Ice, ice baby

It has been cold as heck in my neck of the woods lately. We usually get some snow around this time of year, but for the most part, the temperatures aren’t too severe.

And then we had a couple of days that didn’t get out of the 20s this week. With the wind chill factor, AccuWeather had the real feel temperature at -3. Negative three freaking degrees. Da hell?

This has led to an extra day off school for the kid, plus two-hour delays every other morning this week.

Our hot water heater froze yesterday (or the pipe containing the hot water, anyway); fortunately, it didn’t burst. I noticed this block of ice coming out of the gutter downspout this morning. (Ignore the fact that some pressure washing needs to happen soon.)


Neat! I should carve it into something cool. Like a miniature Death Star.