‘B’ is for Better Half

Eric at All In A Dad’s Work does the Q&A thing with his kids a lot, but sometimes he includes his wife. The questions he asked his wife (and answered himself) this time were pretty great, so I decided to ask them to my better half, too.

1. Who’s your TV crush?

Husband: Bones (Emily Deschanel)

Me: Jackson (Grey’s Anatomy), Randall (This Is Us)

2. If you weren’t a financial analyst/SAHM-freelance writer, what would you be?

Husband: A high school sports coach, probably baseball.
Me: Author for young adult novels or a doctor.

3. What’s one thing you want to change about yourself?

Husband: My ability to focus.
Me: To have more patience. I find myself getting way too short with my husband and kids sometimes.

4. What’s one thing you’d change about me?

Husband: You’d be nicer to me. I don’t think I’d change anything about you, except the number of times you make cookies.
Me: You’d trim your toenails regularly.

5. If you could get away with one crime, would you do it? What crime would you commit?

Husband: I would rob a federal reserve of $70 million.
Me: If I could rob a bank without getting caught, then I’d probably do it. They’ve got insurance, right?

6. What song would you sing for your “The Voice” blind audition?

Husband: In the Garden, a gospel song.
Me: Pretty sure no one wants to hear me sing, but I’d probably belt out Landslide if I had to.

7. What would be your idea of an ideal date with me?

Husband: Kayaking on the Charleston harbor and going to James Island.
Me: A trip to the Bahama’s with the all-you-can-drink pass.

8. Who is your celebrity doppelganger?

Husband: Mark Ruffalo.

Me: I don’t know, but my husband says Emily Deschanel.

9. Is there a memory of me that makes you laugh?

Husband: You peeing in a cooler when you were drunk.
Me: That time you got diarrhea when we were walking down the boardwalk at the beach with our friends. You were running down the boardwalk clenching and looking for a restroom while me and two of our friends were doubled over laughing. The other person with us was chasing you, yelling and asking if you were okay.

10. What’s your Patronus?
(Had to look this up…a Patronus is a guardian in the Harry Potter world.)

Husband: Bilbo, my dog.
Me: A moose. They’re pretty badass.


What’s Your Score?

Just for fun —

Saw this on Facebook and had to do it, of course. First it’s a Facebook quiz of sorts and second it’s related to picky eating, which y’all know I’m all about.

My eye twitched a little bit at the spelling of lettuce.

Out of 66 food items, I won’t eat 33. Fifty percent — kind of a high number when you’re the person in the group who sometimes orders chicken nuggets off the kid menu when we go anywhere that isn’t pizza or steak. And I think ham, pork, and bacon being three separate items was kinda bullshit.

So, what’s your score?

Winter Wonderland…For A Few Hours

We finally got our winter snow…shortly before spring begins and right after a February that felt more like May. We weren’t supposed to get any, but lo and behold, there was white stuff on the ground when I woke up. We were all really excited! Sam measured and thinks we had a little over four inches.

After searching forever for gloves and boots, we finally made it out. I duct taped some bungee cords to a laundry basket and we used that and an old blue tarp to drag the kids around. They had a blast. Little Man tried sledding behind the hill down our house in a laundry basket, and made it about four feet. He tried the wagon, too, but it didn’t go anywhere. Maybe we’ll get a little sled to have on hand to use once every three years when we get a bit of snow.

Since the weatherman was calling for it to be a cold, cloudy day, I figured we’d have snow to play in tomorrow, too. But, nope. The sun came out in the afternoon and all we were left with was some leftover snowmen (that’s my dad’s snowmen below, but using it to give you an idea of how quickly things changed) and mud.

Now that we got our snow fix, I suppose I’ll join the “Bring on spring!” crowd. We’re going to plant some flowers and stuff (the technical term), and I’m ready to get to it. Plus, there’s soccer. Little Man’s soccer jamboree was yesterday — Sam is coaching, and I helped out since one of the assistant coaches wasn’t there. We lost, unfortunately, but the kids all played really hard. Hopefully it’ll be a productive soccer season!

That’s my weekend — how was yours?

Share Your World – 41

041514 sywbanner

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Instant attraction? Sure. But actual love? Not so much.

Your first car?

A 1996 Saturn. Even though it was a few years old when I got it, it was one of the nicest cars in our school parking lot. I had a lot of fun in that thing and tested its limits in such ways that the idea of giving LM a car in several years terrifies me.

Who taught you to ride a bike? How did it go?

Even though my dad claims to have taught me, it was my then stepbrother. After trying to teach me didn’t go so well, my dad got pissed off and went back inside. My stepbrother (who was the same age, we were both 7) stuck it out with me for the rest of the afternoon and I was zooming around by myself by that evening.

Ugly and rich or beautiful and poor?

How about somewhere in between on both of those and I’m at where I already am —  a great family and a comfortable life? If not, I’ll take ugly and rich as long as I get to keep my husband and kiddos in that scenario. They’ll love me anyway.

What was the first dish you could cook?

Pancakes, bacon, and eggs for my dad on Father’s Day when I was 14. My grandmother wasn’t there to supervise, so after being surprised with breakfast in bed, he had to go finish cooking some of it (pancakes leaked with batter after cutting into them and the bacon wasn’t done). I did better on this when I tried again later, so I’m counting it as my first thing I could cook.

Bonus question: What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I had a lot to be grateful for last week. First and foremost was that we didn’t see much from Hurricane Matthew. One of the early models showed the hurricane coming up in a similar path as Hurricane Hugo did when I was 6 (the eye passed right over our county), and it took a while for out town to recover, so I was worried. I only wish things hadn’t been so awful elsewhere. Also, as I wrote about yesterday, I’m grateful that things are going so well for my son this school year.

As far as what I’m looking forward to in the week coming up — my husband is off all week, so it’ll be nice to spend some extra quality time with him. We’ve got a busy week ahead.

Share Your World is hosted by Cee. Check out Cee’s Photography blog here for more info.

Three Fictional Characters Challenge

Describe yourself in 3 fictional characters. This is a meme I saw on Facebook a couple days ago that I thought looked fun. I’m adding “Challenge” to it because that means many of y’all will feel obligated to participate, too. If not for being open about wanting to peer pressure you, I could have done so subtlety. Oooh. 😉

So, here’s what you do: post three fictional characters that represent yourself. They can be from TV, movies, cartoons, literary, etc.

Here goes:

Larry David from “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” which is supposed to be fictional; Amy Farrah Fowler from “The Big Bang Theory,” and the boy from “If You Give A Mouse A [Fucking] Cookie.”

Just for fun, I asked my husband which three characters he thought would describe me. This is what he came up with:

Leslie Knope from “Parks and Rec,” Bones from “Bones,” and Allie from “The Notebook.” He was nicer than I thought he’d be.

Now it’s your turn, because challenge. You can be lazy and just comment with the names of three characters and let me figure out how you’re like these people/cartoons/whatever. You can be less lazy and create a post where you post the names of three characters and images of these characters. Or you can go for super-duper option #3 — create a post and use one of those layout apps to put together a neat looking well, layout, of the challenge image with your three character images.

Have fun!