Making This Blog Hot

You know you’re in dire straits when you have to google “blog post ideas.”

I’ve tried, tried, tried to come up with a post for today, but everything I’ve written has either been garbage or there wasn’t enough substance to make a full post. So to Google I went. As luck would have it, I came across a website with an article called 101 Blog Post Ideas That Will Make Your Blog “Hot.” 

Hell yes. Hotness is just what this blog has been lacking.

I scrolled through the list and came across some interesting things, like Host a giveaway. Interesting, but what the fuck would I give away? Lord of the Rings toys? Dirty diapers? The right to name my next child (even though a third child isn’t happening)?

On to another idea. Criticize a website/blog or a person. Oooh, yes, I could have my own Burn Book type post and talk shit about all of my fellow bloggers.

tumblr_mdwkwernis1rla5a5o2_500“Fuck John for not telling me more about his swagger.” Or “To hell with NotAPunkRocker for skipping Christmas cards.” Or maybe “Damn that NerdInTheBrain and her gratitude.”

Eh, maybe not. I’m not a fan of people hating me.

Number 9 is Tell a personal secret. Is there anything I haven’t overshared on already, though? Then there is Bust a myth. Is this kind of like Bust-A-Move? (Fun fact: my husband clued me in on the fact that one of my favorite arcade games shares the same name as a song.) Myth busting seems like it would take more effort than trying to come up with a legit blog post, though. And more than likely, Snopes has already got to it

Number 34 is Start a poll. I’ve never done a poll on this blog before, so there’s no time like the present, right?

That doesn’t really make for much of a post, though, does it? I suppose I could discuss my leg shaving habits in a post of its own and have the poll and all, but I kinda doubt anyone would want to read that.

Directly after that is #35 Write a post about things you regret doing/not doing. Um, no. I’m not trying to add to the depression. Maybe I’ll hit that up in January.

Halfway through the list is #51 Create a blog post about your bad habits – Smoking, alcohol, drugs. Tell them something shocking!

Dafuq? That’s just a little too much enthusiasm for someone else’s struggles, person who created that list! And I’m stopping at that one. I now have something resembling a blog post put together, plus I want to save the other half of this list for tomorrow or another day this month when I can’t come up with much of anything to write.

Looking at numbers 1 through 51 on that list only, which is your favorite? Anything you’re likely to use? Maybe the Publish your CV online suggestion?


Things Kids Say Thursday: Bothering Emotions

We arrived at Little Man’s soccer game early last night, so we sat in the car for a bit since it was drizzling and listened to music. At one point I got out my phone and opened up a game, which prompted LM to ask:

“Doesn’t playing with that bother your emotions?”

Considering we had talked about my taking medication to help with my mood the day before, I was confused.

“Why would playing a game bother my emotions?” I asked. Unless I’m losing, I’m good.

“Well, you’re in the car. It bothers my emotions when I play a game in the car,” he answered.

After thinking for a moment, I realized he meant “motion sick,” as he gets car sick whenever he tries to read or play a game for more than a few minutes in the car. I corrected him and we all had a good laugh over it.

Please join me in Things Kids Say Thursday by sharing something cute or funny that your kid/kid you know has said. 🙂