What Happens When You Give Your Kid Guidelines for Personalized Gifts

While I’ve been taking care of the last minute gift wrapping today, Little Man has been working on gifts for his grandparents. I purchased some mugs that can be personalized to show a drawing from the child from the local dollar store, thinking that this would be a sweet gift for the grandparents.

He set up his little table behind the couch where I was wrapping and grabbed his box of art supplies.

“Hey mom, can I glue something?” he asked.

I considered it. “No, that’s probably not a good idea. Just use your crayons and markers.” Since I’m assuming that the art will have to be removed each time the grandparent washes the mug (it is a dollar store mug, after all), I didn’t think using glue would be the best idea, since it would inevitably attach to the wrong place and tear the picture.

He huffed, but didn’t say anything more about it. A few minutes later he said, “I’m done with Nana’s! Here.” He handed me the paper to put inside the mug:


Merry Christmas

Note > Mommy won’t let me give you something special. 

Wait, what?!

He saw nothing wrong with that. He later told me what he had planned to glue–a Monopoly game piece he saved from McDonald’s.