When Things Go Wrong, They Go WRONG

We decided to do a few upgrades/repairs around the house after the holidays were over. We wanted to put down new flooring in our hall bathroom, paint the kid’s room, paint the cabinets and install new hardware, and fix what appeared to be a stain at the bottom of a wall in the bathroom and paint that room, too. It would take a little time, but wouldn’t cost more than $350-$400, which isn’t bad to give those rooms a bit of a face lift.

And this is the part where God LOLs.

That little stain on the wall in the bathroom? Rot. Husband cut that section of wall off to find the…frame?…completely rotted. Damn. Not the end of the world, but it would take extra work for sure.

So he started pulling up/cutting out the rest of the wall/frame/whatever that stuff is and found that the rot extended all through the stone-tiled shower, to the wall between the shower and our bedroom, and into the tiled bathroom floor. The glass-tiled shower had to be torn down with a sledgehammer, the whole shower has to come up, and all of the flooring has to come up, plus the walls and at least a little of our bedroom floor.




That bathroom literally looked like something out of a magazine and now it’s gone (or partly gone, the rest will be gone soon enough) and he a) hasn’t found the leak that caused all that rot (fuck you, slab foundation add-on) and b) he isn’t entirely sure that the rot doesn’t extend much into our bedroom because he hasn’t pulled up much of the wood floor yet.

My husband kept saying, “Well, it could be worse, XYZ could be rotted, too,” and then lo and behold, it was. Eventually he stopped saying “Well, it could be worse” since that seemed like some high level jinx.

That little $400 or less job just turned into at least $1500, and that’s just buying a new cheap shower and floor, plus whatever the labor costs is going to be to hire someone to help with that.

Still not the end of the world, I guess, and I’ll try to be thankful that at least this small crisis is something we have savings for because my husband has a good job and we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies and (whatever else I’m grateful for here), but still…all the fucks.

In other news, the pain from the surgery has gone down a ton, so yay! I definitely have some residual hearing, enough to make out songs on my phone when it’s pressed up against my ear, but it is very weird/warped right now. This is making me realize that even though the hearing in the ear I had implanted was bad, it still made a big difference. My activation is in about three weeks, so hopefully it starts off good!

**Everyone keep your fingers crossed that the rot ends at the bedroom entrance.**



The Current State Of My Freezer

You know how lovely it is, after a hard day’s work, to fill up a glass with fruit punch Powerade, super cheap rum, and a bunch of ice cubes?

Well, I don’t either–not today. (Okay, so I wouldn’t on most days because of that whole “hard day’s work” part and the fact that I wouldn’t typically have a drink on a weeknight. But anyway.)

I opened up the freezer tonight to retrieve some ice cubes for a Coke and found this:

Wait, let me back up. I didn’t find this, this is what I was left with after using a knife to hack away at a few inches from the front portion. This is the after picture.

My husband had mentioned earlier today that we should “probably defrost the freezer sometime this weekend.” I told him it could wait until after we got back from vacation. With all of the other things–like folding Clothes Mountain–defrosting a freezer could wait.

And now that I’ve seen it–do what? This is not merely defrosting a freezer! This is like The Day After Tomorrow in my freezer! Or at a minimum, it’s Icemageddon 2015 all over again. This is almost a “call in the National Guard situation,” not just defrosting a freezer.

Oh my god. I hacked at that shit for so long and couldn’t even budge the ice maker thingy. It is stuck. And guess what? See that good inch+ of ice in front of it? It’s like that through the whole freezer. I realized this when I tried to pull out the pie crusts and they wouldn’t budge. Nor would the other items.

Is this what I get for complaining about how it is hot as fuck? (It was 103 on the thermometer in my part of SC by 2PM today, not sure what the real feel was.)

God was all “Heh heh heh…I’ll show her. Let her chill her ass out a bit fixing her freezer.”

So, if you happen to be in Redneckville, SC over the next day or two and need an ice wedge, you know where to find one.