Schools and Fools

Our school district has been sending out surveys to get parent input on how the school year goes. We have about a month to go before when school is supposed to start. A month. We’ve been home for four months now, so this back-to-school date has kind of sneaked up on us.

I just don’t know about the kids going back to school. We’ve heard some mixed things about it. We were told by the state superintendent of education that schools starting would likely be delayed until September. But our governor, a guy who would eat his own feces if Trump told him to, is saying, “Nah, we’ll start on time.” And ultimately the districts have to do what he says.

We are thinking about doing the virtual charter school for LM. The bus he takes to school got canceled since it was for an arts program he is in, so getting him to school and then getting BG to her school would require a lot of driving and time. LM told us this week that he was torn on going back to the school anyway because he didn’t feel he got a lot out of the program. He got to do two or three 45-minute classes per week, and he was spending more more than twice as much time per week on the bus ride than he did in the classroom for the program.

I told him what his options are if he doesn’t want to go back to his current school (virtual or going to the school in our area, a school that isn’t nearly as nice as the current school) and to think about it. Virtual would be best right now, of course, but I don’t think he’ll have the option to go back to his current school later if he doesn’t like virtual or the other school.

As for the girl, she goes to a small charter school, and if we opted to hold her out for the virtual charter school (it’s a different charter school), then she wouldn’t get to go back. It’s tough, because after this pandemic is over, this is the school she 100% needs to be at. Smaller class sizes, supportive staff, plus we get to take her out early for therapies every week. As the principal said once, they can do things a bit differently since they’re a charter school, and there’s a lot that they can do there that wouldn’t happen at a large school. (Letting her switch schools temporarily wouldn’t be one of those options, though, because they can’t go without the funding they get for her.)

Assuming the state doesn’t smarten up and our district doesn’t get to go with the plans they want to enact, then we’ve got to decided between coronavirus exposure and her long-term education. Ugh.

On a different note, some of my family members got the virus, including my dad. Back in February, he was sounding the alarm over the virus and telling us to stockpile masks and other stuff. Once Trump started saying it was overblown and stuff, my dad quickly decided that the virus was a hoax created by China and the Deep State to control us. We thought things might change a bit when he got the virus, but he didn’t get that sick, so he decided that it’s still a hoax and other people are lying about how bad it is. He also thinks we’re going to be forced to be chipped.

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That’s what is going through my head when he starts his messaging.

Days 7 and 8

Playing catch-up again!

I hope y’all have had a good weekend. We hung around the house working on various projects for the most part. My husband took the kids on a ride Friday evening and ended up stopping at a park that had no people at it and let them play a bit and then got ice cream cones. The kids were overjoyed! That’s the biggest dose of normalcy they’ve had in almost three months. (Plenty of hand washing and sanitizing, of course.)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like easing back into things will be happening soon here. We had talked about a “slowly pulling off the Band-Aid” approach with family and a couple of close friends in small ways, but cases shot up by 50 percent in our county and by a lot in our state this week. We’ve been very strict about what we do over the past three months and were hoping that we could get back to more normalish activities soon, but ugh.

The girl is planning her birthday. It’s coming up in a couple of weeks. We talked about food and cake last night, and then she told me her wishes for the big day:

BG: Here’s what I want — I want a day without Mommy raising her voice at me, a day without LM aggravating me, and a day without Daddy singing poop songs.

LM: Well, I want a day without you (BG) screaming.

BG: Well, I’ll do what I want since it’s my birthday. And it’s not your birthday, so you don’t get what you want. It’s not February, it’s JUNE.

The girl went on to discuss more of her wishes for her birthday, which include LM not jinxing or “ha ha-ing” her. (More on the Ha Has here.) She doesn’t want her dad to talk in his Mufasa voice, even though he only does this when she asks him to as part of playing Lion King. She also told us she doesn’t want us to laugh at anything she says unless she tells us it’s a joke in advance. So, no laughing at her cute or unintentionally funny comments. She isn’t one to tell jokes often, either. That’ll be an interesting day!

Since it’s unlikely that virus still will improve much over the next two weeks, we aren’t planning on a party with guests. At the most, we would invite the grandparents for a cookout outdoors, but I doubt that will happen. One set isn’t going anywhere right now; my MIL is thinking about going out of town; and my dad would want to bring everyone at his house (presently 8 people). It would be nice for them to get to see BG on her birthday (or the weekend before) and share some cake, and we could probably make it very low-risk with the right conditions. We’ll see. We’ve been preparing BG for the idea that things will be very different this year, and she seems very understanding so far.

Some of my friends have been doing birthday drive-bys/parades for their kids, but we are going to ask people to send birthday cards instead. She loves getting mail, so she’ll be thrilled if she gets a few cards.

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I hope you have a good Monday!