How to Answer a Writing Prompt

In the folder Little Man brought home yesterday, there was worksheet where he had written down his answer to the following writing prompt.

Pretend you live in a snow globe. What would you do?

If I lived in a snow globe, I would see snow. And I would die because you can’t breathe in a snow globe. I would also starve. But then I would wake up and say oh man because it was all just a bad dream.

Being a first grade teacher can’t be easy, but I doubt it gets boring.


Science Projects and Procrastination Don’t Mix

Little Man had the option of participating in the science fair at his school this year. Even though first graders don’t get to participate in the district-wide fair (assuming he places), he was very excited about it since he loves science.

LM told me he wanted to do his project on magnets a couple weeks ago after reading a book at school. His idea was to see if he could make other metal objects magnetic using a magnet. He got several different objects and rubbed them on a large magnet he has, and then tried to pick up part of a broken paperclip with the newly magnetized object. He was successful with a few things, too.

I had planned to help him put his poster together on Sunday or Monday since it’s due tomorrow (technically today), but that didn’t happen, and we had to do it this evening.


Lesson Learned As A Teacher: Always Check for Porn

I spent one year teaching English to middle school kids before I left to become a SAHM. That probably goes down as one of the shortest teaching careers on record, but despite that, I learned something that is pretty invaluable to all teacher and aspiring teachers everywhere: always check for porn.

Yes, porn.

I don’t care what grade you teach, but always check anything you bring into the classroom (or anything you give your own kids) to make sure it hasn’t been, ah, contaminated.