Things Kids Do Thursday: Moves Like Prince

Today I’m changing up things a bit. Instead of doing a “Things Kids Say” post, I’m going with a “Things Kids Do” post.

Sam was watching music on YouTube with Little Man when he came across a Prince video. He and some other guys were cover a song (I’ll post it at the bottom), and at the end of the song, Prince throws the guitar in the air and walks off.


Little Man liked it so much that he wanted to listen to the song again, and while it was playing, he pretended a wood souvenir baseball bat was a guitar and played along. (Side note: LM sometimes carries this bat around and does Harley Quinn impersonations.) My husband was loving that LM was so into Prince. “He’s gonna have good taste in music, unlike his mama.” Burn.

And then the end of the song comes. Little Man, who was still being a cool dude and shredding the guitar, decides to continue copying Prince and throws the bat in the air and attempts to walk off. Unfortunately for him, he threw it forward a bit and the bat landed on his head.

Sam broke one of the cardinal rules of parenting — check and make sure your kid is fine before laughing at them — and nearly fell in the floor because he was laughing so hard. (Little Man was fine, aside from being annoyed at Sam.) At least he didn’t have his real guitar.


Things Kids Say: Thomas Edison

Yesterday, Little Man told me about an awesome song he’d heard at school written by Thomas Edison called “Apologize.” Now, I’m no history buff, but I was pretty sure that a) that was a song on the radio and b) that Edison wasn’t a song writer and c) even if he were a song writer, that something he had written wouldn’t have enough staying power to last for close to 100 years.

“Are you sure about that?” I asked, chuckling. “I don’t remember any history lessons about Thomas Edison writing pop songs.”

“Yes,” LM insisted. “I heard it in class today.”

I told him I’d google it. Unsurprisingly, nothing music related came up with I searched for “Thomas Edison” and “apologize song.” However, I did find a Tumblr page called “Thomas Edison is the WORST,” so there’s that.

“Check YouTube,” LM told me. “It was on there.”

The same search didn’t turn up a song written by Edison, but I did find this:

“Mom, we watched it on YouTube in class. I know it’s real,” LM told me. “Try ‘It’s too late to apologize.'”

That did the trick. We found the video he was talking about, but there was no Thomas Edison in it. It’s a constitution parody video.

After telling LM that Thomas Edison had nothing to do with the constitution, I asked if he thought the video was real.

“It could be. You said they had TV in the olden times when Papa was a little boy.”

So, for any of you folks born in 1961 (or earlier), know that you’re from the olden times.

The Happiness Tag

This must be a fairly new blog tag/challenge as I haven’t seen it going around much yet. (Or maybe I’m just not reading enough.) At any rate, Eric from All In A Dad’s Work included me in his list of bloggers to do this challenge, so here goes…

Here are the rules for the happiness tag.


  • Five things that make you happy.
  • Five songs that make you happy.
  • Five bloggers that make you happy and notify them of the nomination.

Five things that make me happy:

  1. Hearing the kids squeal with laughter while playing together.
  2. A clean, organized house. I’ve read that this can increase your mood, and I absolutely believe it.
  3. My friends. There’s always lots of laughter when we hang out.
  4. Long drives by myself. It’s nice to be alone with my thoughts and/or let loose singing.
  5. Rum drinks by the pool/ocean/after a long day with the kids…

Five songs that make me happy:

  1. Chris Brown – Forever. Yes, I know this guy is a douche bag, among other things. I still can’t help but love this song. The first time I heard it was watching The Office in the wedding episode. Y’all know how much we love that show in this house, so between seeing our favorite characters get married, the hilarity of the dancing to the song, and between Little Man thinking that dancing to this song is part of a traditional wedding service, there’s lot of happiness.
  2. Psy – Gangnam Style. Little Man dances like a crazy man to this song, which makes everyone laugh, especially Baby Girl. When it first came out when he was 4, I had it playing when he came streaking through the living room after his bath, and he stopped dead in his tracks to copy the dance motions stark naked.
  3. Pharrell Williams – Happy. This is another one we all like to dance to. Plus, it’s called Happy, so clearly it deserves a spot on the list of songs that make me happy.
  4. Ruth B – Lost Boy. I heard this one the radio recently and love it. A piano ballad + lyrics about one of my favorite characters is something I love.
  5. Hanson – Crazy Beautiful. Obviously I’m going to include a Hanson song, and this is one that always makes me smile. Aside from the lyrics and high energy of the song, it was the song that helped me sell Sam on my fav band, which makes it double awesome.

Five [of the many] bloggers that make me happy:

  1. Confessions
  2. Writer In Soul
  3. Delightfully Unexpected
  4. SassaFrass, the Feisty
  5. Bloggity Ramblings

I Joined A Club

There are things you can do to bring yourself down a notch in your spouse’s eyes.

The first time I watched Sam open a can of Chef Boyardee and eat it between two slices of bread, my opinion of him definitely plummeted. “What a savage! Heat that Chef up properly!” I thought. The nasty sandwiches didn’t stop with the Chef, though–he also put cold beef stew, leftover macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes on sandwiches. As a person who has a strict no-mixing-or-touching-of-the-foods rule, that was awful.

Despite everything, even being on the receiving end of awful mood swings and witnessing the Captain Morgan debacle, I don’t think Sam has ever thought less of me for anything I’ve done. You could call him a wonderful husband…


…or you could say he has super low standards. You’re probably leaning towards the latter.

And then I finally did something last week to lower his opinion.

I’ve mentioned before that I have a slight obsession with a certain band. I listened to that band as a kid in middle school and continued listening as they grew into extremely talented adults that continued to touch on subjects I was dealing with in life (there’s songs relating to marriage, parenting, depression).

Despite how much of a fan I was, there was one thing I never did–join the fan club.

“I can’t believe you aren’t in the club,” my husband teased me once.

“I’d never,” I laughed, acting like I was above that. I was not one of those shrieky girl/women fans (the ones that make concerts less enjoyable for everyone and brag about how they’ve been fans forever and are in the club, even), after all. But even more so than that, it cost $40 for a year membership, and I wouldn’t even pay for a membership to one of the warehouse clubs. And I’m a SAHM. Membership to a warehouse club is second only to membership in a church. I don’t have that, either.

But last week, I got to really thinking about all of the music I was missing out on. These guys release special music for fan club members each year (sometimes multiple times) and I estimated that I was losing out on probably a hundred songs by now.

A hundred songs, y’all.

“It’s almost my birthday. I should have this music!” I told myself. And then I bit the bullet. After paying for the membership and the EPs from previous years, it was damn near $100. Almost a hundred songs for damn near $100, though. (As I write this I realize I broke our rule about clearing purchases over $25 or so with each other. Oops.)

I didn’t tell Sam. But he found out anyway.

I had a new song on in the car. He listened for a bit and commented on how good it was. I love it when he loves it, because he knows pretty much everything about music and the only time he has steered me wrong with his suggestions is with the Avett Brothers. (Yes, I realize I’m the only person who dislikes them.)

“Wait…is this a new song? Did they put on a new album? I haven’t heard this one before,” he said. He should damn well know, since that’s what I play in my car 90 percent of the time.

“It is,” I said with the sense of pride one might have when their child does something spectacular. “But it’s not on a new album…exactly…it’s on their new EP.”

Sam was quiet for a moment. “But I thought they only released their EPs to fan club members.”


More silence.

“You joined their fan club, E?”


“So you’re now a card carrying member of their fan club?” he asked with a hint of derision.

I shook my head. “No. It hasn’t come in the mail yet.”

“Oh, E.” He gave me a look of disappointment. “I thought you weren’t going to do that.”

“Well…I wasn’t. But my birthday. And I won’t join next year–I’ll just join every few years or so that way I can get the music.”

“Sure you won’t.” He sighed. “My wife is a Fanson.” And then he shook his head and went into the bedroom to get on the computer. He’ll live, even though my reputation has taken a hit.

My membership card came in the mail today. It has my name on it and everything (the name is on the back). Maybe I’ll whip it out in an official manner at people and ask what’s playing on their iPod. Just kidding…Little Man has claimed it, since that’s his favorite band, too. He plans to put it in his wallet. Hopefully it doesn’t cause him to get picked on much the way this band caused trouble for me…still causes trouble.


Weekend Coffee Share: My World

If we were having coffee, I’d recommend that you don’t drink your coffee this way:


I don’t have to worry about this, as I do not consume coffee. This is one of the perks of drinking soda–no possibility for third-degree burns. 😉

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that Little Man is at art class right now. He loves art and has created some cool paintings.


I’m pretty sure that he prefers art to sports. He also loves music, and we have been looking for a decently price drum set for him. He uses the Garage Band app on his dad’s iPad to create some cool stuff for a kid his age.

If we were having coffee, I’d also tell you that I’m super excited to start reading Illyria: Haunted, which is a comic book mini-series that is part of Angel: After the Fall, the comic book series that picked up where the show left off.


I would also tell you that I watched two movies last night. The first was Into the Woods, which I was super excited about. I hated it, but Little Man thought it was the best movie he’s ever seen besides Big Hero 6, so I’m glad he was a fan! After the kids went to bed, the hubby and I watched The Imitation Game, which was amazing. Watch it, you must.

This has been a busy month for us birthday-wise. For some reason, nearly all of our relatives and friends decided to be born in April. We’ve celebrated five birthdays so far, and will go to a party tonight that will serve as a birthday celebration for not one, but two of my close friends. I now screen future friends and if their birthday falls in April, they’re dropped from consideration. I kid.

If we were having coffee, I’d also tell you that I booked a night at the Great Wolf Lodge for Little Man at the end of the month. I was having mommy guilt about his spring break being a bit of a bust (IMO, he thought it was the best ever), so off to the land of indoor water slides and and nonstop screaming we will go! I told him by showing him my confirmation email. It took him a second for it to click, but he is sooooo excited. We’re also let him skip school that day, which makes the whole thing 10 times cooler in his eyes.

That’s all for now. Please share about what’s going on in your world below! ❤