Breastfeeding: A Little Man Education

You know how bath/shower time isn’t exactly a private affair when you have kids? Well, my household is no exception to that rule. I was attempting to take a nice, hot bath last week when Little Man made his entrance.

He started talking about Pokemon while I covered up as best as I could, which wasn’t good enough, I guess, since he interrupted himself with, “By the way, Mom, can you believe that Cole thinks he has boobies? He’s a boy and he thinks he has boobies!”

“Um.” I tried to think really quick…I knew that men can get breast cancer, so there is tissue or whatever…but then I realized there is no way that is what a second grade boy is referring to.

Little Man continued. “I told him he does not have boobies and only women get them. I told him that he will never have boobies, but my little sister will one day when she becomes a woman. And then she’ll be able to feed her babies or maybe attach a pump to herself and get the milk out, put it in a bottle, and then feed her baby. Or give it to her husband to feed the baby. And do you know what he said?”

Boy. He didn’t miss a thing when I was pumping. “What?”

“He looked at me, made a face, and said, ‘Little Man, that’s so weird!’ Can you believe that?”

Before I could respond, Little Man said, “And I told him, ‘Cole, you are the one who thinks boys have boobies. And you are the one who thinks it’s weird to feed a baby their milk. That’s what’s weird. Mom, can you believe that he thinks I’m the weird one when he acted all grossed out over a little tiny baby eating their food?”

“Well. You know, some families don’t really talk about where a baby’s food comes from. It’s private thing, I guess. And a lot of families just use formula. We used formula with you and mostly formula with Baby Girl. So, you know, he probably didn’t know, but now hopefully he does.”

I wonder when I’ll get that call from a concerned parent who doesn’t like the lactation information their kid came home with. At any rate, the people in charge of the campaign to normalize public breastfeeding have found their champion.