When Things Go Wrong, They Go WRONG

We decided to do a few upgrades/repairs around the house after the holidays were over. We wanted to put down new flooring in our hall bathroom, paint the kid’s room, paint the cabinets and install new hardware, and fix what appeared to be a stain at the bottom of a wall in the bathroom and paint that room, too. It would take a little time, but wouldn’t cost more than $350-$400, which isn’t bad to give those rooms a bit of a face lift.

And this is the part where God LOLs.

That little stain on the wall in the bathroom? Rot. Husband cut that section of wall off to find the…frame?…completely rotted. Damn. Not the end of the world, but it would take extra work for sure.

So he started pulling up/cutting out the rest of the wall/frame/whatever that stuff is and found that the rot extended all through the stone-tiled shower, to the wall between the shower and our bedroom, and into the tiled bathroom floor. The glass-tiled shower had to be torn down with a sledgehammer, the whole shower has to come up, and all of the flooring has to come up, plus the walls and at least a little of our bedroom floor.




That bathroom literally looked like something out of a magazine and now it’s gone (or partly gone, the rest will be gone soon enough) and he a) hasn’t found the leak that caused all that rot (fuck you, slab foundation add-on) and b) he isn’t entirely sure that the rot doesn’t extend much into our bedroom because he hasn’t pulled up much of the wood floor yet.

My husband kept saying, “Well, it could be worse, XYZ could be rotted, too,” and then lo and behold, it was. Eventually he stopped saying “Well, it could be worse” since that seemed like some high level jinx.

That little $400 or less job just turned into at least $1500, and that’s just buying a new cheap shower and floor, plus whatever the labor costs is going to be to hire someone to help with that.

Still not the end of the world, I guess, and I’ll try to be thankful that at least this small crisis is something we have savings for because my husband has a good job and we have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies and (whatever else I’m grateful for here), but still…all the fucks.

In other news, the pain from the surgery has gone down a ton, so yay! I definitely have some residual hearing, enough to make out songs on my phone when it’s pressed up against my ear, but it is very weird/warped right now. This is making me realize that even though the hearing in the ear I had implanted was bad, it still made a big difference. My activation is in about three weeks, so hopefully it starts off good!

**Everyone keep your fingers crossed that the rot ends at the bedroom entrance.**



New Year, But No New Me

I’m not a big New Year’s resolutions person. I do tend to get a little more introspective around this time of year and make some goals for the year, but I’m not going to try to pull a 180 with my life or go “New Year, New Me.” It’s cool if that’s your thing, but setting big lofty goals that I get gung-ho over doesn’t work for me, as I tend to screw up pretty quickly, get down on myself (or even full blown depressed), and never get anything done.

So, one of my goals for last year was to diversify my toddlerish palate. This year I came to like coffee. I pretty much need the weakest version there is plus lots of creamer, but at least I can (sort of) legit have coffee with a friend without ordering Coke. I also came to like hot tea (which might be called plain old tea by those of you who aren’t Southerners and don’t throw a shit ton of ice and sugar in it to make it taste like heaven).


I’m pretty sure I found a couple of actual foods that I liked, but I can’t remember for the life of me what they were. (Mini 2017 goal: improve memory.) I also tried a few new things — some I liked, some I didn’t. I especially liked the wyagu steak I had with my husband in Charleston (while it doesn’t exactly count as something new since it’s steak, I wouldn’t typically have tried something foreign to me), but I wasn’t wild over the edamame, to put it nicely. I’m going to keep this goal going into this year.

I also wanted to improve my health. I did lose a little weight. It was just a drop in the bucket for what I need to lose, so I plan to keep working on it. I’m going to be more aggressive about it this year. I also cut down on my Coke consumption and plan to continue doing so, which will help a lot, as that’s by far my biggest source of empty calories.

I do have a goal to add to those for this year — cut down on spending. Namely the impulse spending. Some of it I blame on bipolar, but a lot of it is $5 or $10 here and there on toys, junk at checkout for the kids, takeout, etc. All of that adds up. Last year wasn’t the best year money-wise (our dog’s surgery and needing a new central air unit were rather costly), so I’m hoping that this year we’ll be able to put more towards paying off debt and savings. (I feel like I should add that I’m grateful that we’re in a position where we were able to take care of those things.)

It’s not a life goal, but I also want to open at Etsy shop this year to sell necklaces and other jewelry. The necklaces I made for everyone for Christmas this year were a hit (two people even cried), so I’m going to test the waters and see how selling them goes. That would certainly help with our money goal if I could get something started with that, plus I enjoy making them. If that doesn’t work out, then maybe I’ll get back to doing some freelance work.

Here’s to 2017. Do you have one goal in mind for the year?

I Won Pinterest!

I used to have a Pinterest board full of recipes and projects and crafts and activities I wanted to do. I had everything from healthy shit to cutesy foot-paint Christmas projects for Little Man. I had hundreds of pins.

You know how much of that stuff I actually did? Maybe 10 things. I made chicken for tacos in the Crockpot and I helped LM make handprint reindeer antlers for his grandparents for Christmas. I can’t remember most of the others because I like to block out most of my disasters.

So, where am I going with this? Well, first, I’m going to show you a Pinterest disaster. And after that, I’m going to show you a Pinterest success.

A couple years ago, I wanted to make a dollhouse for Little Man. He doesn’t have dolls, but wanted one for his little Smurf figures. Do you know how hard it is to find a gender neutral doll house that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Pretty fucking hard.

And then I had a bright idea–“I’ll get on Pinterest! Pinterest will have plenty of ideas!” Sure enough, I found a few things, including one dollhouse that didn’t look terribly complicated, and I set out to purchase the supplies so I could build it.

The building did not go well. It was painfully obvious before I finished one side of the dollhouse that it wasn’t happening. So I gave up and tried to come up with another idea for a dollhouse that I could build. I did. You can see the dollhouse I wanted to build, how my attempt compared, as well as the actual dollhouse I built for LM below.

1233320_10100149868459656_1592742560_n (1)

That is definitely not winning Pinterest. But, I learned how duct tape is truly wonderful.

Fast forward to a couple days ago. I was feeling crafty and decided to make a wreath to hang on my front door. I found a tutorial through Pinterest for what was supposed to be an easy wreath.

“But, E, you said that dollhouse was supposed to be easy to make,” my husband said as he looked at my supplies.

I shot him a dirty look, since it’s not fair to bring up a two-year-old failed Pinterest project. “This is different,” I informed him. First, and most importantly, there were no power tools involved. Second…that’s it, really.

So, Sam left to get his haircut and when he came back, I had this: 
Screenshot 2015-07-02 at 10.08.17 PM

Boom. That’s winning Pinterest in my book!

Do you have any Pinterest failures? Please share, either by telling your story or posting a link to a picture of your failed recipe/project in the comments section.