Throwing Caution To The Wind

For the first couple months of the quarantine, we rarely left the house. My husband was the designated grocery person, and aside from my dad coming over to help out with an electrical issue and drop off a go-kart, we didn’t see anyone until the middle of May, when my FIL passed away. We’ve seen my MIL pretty regularly since then.

Slowly but surely, we began venturing out more. I dropped off a package at UPS. (Thank you so much, Amazon, for having such a fantastic return policy!) And later I ran into the grocery store myself for a couple of items. And then I had a couple of doctor appointments. It was so weird being among people again. And then BG started back therapies, which meant adding a couple of people to her very tiny list of “people I get to see.” (Us and her grandma.)

Over the past month, we’ve gotten even braver. (Wearing masks, of course!) We spent a few days at the beach. (Not the pandemic beach, aka Dirty Myrtle, aka Myrtle Beach, but one where we were able to isolate like hell and let the kids run all over the beach.) It was incredible how normal we felt for a few days. We weren’t doing our usual vacation stuff, of course, but the kids having so much space to play and splash around was just awesome. After the pandemic is over, I doubt we’ll ever go to another commercialized beach again.

And here is where we throw caution to the wind. Possibly.

First, we signed up the girl for school. Two days in person. I’m not set on it and am still making my homeschool plans, but between masks, tiny classes, and a large class with room to space out, I think it should be safe. I think. I’ve read about other places that have opened up schools with the same strategies in place have done fine. I mainly wanted to see how things go over the next few weeks and not commit to virtual through January. Ideally, if we switch over, we can just go through her teacher for school stuff instead of the one-size-fits-all packets.

Second, we may have an overnight visitor this week. A friend is pretty sure she’s going to need help with her son overnight, and we agreed. They’ve been cautious, too, so hopefully everything will be okay. I was torn over it, since obviously he’s not going to wear a mask in the house or to sleep in, but didn’t feel right saying no over something like that, either. There’s a chance her plans may change, so we haven’t told the kids yet.

(And after typing all that out, excuse me while I go have an anxiety attack and cancel everything.)

On another note, my appointment to have the skin cancer removed has been set up. September 4th. The letter from the doctor said to plan for it to take four hours. Local anesthesia, so I’ll have to be bored out of my mind for a while. In all seriousness, I’m ready to get it over with. I think it has been about three years since I first noticed the spot, so it’ll be good to finally get it off.

My husband gave me a temp ban from Amazon today. Not really, but I’ve made a few impulse purchases and he asked what on earth I’ve been buying. (It’s not like I’m sneaking in packages, but he just doesn’t notice, which sucks because I’ve been redecorating!)

Rachel Green | Friends scenes, Friends tv show, Friends tv

This might actually happen, except from Amazon or my mail lady.

So, yeah. I’m gonna take a break for a week at least. (Amazon, this does not give you the right to cheat on me.)

What’s new in your world?

Stop, Amazon Time!

I have been doing way too much online shopping. My poor husband every time he checks the online banking stuff, which is multiple times per day because he’s obsessive about stuff like that:

Ben Wyatt What GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Look, my house is reasonably clean these days. Laundry mountain is gone. My kids have learned some shit and are fed regularly. I learned a new hobby as well as my patience allows (sewing). I wrote some stories, and that’s all I’m writing for now (since my best friend keeps asking), since there’s no deadline, which means I’m not functioning. Despite starting off the year strong with reading lots of books, I’m not getting into anything right now, so all that’s left is to window shop online. And that usually turns into “Add to cart.”


Okay, I exaggerate a little — a lot of my purchases have been for stuff I’d have gone out for (or would’ve bought online anyway). LM needed some clothes and rain boots, BG needed some Crocs and rain boots, and we needed Easter basket stuff. I also got some educational stuff. I bought a few science books for BG, plus I found a lot of 15 Magic School Bus books on eBay. She is loving them. I also discovered these Pete the Kitty books.

How fucking cute is that?! I absolutely adore Pete the Cat and couldn’t resist getting that for myself BG when I saw it. I’d love to get a half-sleeve of tattoos with book characters, including Pete and Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

One thing that has driven my crazy since I bought my iPhone 8 a couple years ago is the lack of a headphone jack. They give you an adapter, but I lost that shit within weeks. And the replacement ones I got from Amazon don’t work right. And bluetooth headphones suck for me because I never remember to charge them. I was browsing Amazon last week and came across some headphones that have a lightning connector that plugs right in to the charger area, so I was thrilled!


The sound is great! My husband liked them so much that he asked me to buy him a pair in black, except he wanted them to have BOTH the regular plug and the lightning connector. I was like why the hell would they have both? “Because I like having choices.” They don’t make those, not that I could find, so he got the “basic” ones with only the lightning connector. He said the microphone works great for his work calls, too.

I needed some new socks since several pairs of my fun socks have holes in them. Here’s one pair I picked out:

That’s Beast Boy, yo!

Teen Titans Go! has officially made my Top 10 list of funny shows. It has awful ratings (mainly people who were fans of the original — and serious — series not liking the comedic direction it took), but it’s fucking hilarious. The kids love it, my husband and I love it, so it’s nice to have something we all agree on. Beast Boy is awesome, so I couldn’t resist getting these socks.

Animated gif about gif in 👌🏻Teen Titans👌🏻 by Black Cat

Beastboy Party Hard GIF - Beastboy PartyHard TeenTitansGo ...

Yeah, it’s very juvenile (but not in a garbage Spongebob way), but it’s my favorite not-just-for-kids cartoon I’ve watched in years. My husband and I have started talking like Beast Boy to each other and the kids at times, which BG thinks is hilarious and which makes LM die inside.

“What is wrong with you, mama?” – My husband will ask in Beast Boy’s voice. (Also adds “mama” to everything.)

I just add “yo” or “bro” to my sentences.

I’m pretty excited about those socks.

I’ve made a few regrettable Amazon purchases, too. Here is one of them:

Look, I’m all about creativity and shit. Yay kids building blanket and pillow forts. BUT, it just so happens that the best blanket to build a fort with is the quilt I sleep with at night. And it just so happens that MY pillows make the best fort pillows. Guess who isn’t a fan of some dirty little kids taking her pillows and blanket?!


So I was window shopping as one does online and came across this blow-up fort. For $50 plus a box fan, I was able to get the kids a fort that sets up in mere seconds and can be taken down and put away in mere seconds. Mere, mere, mere.

They were super excited the first day, but the excitement didn’t last too long. It turns out that kids prefer blankets, chairs, and pillows to something like this. Maybe it’ll go over better outside.

I thought y’all might get a chuckle out of this purchase. Since I couldn’t see my bestie for her birthday, I sent her a couple of things on Amazon. One was a pair of Blue Q socks that I desperately wanted for myself, but couldn’t because of the kids:

Maybe when BG is a little older. I did end up getting a couple pairs of the Blue Q socks for myself, since they’re so comfy and cute, but none of my pairs dropped the f-bomb.

This is the other thing I bought my friend — women insert it in their pants when they have to pee, and then they can pee like a man. No squatting necessary. I bought it was a joke, but it would really come in handy at some venues, such as tailgating at football games and only having port-a-johns to go in.

She definitely got a kick out of those gifts.

The most interesting of my purchases is probably the Mandolin I bought my husband. I saw a message he posted on FB talking to someone else about wanting to learn to play, so I was like “Okay, I’ll get one for him.” He’s not usually the type to buy himself anything. Music is his thing, and that’s how he has spent a lot of his free quarantine time — playing his guitar and writing music. I didn’t used to like his voice very much (I was the only one, as everyone else raved over it), but ever since he started adding a bit of a country twang to it, I’ve gotten really into his singing. (He sounds very much like Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born.)

I thought I was being sneaky and bought the mandolin on my credit card, but he saw the statement and asked. He knew I had talked about buying a new keyboard to teach the kids/learn myself and thought that’s what I purchased. I told him I didn’t get a keyboard, but not to nose around my purchases since I pay for things on my card for privacy. (It just so happens that he gets the bills, hehe.)

It’s a cheaper model, but will be good for him to learn on, and I hope he likes it. With any hope, all three of us can play guitars/mandolin together while BG beats on her drums. (I can play the guitar decently, and LM can play a couple of songs.) Add in the keyboard that I hope to get at some point, and maybe the Anxious Family Band will come your way soon!

Have you made any crazy or fun quarantine purchases? 

Also, does anyone have any book  recommendations for me? I don’t care for romance or James Patterson, but am pretty open-minded otherwise. I’d also like some recommendations for new bloggers to follow!

And I promise I’m working on that Blogger Girls Night Zoom thing. I’ll send out something on Sunday to start figuring out days/times.