Little Man Finishes The Trilogy

After watching the last Hobbit movie and The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with Little Man last week, I decided that watching The Two Towers would be in order for today.

Little Man retrieved one of our copies of The Two Towers and brought it to my room, where I have been hiding out for the day (just one of those days).

“In a galaxy far, far away, there were two towers,” Little Man said in a deep voice as he inserted the DVD. Ha!

So, we watched the movie. LM was enthralled with Gollum, especially since he finally understands where some of the phrases his father and I use come from. “Why does it cry, Smeagol?”; “My preciousssss” and “Sneaky little hobbitses” are a few of which.

At the end, LM wants to know what’s next. “Is there another?! Please tell me that there’s another!”

“Yep, there is one more–The Return of the King,” I told him.

“What are we waiting for? Let’s put it in!”

What are we waiting for? Well, for starters, watching 7 hours worth of movies is pretty much a parenting no-no, right? Oh wait, that doesn’t apply to Lord of the Rings marathons! So in the movie went.

Now that we’ve finished ROTK, here are some of LM’s random thoughts:

  • Samwise is the real hero of the movie. He’s the best, even better than Gandalf the Grey who is now Gandalf the White.
  • There’s something wrong with Frodo. He was this close and didn’t want to throw the ring in. You know Sam would have.
  • I don’t understand why they have to be in Middle Earth? Why can’t they just be on regular Earth?
  • I still don’t understand why Gandalf can’t be grey anymore.
  • Frodo is my second favorite character. But only when he doesn’t have the ring. He’s bad with the ring. I can’t stand him then.
  • Gollum is a fancy pants traitor. Oh wait, he doesn’t have pants. He’s funny, but he’s bad.
  • Legolas was only a little bit good.
  • Why is this the last one? Why can’t they make more movies for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings? This is so not fair.
  • I hate happy endings. That mean’s the movie is over and there is no more to watch.
  • Sam got married? Disgusting.



T is for Tattoos (Nerdy Ones, Of Course!)

What’s the best way to let people know what a nerd (or dork) you are, on the off-chance the way you look isn’t enough? Nerdy tattoos!

I’ve shared a couple of my tattoos on this blog before, but since today is “T” for the A to Z Challenge, I shall share them again, as well as the others that I didn’t share.

I got my first tattoo during my third-life crisis. After giving it much consideration for about a week, I decided to get my son’s name tattooed on the inside of my wrist. It’s in the Tengwar alphabet, Quenya mode, which you may recognize if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan.

(I’ve had exactly one person recognize the origin of my tattoos in two years–that was a guy who is considerably dorkier than me…so cool as hell IMO…who works in the local video game store.)

I stayed up for hours during that week learning what I could about the language so I wouldn’t translate Little Man’s name wrong, plus downloading various font packages and playing around with them on GIMP. There is more than one way to translate it, so making sure I did it right was important (after all, I don’t want ‘poopy face’ tattooed on my wrist!). I’m sure there’s a chance that it’s wrong–and if you are fluent and it’s something that doesn’t make sense, I’d rather not know–but here is the first tattoo:


I got the second tattoo shortly after the first one, also during the third-life crisis, because I didn’t like that my wrists seemed unbalanced. Good reasoning, huh? It (supposedly) says “love” (again, if I messed it up, I don’t wanna know, ignorance is bliss!):


After I got pregnant, I couldn’t get anymore tattoos for a while. Apparently it’s frowned upon for knocked up women to get ink (that and health reasons). So after Baby Girl was born, I realized that I needed to get her name tattooed as well, but I was unsure of where to put it since my other wrist was occupied (dammit). I decided to add in my grandmother’s and our first baby’s initials, as well as Baby Girl’s, with Little Man’s and wrap it around my wrist:

Why, yes, I do have a lot of freckles.

And since that clearly wasn’t enough ink to get at once, I also decided to go ahead and get Tolkien’s writer’s symbol and the quote “not all those who wander are lost” (part of a poem from The Fellowship of the Ring) tattooed on my leg. I originally wanted the tree of Gondor, the writer’s symbol, and “All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost,” so I think it was a good compromise.


Thank god I found this so I didn’t have to shave my leg for you people!

“You’re done now, right?” my husband asked after that one.

“Yeah, probably.”

Nope. A few months later, it struck me that I needed a tattoo paying homage to Shakespeare. Since Hamlet is my favorite (so cliche, I know), I decided to get Hamlet’s last spoken line and a quill tattooed on my arm:


And that’s all I have, for now. I’ve decided that I’ll add to the quill tattoo to get a half sleeve on my arm and have been over some ideas for that, but since tattoos can be rather expensive, that won’t be happening anytime within the next two weeks.

S is for Sting (The Sword, Not The Singer)

For my post for the A to Z Challenge today, keeping with my nerd life theme (since I didn’t yesterday), I am writing about my Sting sword.

No, this isn’t one of those times when I’m being dirty–I really have a Sting sword! If you’re a Hobbit or Lord of the Rings fan, you know what I’m talking about, although you may chastise me for referring to it as a sword instead of a dagger.

Here’s the one my husband bought me for my 30th birthday. It is hanging over my fireplace Don’t you want to visit my house now? Lord of the Rings toys in my bedroom (also not dirty) and Sting hanging over my mantel.

The story behind Sting via LOTR Wikia:

Sting was an ancient Elvish blade made by weapon-smiths in Gondolin. When Orcs or goblins were within an undetermined radius of it, the blade glowed blue, alerting the wielder and others who could see it to their presence. It had been lost during the Fall of Gondolin, the same battle in which Turgon fell and Glamdring was taken. It appeared as a curved blade with a silver loop or spiral design on it, later runes were added to it by Bilbo after his adventures. These runes seem to have been made by the Elves as they are in Sindarin.

The blade was carried by Bilbo in The Hobbit after Bilbo found it in a Troll-hoard. Sting was found alongside Glamdring and Orcrist. Though just a dagger by the standard of elves, it made a perfect short sword for a Hobbit, although it was still rather small, as Bilbo initially chose to wear it “inside his breeches”[2] and was still able to travel and even run without any apparent inconvenience.

I was quite excited when I got my own Sting sword. About three months pregnant at the time, I whacked it against the wood chair in my kitchen to test it out and see how sharp the blade was. It left a small cut, but not very deep, so I know I can’t use it to fend off burglars.

When my friends came over for my 30th birthday party, they weren’t terribly impressed with my sword. They looked at me rather strangely, actually. This was after I proudly showed off my 75th anniversary edition of The Hobbit.

Little Man is infatuated with this sword. He wants to know if he gets it when I’m dead. I told him I might be buried with it, but we’ll see. (No point in giving the little mad scientist reason to speed up my demise.)

Even though it’s not great for home security, it does have one awesome power. As the story goes, it glow blue when orcs are near. Since Little Man gets scared a lot (to the point that he refuses to go in his bedroom at times “because there could be monsters in there”) and wants to stay in sight of his dad and me, to ease his fears a bit, I told him that the sword would glow blue if anything bad was around the house. Further, I told him that Sting was to me what Mjölnir is to Thor, and that if anything bad is about to happen, it will come to come so I can protect him.

(Maybe you think that I shouldn’t lie to my kid, but I am also working with him on different ways to ease his anxiety, ‘kay?)

Anyway, I took the sword in his room one night recently and I let him hold it and he carefully walked around his room, waving the sword about in every nook and cranny. It didn’t glow blue. His fears were eased, at least momentarily.

O is for the One Ring

I mentioned before that the Lord of the Rings was a pretty big thing with my husband and me. Read our dating story for more on that.


At some point during our dating period, we bought each other cheap One Rings off eBay that supposedly said:

One ring to rule them all

One ring to bind them

One ring to bring them together

And their hearts, entwine them.

It probably didn’t say that, but at the time I couldn’t read a lick of Tengwar and didn’t know any better. They were also supposed to be silver, but turned a color that wasn’t close to silver within months. I still have mine, but don’t know what happened with Sam’s.

Anyway, fast forward about 9 years later (which is Christmas 2013). At this point we’ve been married for just over 7 years and both of us have lost our wedding bands.

I lost mine first. Actually, I lost my beautiful expensive engagement ring five or six times, and then I finally lost my wedding band (I have a terrible fidgeting habit and if I’m wearing rings, I’ll take them off and mindlessly play with them). A few months after losing my wedding band, Sam lost his, which he felt really bad about. Obviously, I was in no place to guilt him, so I didn’t…much.

Did we take both of us losing our wedding bands as a sign that we weren’t meant to be? Hell no. I was a good three months pregnant with Tax Break #2. What we did take that as was the opportunity to buy the rings we wanted all along, but didn’t because we cared a bit about getting strange looks back when we got married.

This is what I ordered for us off Amazon–stepping it up almost a decade later!:


His knuckles are the hairier ones. I swear.


That’s right. Our wedding bands are now the One Ring. As Little Man would say, booya!

FYI: these rings are tungsten carbide. In other words, they are cheap (but they also don’t scratch easily)! So if we lose these, no problemo, back to Amazon I’ll go.

F is for Friendship 

(Holy crap, an F post that isn’t related to my potty mouth in front of the kids? Well, the day is far from being over.)

So, the next in the Nerd Life theme for the A to Z Challenge is F for Friendship. You thought I was going to say F for Fellowship or F for Frodo, didn’t you? (Well, had things gone as planned yesterday and my husband dug out my box of LOTR toys, I would have shown you the many faces of Frodo. But that didn’t happen. Maybe another day.)

It’s not always easy to find someone who gets you–who gets that dorkiness, the dark side, the child like enthusiasm for things that leaves the rest of society scratching their heads. But when you find that person who gets you and accepts you just the way you are, nerdiness and flaws and all, it’s pretty great. Or so I hear. 😉

Here are some famous nerdy friend type couples.

May you find the Samwise to your Frodo, the one who’s never gonna give you up…

Screenshot 2015-04-07 at 3.10.00 AM

…the Chewie to your Han Solo, who’s never gonna let you down…


…the Sauron to your One Ring, who’s never gonna run around and desert you (because he can’t!)…


…the kryptonite to your Lex Luthor, who’s never gonna make you cry…

Screenshot 2015-04-07 at 3.17.07 AM

…the Willow to your Buffy, who’s never gonna say goodbye (even if Buffy dies and Willow goes evil)…

images (1)

…and the Voldemort No Name Dude You Know Who (Andi got me straightened out :D) to your Dumbledore, who’s never gonna tell a lie and hurt you…


(Hey, I tried Harry Potter fans.)