‘C’ is for Cocks

Did you know that in the state of South Carolina, it’s perfectly acceptable to go around yelling, “Go Cocks!” or to proclaim yourself a Cocks fan?

The University of South Carolina (USC) is the biggest university in our state. (And before you say, “Wait, Southern Cal is the real USC,” know that my USC was founded before California became a state. Boom.) The name the teams go by is “Gamecocks,” and they get that name from Revolutionary War hero Thomas Sumter, who was nicknamed the Fighting Gamecock. (Fun fact: Mel Gibson’s character in The Patriot was partially based on Sumter.)

People around here — especially sports fans — generally don’t think twice about talking about how much they love the Cocks.

“How ’bout those Cocks, baby?”
“Those Cocks are on a roll!”
“I’m a huge Cocks fan!”

We proudly wear our Cocks shirts, too.

See? We cocky.

If you look up the words “My Cock is Smelley,” you can even see a picture of my brother from back in the day. (Make for damn sure you don’t leave the ‘E’ out of “Smelley” or you’ll see some shit that you’ll need eye bleach for.)

So, yeah. A lot of us are pretty passionate about the Cocks around these parts.


Mildly Interesting

How on earth did I used to be able to write a post almost every day and some days multiple posts per day? Now I’m just sitting here wondering what the hell has happened lately that is interesting enough to write about.

Saw Black Panther. Liked it a lot. Michael B. Jordan might just be my favorite new actor. (Although he’ll always be known as Jamal from Hardball.)

Bought Justice League. Liked it. My Wonder Woman crush has gotten stronger. My husband and son are slightly concerned at this point. My shoulder slipped out of its socket last night when I pretended that the sheet in the floor was the Lasso of Hestia and tried to whip it. Yay, loose joints…and oops.

We discussed who could play Batman if Ben Afleck is out and have agreed on Ryan Gosling or Idris Elba. Leonardo DiCaprio would be acceptable, but he doesn’t do franchise films. We do not like Jake Gylenhaal for the role. Someone needs to contact Warner Brothers and make them aware of the Batman think tank we’ve got going on. 

(And speaking of Batman, Baby Girl hasn’t called him “Battan” in forever.)

Watched the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale. Loved it and wondered what took me so long. Also started watching Sherlock and am digging it. Martin Freeman, y’all, swoon. I know he isn’t the typical actor to swoon over, but swoon nonetheless.

Maybe that’s why I don’t have anything terribly interesting to write about — I’ve been watching too much TV lately.

My kids should be providing blogging material, but I don’t suppose Little Man calling another kid a shitbucket would be enough for a whole post. (He didn’t call him a shitbucket to his face, but asked me in the car if he could say what was on his mind, I said “sure,” and then he told me that. That’s my new favorite curse word.) Baby Girl has kicked Little Man and my husband out of the family again, but the hilariousness of that is starting to wear off.

Ooh, I can write about some drama, though. My kids have been going to a gymnastics place since last summer. There was some mama drama with one of the moms of a kid who was in Little Man’s class. Her child is 8 and is a little shit, but he gets that from his mom, who is a big shit. No matter what her kid does (pushing, hitting, refusing to do whatever exercise they’re doing, stopping for a game break), it’s fine. He’s just a boy and boys do boy things, after all. If anyone asks her son not to do certain things, then she’s ready to throw down.

The kid screamed in Little Man’s ear repeatedly a couple weeks ago. Little Man, who has auditory sensory issues, told him to cut it out and was visibly upset, covering his ears. The instructor told him to stop. I told him to cut it out. The mom told him that no one else is the boss of him and that he doesn’t have to listen to anyone else and told him to get his shoes and left. I since found out that she was asked not to bring him back, so yay.

Eh, that wasn’t as interesting as I thought it’d be.

There was almost some family drama last week. I purchased a concert DVD of my fav band online and watched it with Baby Girl. She claimed my man as being hers. Seriously, after asking the names of the guys in the band, she pointed at one and said, “He’s mine.” Uh, wtf, Baby Girl, where did this come from? You aren’t 11. (I remember having many arguments with my cousin over claiming guys in Bop magazine at this age.) I claimed him as being mine many years ago, so back off.

Are y’all dying of boredom yet? Because I am.

But ooh! Something kinda interesting — I got in the booth at my audiology appointment on Friday. I was only able to do one of the tests because of some tech issues, but on that one test in quiet, I was able to understand 96 freaking percent of what was said. This was testing both the implanted ear and the other ear without a hearing aid. I don’t remember what the score with both crappy ears was prior to the implant (it was ~40 percent with hearing aids in noise,  so I’m guessing it was probably around that in quiet with no aids), but my audiologist went slightly nuts and danced around the office. I know my comprehension in background noise wouldn’t have been anywhere close to that (and that’s always been the biggest problem hearing wise), but still…96 percent and only one month in!

Okay, enough of the mildly interesting rambling post. Maybe next time the juices will be flowing.

Share Your World — Week of March 19

What is your earliest memory?

One of my earliest memories is sitting on a stool watching my grandmother make a cake. I got to lick the beaters. Salmonella be damned — licking the beaters and the bowl is the best thing EVER. Especially for vanilla pound cakes.

Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?

Under, of course — that helps with tearing. Only heathens put it over.

What makes you feel grounded?

Hmm…that’s a question that I don’t have an answer for. I’m sure there’s something, but I’m blanking right now.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

The work in my house is finished! Except for a little touch up paint, the bathroom is done. My kitchen cabinets have been sanded, painted, and hung. No more people coming to my house.

My kids made me smile a ton. There’s no end to their antics, many of which are hilarious (even if I have to smile in secret so as not to encourage them).

The Share Your World Challenge is hosted by Cee’s Photography Blog.

Time For A Change

I’m thinking it may be time to look for a new psychiatrist. I liked my current one a lot at first — she actually listened and took things seriously — but things have been kinda weird lately. There are a lot of little things, but one of the most bizarre is this — she has changed practices twice in one year, and the last time her patients weren’t notified. It was bizarre, going in for an appointment, signing in, and then being told that she had moved across town. When I got there late and explained why I was late, she was like, “Oh, yeah, we forgot to send out a notice.” Why not tell people when they get the call reminding them of their appointment time??

And there is no privacy in her new office. It’s in a building with a bunch of other businesses, so her space is very limited. In the small waiting area, the nurse checks your blood pressure, takes your weight, and talks about meds in front of the other person or two waiting. At my appointment this week, a friend of the receptionist dropped in to chat for a bit while all of that personal stuff was being taken care of.

The psychiatrist herself seems out there lately, too. Not only did she have the file for the wrong person again and talk about keeping me on meds that I’ve never taken, after she got that sorted out, she then suggested going up on my current med for no reason. (As in she hadn’t even asked whether depression was an issue at that point.) It’s so strange, because this is the psychiatrist who talked about keeping patients on the lowest therapeutic dose possible to avoid having your senses dulled to the point that you lose creativity or whatever. She spent much of the short appointment talking about her new art classes, even when I tried to bring up increased anxiety symptoms.

I promise I’m not just being nitpicky; this isn’t the only appointment where things have just been off in some way in the last few times I’ve been in. While I appreciate how things have improved overall since I’ve been seeing her, a lot of stuff just strikes me as being unprofessional at a minimum lately.

I’m not even sure how to address these issues, if I could work up the nerve to, anyway. (There’s no way that she can’t be aware of the issues with the office at least.) So frustrating. I dread having to search for a new psychiatrist, as the options in my area are super limited. I had to drive an hour to this one, as there is only one psychiatrist in my town. And starting from scratch with a new person would suck, but maybe not as much as the lack of privacy and everything else. At least I have six months worth of meds, so I have some time.

Updates On This And That

Outside of needing to paint some trim, the bathroom is done.

It only took another week, and then my husband had to do all of the painting because the guy took on another job and wanted to push ours back, but it is now functional and no longer a state of chaos. This has been a sucky month/almost two months, but at least it’s over and hopefully nothing else will come up this year.

So, we took the boy to his ADHD appointment last week. Aside from giving us a few tips on helping him, nothing is changing, no new medication. His doctor wants to wait until part of the way through fifth grade to see what changes before putting him on one of the more serious meds. She said since we don’t have to worry about issues cropping up with his teachers that it’d be better to wait, so wait, we will.

I also had my first mapping appointment for the implant. Things are going pretty good with that. In quiet environments, I can make out enough speech to carry on a conversation (with my good ear plugged), so that is progressing faster than I had anticipated. I even made it through one of the rehab apps already. That whole thing was kinda funny, since it was called Continents and Oceans, and you had to pick out the locations on a map, and y’all know how bad I am with geography!

My job has been put on hold temporarily. I got an email on Friday about it, something about the company merging some offices and needing to hold off on assignments. My manager said it was temporary, but I’m always wary of that with freelance positions, since shit can change overnight. Bad timing money-wise, but good timing in the sense that I was struggling to juggle all the things. Now maybe I’ll get caught up a bit.

And speaking of writing, remember how I was working on books? I haven’t touched those projects in a few days, because I started working on a children’s book. My brain is just all over the damn place! My kids have always required me to make up stories at nighttime for them instead of read a book, and Baby Girl has been requesting two stories lately. Sometimes the stories are takes on classic stories (like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, only it ends up being Baby Girl and the Three Avengers, or something like that) and sometimes the stories are legit stories.

Last week, one of the stories I made up on the spot was good enough that I could see it being published, if I can get all my ducks in a row and find an agent, figure all of that out. I’m really excited about that, and since it’s already written from start to finish, I’m optimistic about finishing editing and all that. It’s a departure from what I wanted to finish writing, but at least I completed something for a change. 😉

That’s all for now. Time to go get the girl from preschool!