Tattoos (Nerdy Ones, Of Course!)

What’s the best way to let people know what a nerd (or dork) you are, on the off-chance the way you look isn’t enough? Nerdy tattoos!

I’ve shared a couple of my tattoos on this blog before, but since today is “T” for the A to Z Challenge, I shall share them again, as well as the others that I didn’t share.

I got my first tattoo during my third-life crisis. After giving it much consideration for about a week, I decided to get my son’s name tattooed on the inside of my wrist. It’s in the Tengwar alphabet, Quenya mode, which you may recognize if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan.

(I’ve had exactly one person recognize the origin of my tattoos in two years–that was a guy who is considerably dorkier than me…so cool as hell IMO…who works in the local video game store.)

I stayed up for hours during that week learning what I could about the language so I wouldn’t translate Little Man’s name wrong, plus downloading various font packages and playing around with them on GIMP. There is more than one way to translate it, so making sure I did it right was important (after all, I don’t want ‘poopy face’ tattooed on my wrist!). I’m sure there’s a chance that it’s wrong–and if you are fluent and it’s something that doesn’t make sense, I’d rather not know–but here is the first tattoo:


I got the second tattoo shortly after the first one, also during the third-life crisis, because I didn’t like that my wrists seemed unbalanced. Good reasoning, huh? It (supposedly) says “love” (again, if I messed it up, I don’t wanna know, ignorance is bliss!):


After I got pregnant, I couldn’t get anymore tattoos for a while. Apparently it’s frowned upon for knocked up women to get ink (that and health reasons). So after Baby Girl was born, I realized that I needed to get her name tattooed as well, but I was unsure of where to put it since my other wrist was occupied (dammit). I decided to add in my grandmother’s and our first baby’s initials, as well as Baby Girl’s, with Little Man’s and wrap it around my wrist:

Why, yes, I do have a lot of freckles.

And since that clearly wasn’t enough ink to get at once, I also decided to go ahead and get Tolkien’s writer’s symbol and the quote “not all those who wander are lost” (part of a poem from The Fellowship of the Ring) tattooed on my leg. I originally wanted the tree of Gondor, the writer’s symbol, and “All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost,” so I think it was a good compromise.


Thank god I found this so I didn’t have to shave my leg for you people!

“You’re done now, right?” my husband asked after that one.

“Yeah, probably.”

Nope. A few months later, it struck me that I needed a tattoo paying homage to Shakespeare. Since Hamlet is my favorite (so cliche, I know), I decided to get Hamlet’s last spoken line and a quill tattooed on my arm:


And that’s all I have, for now. I’ve decided that I’ll add to the quill tattoo to get a half sleeve on my arm and have been over some ideas for that, but since tattoos can be rather expensive, that won’t be happening anytime within the next two weeks.


P is for Penny and Preview (Dawn of Justice!)

In the middle of writing this, I came across the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer…or preview…so it’s getting tossed in here 😀


P is for Penny. No, not the thing that used to be made mostly out of copper that you won’t pick up if you drop it on the ground.

Penny from The Big Bang Theory. I only now realized that I don’t  know her last name, went to google, which revealed that her last name…hasn’t been revealed. Guess I lose some fan cred on that one!


I know what you’re thinking–Penny is the “cool one” on the show–how does she fit the nerd life theme?

First of all, she is a nerd by association. There’s no way she is around nerds all the time without absorbing some of that. Second, I like TBBT and I like Penny. So there. Third, there is Pamy. Forget Shamy, Pamy is what’s up. I don’t know if anyone else acknowledges the Penny-Amy Farrah Fowler friendship as Pamy, so if you don’t–do. We’ll make it a thing.

When TBBT first came out, my husband refused to watch. “They’re just making fun of nerds. It’s offensive.” So we didn’t watch until season 4, when we stumbled on a rerun and liked it almost as much as The Office (nothing will ever compare).

We ended up buying the first three seasons on DVD and binge-watched them. And as we caught up on season 4, Amy Farrah Fowler (Sheldon’s sort of love interest) started appearing more frequently. We adored her! She took the show to another level in my opinion, in terms of humor.

She also became Penny’s “bestie,” and that relationship included gems such as this:

S5Ep17_-_Amy_and_Penny_with_the_paintingMy best friend and I have something of a Penny-Amy Farrah Fowler relationship, where she’s the one who has tried to teach me more about doing the girly stuff properly and I’m the dorky one cracking up when she revealed that she thought Madagascar was just a made up place in the movie. 😀


Moving on. The Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer! I had really planned to write more about Penny, but then as I was doing my musical browser tabs thing, I came across this preview, had a bit of a nerd brain explosion, so I’m on to this now.

This is the second brain explosion this week (the first coming on the heels of the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer)!

FYI-brain is still in exploded mode, so whatever follows after the trailer should probably just be disregarded. Check it out:

I know what some of you are thinking (particularly those who feel the need to slander my good name by saying that I love Batman in a post hehe)–don’t you hate Batman, E?

Well, no. I actually like the character okay. But, my husband has some mad love for Batman, which means that I must aggravate him by pointing out certain inconvenient truths about the Bat.

Such as–Batman versus Superman? That title makes me laugh! I won’t say anymore there so as not to be a nerd buzzkill.



K is for Kryptonite (But Don’t Smoke It)

I’m not sure where my notebook is with the things I’ve written down to blog on for the A to Z Challenge. I’ll find it, but not right now, because the couch is comfy and I don’t want to move. I asked my husband for a suggestion for the K topic, hoping I wouldn’t have to move. He delivered: kryptonite. (This post probably won’t be how he imagined it going, though.)

Kryptonite: the green stuff that makes Superman not so super.

Lex Luthor loves the shit.

Batman has been known to carry it.

(Is there really any question about how shady Batman is now? Between his tendency to dress in black and lurk about like a creeper, he also has also been known to carry a bit of kryptonite around, just in case. Told y’all he was suspect!)


Yes, I am a hater.

So, Superman gets all weak in the knees over kryptonite, certain bad guys and so-called heroes have been known to get their grubby paws on it.

Yawn. Let’s go to google, shall we?

When one can use an Office gif, one does.

When one can use an Office gif, one does.

Ooh! In the first few search results, we have the Urban Dictionary’s take on kryptonite, the Kryptonite Handbook, and the song Kryptonite from 3 Doors Down.

First things, first. Urban Dictionary–the leading authority on the meaning of words as they’re commonly used.

Screenshot 2015-04-13 at 1.51.54 AM

Screenshot 2015-04-13 at 1.53.38 AM

If anyone ever offers me the opportunity to purchase kryptonite, I would definitely Just Say No. (This way I can’t be duped into thinking I’m going to jail again!)

Next up–Kryptonite Handbook. This one was slightly disappointing. I was expecting that it would, perhaps, be a play on The Anarchist Cookbook. I have no idea why I thought that, besides the fact that there may be something wrong with me. Oh well.

The non-political version–

Screenshot 2015-04-13 at 2.00.03 AM

The political version (perhaps this will read President Clinton’s Kryptonite Handbook in another year and a half or so?)–


And, finally, the song Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down. This was released when I was a sophomore in high school, so it has some age on it.

And since my brain went from the song Kryptonite to “Hey, wasn’t there also a Superman song out when I was in high school?” I found this:

By the way, if you were wondering what my personal kryptonite is, it’s chocolate. Yummy, delicious milk chocolate. So if you get pissed off at me for some reason, feel free to send it my way.

G is for Gaming (NES FTW!)

As is true for almost any kid raised in the 1980s, I had a Nintendo (also known as the NES). And, after having a Sega Gensis, Nintendo 64, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One* and now a PS4, I still maintain that the NES was the best gaming system EVER.

Want to know one difference between my Nintendo and all of the other systems I’ve purchased (excluding the Xbox One and PS4, since those are recent purchases)?

It still works.

It looks like this now:

Yep, that’s Super Mario Bros. in there. And yep, those are my PJs.

And here’s the rest of the system, which has been hanging out in a Walmart bag since I still have a little work to do to finish fixing it up.

It might look rough, but the damn thing works, even if it’s only for 15 minutes before the screen starts flickering. There is one part that I still need to work on, but me and procrastination are besties and I’m not accustomed to more than 15 minutes of pleasure at once anyway, so it’ll do. Regardless, the system is 25 years old (probably older than some of you reading this) and I can play on it.

So suck it, recent game systems. You things are good for 2-4 years if I’m lucky (and no, we don’t play dodgeball with our game systems). You guys overheat, won’t turn on, get red rings of death, won’t always accept my cheat codes, and really over complicate the hell out of the whole experience. You’re high maintenance.

The NES is low maintenance. Throughout the years that I had this system and shared it with my siblings, this thing has been beaten, blown in, had one of the controller cords chewed in half (my sister apparently thought she was a dog when she was 6), have had stuff thrown at it, and it’s still alive and kicking today.


Here are the games I have now:

Rocketeer, Mike Tyson Punch Out, Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Tetris, Jackle, Baseball, Double Dribble, Paperboy, Super Mario 3, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Sadly, I’m missing Zelda, the greatest NES game of all time. But I do have some other cool titles, at least!

How many of you played the NES as kids, teens, adults, whatever? What were your favorite games? Feel free to go all old school and talk about the Atari or Odyssey. 

*No, I’m not an adult brat who gets all the new game systems. I got the Xbox One at Christmas, absolutely hated it, sold it, and replaced it with the PS4, which is AMAZING. If you have a PS4 and want to play online, shoot me a message.

F is for Friendship 

(Holy crap, an F post that isn’t related to my potty mouth in front of the kids? Well, the day is far from being over.)

So, the next in the Nerd Life theme for the A to Z Challenge is F for Friendship. You thought I was going to say F for Fellowship or F for Frodo, didn’t you? (Well, had things gone as planned yesterday and my husband dug out my box of LOTR toys, I would have shown you the many faces of Frodo. But that didn’t happen. Maybe another day.)

It’s not always easy to find someone who gets you–who gets that dorkiness, the dark side, the child like enthusiasm for things that leaves the rest of society scratching their heads. But when you find that person who gets you and accepts you just the way you are, nerdiness and flaws and all, it’s pretty great. Or so I hear. 😉

Here are some famous nerdy friend type couples.

May you find the Samwise to your Frodo, the one who’s never gonna give you up…

Screenshot 2015-04-07 at 3.10.00 AM

…the Chewie to your Han Solo, who’s never gonna let you down…


…the Sauron to your One Ring, who’s never gonna run around and desert you (because he can’t!)…


…the kryptonite to your Lex Luthor, who’s never gonna make you cry…

Screenshot 2015-04-07 at 3.17.07 AM

…the Willow to your Buffy, who’s never gonna say goodbye (even if Buffy dies and Willow goes evil)…

images (1)

…and the Voldemort No Name Dude You Know Who (Andi got me straightened out :D) to your Dumbledore, who’s never gonna tell a lie and hurt you…


(Hey, I tried Harry Potter fans.)