Here’s To A Less Busy Week

Super busy week is over, but not without another round of illness. (Seriously, wtf is wrong with my house? Do I need to start bathing everyone in Lysol?) A few hours after making my post about sicknesses, I went to pick up Little Man from school. He looked kinda pissed as he got in the car, so I figured he’d had a bad day. As soon as he closed the door, he said, “Mom, I feel like I’m gonna puke.”

Oh shit. “Okay, let me pull up–” and then he projectile vomited all over the car. The next few hours were rough, but fortunately it was just a 24-hour bug, and he didn’t miss out on any of his birthday festivities. Also, fortunately, no one else has gotten it yet.

Little Man’s birthday celebrations went well. He had lots of cake and got lots of nice gifts, so he was a happy boy. For those of you with younger kids — we found out that third grade is the age where parents drop off their kids and disappear for hours. Some of the parents didn’t even bother coming inside. Almost 20 wild kids and a bounce house for three hours — sweet baby Jesus, we needed some booze. Luckily my cousin, who happens to be a third grade teacher, showed up with her kiddos and helped out some.


I had the dreaded physical on Friday. Unfortunately, the doctor my family sees that we love left abruptly (family issues, we were told), so I had to see someone new. It went well, plus I found out that my cholesterol had dropped 40 points, plus I lost a little weight. I was thrilled with the cholesterol drop, down into the normal range now. That will definitely serve as motivation for improving my health in 2017. I also had an X-ray done for a nagging foot issue and found that the pain is because of a bone spur. Yuck!

Something else new in my household that isn’t health related — Baby Girl is now speaking in a British accent a lot. Her favorite new show is Peppa Pig (thanks a lot, MawMaw), and Peppa is a British show, in case you didn’t know. I swear she isn’t watching so much of it that it should be impacting her former country as hell Southern accent, but it is. It hasn’t helped that Sam and Little Man are encouraging her. So, now the little blonde headed girl that doesn’t look like she belongs to our family also doesn’t sound like she belongs with our family. I’m not traveling outside the country with her anytime soon, we’d probably be accused of kidnapping. 😉



Things Kids Say Thursday: Happy Birthday, Batman

Today is my birthday. I’m 33, so — as I’ve been reminded by my husband — I can no longer claim to be “just into my 30s” or my early “30s.” It’s mid-30s now, or so he says. He’s six years older than me, so all those years of teasing him about being old are coming back to bite me.

This morning I told Baby Girl that today is my birthday, hoping she’d sing Happy Birthday in the adorable way that she does.

“No, it not,” she answered. “It not Mommy’s birthday. It’s Batman’s birthday. Happy birthday, Batman!”

Da hell?

“No, it’s Mommy’s birthday today,” I tried again.

“No! It NOT Mommy’s birthday. It Batman’s birthday!” she argued. And then she started singing. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Batman, happy birthday to you.”


She cut her toy birthday cake and sang to her Batman again later — not a word for her mommy. Fucking caped crusader.

The birthday was pretty good, but very non-eventful aside from getting flowers. We’ll try to celebrate on Sunday after the Busiest Week Ever finishes. Little Man has had soccer every day since Sunday and will have it again tomorrow (his team will play for the All Star Championship). Plus I’ve been trying to complete a laundry list of deep cleaning chores, get our sweaters ready, get Little Man’s costume stuff together for the program on Monday, go to appointments, decorate, plus the usual stuff. I believe the drinks I have on Saturday will be well deserved.

The Birthday Girl

“Babies sure don’t last long, do they?” Little Man commented recently when we were talking about his sister’s upcoming birthday.

“Not long at all,” I remarked, thinking that he sounded much older than his eight years.

“They come home tiny little babies and before you know it, they’re toddlers, running all over the place and biting people!”

The biter Baby Girl’s second birthday is today. Last year, I wrote about her birth story here. Even though she still has a lot of babyish aspects (including getting that one bottle and still sleeping in her little sleep sack), there’s no mistaking that she’s a legit toddler now and just a few steps away from leaving all that baby stuff behind.

We don’t have any big plans for her birthday aside from getting together with some family and friends for dinner at her favorite restaurant (and by “favorite,” I mean one of the few restaurants where we can find something she’ll eat). Considering that she won’t care about anything beyond eating cake and ripping the wrapping paper off gifts, that should be plenty.

She’s big into Batman (aka Battan) right now, so she’s getting a Dark Knight themed birthday party. I never would’ve thought in a million years that I’d be doing Batman stuff for my toddler daughter!

We gave her a play kitchen this morning, which she loved, and we saved a stuffed Batman doll for tonight, since that’s a little easier to carry into a restaurant.

So, happy two years, Baby Girl! I’m lucky to get to call you my daughter. ❤

Weekend Coffee Share: Laziness, Gunshots, and Birthday Cake


First of all, let me wish you all a belated Happy New Year’s.

Happy New Year’s!

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’m gonna ramble on for a while about my family and myself because, well, that’s what I do best.

This week was not one of my best. Between a funky mood and those sweet fumes I was running on vanishing, I was not very productive. Some might say that I was lazy and mopey as fuck. Tomorrow will be all about catching up on all of the shit I didn’t do over the past week — namely laundry. I’ve literally restarted the same load of kid’s clothes 5 times now. Oops. And I planned to take the Christmas tree down on Monday, but that didn’t happen, so not only has my Grinch heart been unsatisfied, I’ve probably also jinxed our 2016 or something.

Moving on. Despite the laziness/tiredness, I did go to a New Year’s Eve get-together. And, oh my god, that started out not so good! Upon arriving at the home where the NYE thing was, we got out of the car to hear a bunch of gunshots going off in very close proximity. After I got closer, I saw it was our friends shooting guns in the air. With cans of beer in their free hands. Strong words were said, wives were told, and then super strong words were said. And the guns were put away. It took a little while after that for things to get fun, but they did.

We didn’t do anything on New Year’s Day aside from watch TV and pop Rolaid after Rolaid (sorry, I can’t do the vinegar, although my husband said it worked like a charm). Once again I was reminded that I should not drink even a little bit. Or that if I do drink, then I should just drink it all and make the day after worth it.

Today was spent celebrating my hubby’s birthday. He’s 38 now, so I repeatedly reminded him that he’s really close to 40. I’m a lovely wife. I did make him lasagna for supper, got him a cool Columbia pullover, and bought cupcakes. Maybe when he’s 40 he’ll get lasagna and a homemade cake.

I am not looking forward to Little Man going back to school on Monday. I am probably one of the few [crazy] parents to say this. It’s nice having someone to toss dirty diapers in the pail 24/7, and I’ll also miss him a lot. We’ve had a lot of fun together of the winter break. ❤

That’s all my rambling for now. Do tell me how your week or New Year’s celebration was. 

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The Third Anniversary Of My 29th Birthday

Today is the third anniversary of my 29th birthday. I’ll save you having to do the math–I’m now 32. (I don’t really care that I’m not 29 anymore–I just think phrasing it that way is funny.)

“Wow, Mom. Thirty-two! You look as old as PawPaw now,” Little Man told me earlier without cracking a smile. Luckily for him I know that he inherited my dry sense of humor. That’s what I’m telling myself for that comment, anyway.

Birthdays are usually tough, because of it being that time of year when depression often rolls around and other things. Today ended up being a really nice day, though, even though a lot of those feelings have already started surfacing. My husband let me sleep in, made an appointment for me to get my hair done this afternoon (7 inches gone plus fresh blue and purple streaks), I bought a nice purse, and then Sam made me a steak dinner and chocolate eclair cake. After everything, we all sat in the floor playing games. It was all so very nice.

“I feel like this wasn’t a great birthday,” Sam told me after the kids went to bed. “I didn’t buy a gift or have have candles for the cake.”

“Oh, this was a great birthday,” I said. “Remember last year? When you forgot everything and took the kids to buy a present, supper from Arby’s, and a cake from Food Lion at the last minute? This year was awesome.” And it really was.

He looked embarrassed. “Yeah I guess it was pretty good in comparison!” And that’s the first and last time I’ll remind him of that–gotta give that stuff an expiration date after one year.

Little Man had big plans for a present, but they didn’t pan out. He came stomping through the living room this evening. “What’s wrong with you?” I asked.

He stuck his bottom lip out. “I can’t give you the birthday present I wanted to give you.”

“Which was?”

“Well…since Christmas is coming up, I took a laundry basket, my stuffed Rudolph, my Santa hat, and Baby Girl’s (ride on) elephant in my room. I was going to be Santa and the basket was going to be my sleigh. Baby Girl was going to ride on her elephant and be a reindeer. And if I could have found a fishing pole, that would have been my whip. But I couldn’t find any strings to attach everything, so now I can’t do it.”

The unruly Baby Girl as a reindeer. While Little Man cracks a pretend whip. Lord Jesus.

“Hey, it’s the thought that counts,” I told him. I didn’t add that sometimes it’s best when the thought is all that happens. “So thank you for coming up with such a thoughtful birthday gift.”

“You’re welcome!” he said. Now I’m pretty sure he’s going to write down thoughts for Christmas gifts. I’ll open an envelope that says “new car” or something like that. 😉