‘C’ is for Cocks

Did you know that in the state of South Carolina, it’s perfectly acceptable to go around yelling, “Go Cocks!” or to proclaim yourself a Cocks fan?

The University of South Carolina (USC) is the biggest university in our state. (And before you say, “Wait, Southern Cal is the real USC,” know that my USC was founded before California became a state. Boom.) The name the teams go by is “Gamecocks,” and they get that name from Revolutionary War hero Thomas Sumter, who was nicknamed the Fighting Gamecock. (Fun fact: Mel Gibson’s character in The Patriot was partially based on Sumter.)

People around here — especially sports fans — generally don’t think twice about talking about how much they love the Cocks.

“How ’bout those Cocks, baby?”
“Those Cocks are on a roll!”
“I’m a huge Cocks fan!”

We proudly wear our Cocks shirts, too.

See? We cocky.

If you look up the words “My Cock is Smelley,” you can even see a picture of my brother from back in the day. (Make for damn sure you don’t leave the ‘E’ out of “Smelley” or you’ll see some shit that you’ll need eye bleach for.)

So, yeah. A lot of us are pretty passionate about the Cocks around these parts.


Mildly Interesting

How on earth did I used to be able to write a post almost every day and some days multiple posts per day? Now I’m just sitting here wondering what the hell has happened lately that is interesting enough to write about.

Saw Black Panther. Liked it a lot. Michael B. Jordan might just be my favorite new actor. (Although he’ll always be known as Jamal from Hardball.)

Bought Justice League. Liked it. My Wonder Woman crush has gotten stronger. My husband and son are slightly concerned at this point. My shoulder slipped out of its socket last night when I pretended that the sheet in the floor was the Lasso of Hestia and tried to whip it. Yay, loose joints…and oops.

We discussed who could play Batman if Ben Afleck is out and have agreed on Ryan Gosling or Idris Elba. Leonardo DiCaprio would be acceptable, but he doesn’t do franchise films. We do not like Jake Gylenhaal for the role. Someone needs to contact Warner Brothers and make them aware of the Batman think tank we’ve got going on. 

(And speaking of Batman, Baby Girl hasn’t called him “Battan” in forever.)

Watched the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale. Loved it and wondered what took me so long. Also started watching Sherlock and am digging it. Martin Freeman, y’all, swoon. I know he isn’t the typical actor to swoon over, but swoon nonetheless.

Maybe that’s why I don’t have anything terribly interesting to write about — I’ve been watching too much TV lately.

My kids should be providing blogging material, but I don’t suppose Little Man calling another kid a shitbucket would be enough for a whole post. (He didn’t call him a shitbucket to his face, but asked me in the car if he could say what was on his mind, I said “sure,” and then he told me that. That’s my new favorite curse word.) Baby Girl has kicked Little Man and my husband out of the family again, but the hilariousness of that is starting to wear off.

Ooh, I can write about some drama, though. My kids have been going to a gymnastics place since last summer. There was some mama drama with one of the moms of a kid who was in Little Man’s class. Her child is 8 and is a little shit, but he gets that from his mom, who is a big shit. No matter what her kid does (pushing, hitting, refusing to do whatever exercise they’re doing, stopping for a game break), it’s fine. He’s just a boy and boys do boy things, after all. If anyone asks her son not to do certain things, then she’s ready to throw down.

The kid screamed in Little Man’s ear repeatedly a couple weeks ago. Little Man, who has auditory sensory issues, told him to cut it out and was visibly upset, covering his ears. The instructor told him to stop. I told him to cut it out. The mom told him that no one else is the boss of him and that he doesn’t have to listen to anyone else and told him to get his shoes and left. I since found out that she was asked not to bring him back, so yay.

Eh, that wasn’t as interesting as I thought it’d be.

There was almost some family drama last week. I purchased a concert DVD of my fav band online and watched it with Baby Girl. She claimed my man as being hers. Seriously, after asking the names of the guys in the band, she pointed at one and said, “He’s mine.” Uh, wtf, Baby Girl, where did this come from? You aren’t 11. (I remember having many arguments with my cousin over claiming guys in Bop magazine at this age.) I claimed him as being mine many years ago, so back off.

Are y’all dying of boredom yet? Because I am.

But ooh! Something kinda interesting — I got in the booth at my audiology appointment on Friday. I was only able to do one of the tests because of some tech issues, but on that one test in quiet, I was able to understand 96 freaking percent of what was said. This was testing both the implanted ear and the other ear without a hearing aid. I don’t remember what the score with both crappy ears was prior to the implant (it was ~40 percent with hearing aids in noise,  so I’m guessing it was probably around that in quiet with no aids), but my audiologist went slightly nuts and danced around the office. I know my comprehension in background noise wouldn’t have been anywhere close to that (and that’s always been the biggest problem hearing wise), but still…96 percent and only one month in!

Okay, enough of the mildly interesting rambling post. Maybe next time the juices will be flowing.

Share Your World — Week of March 19

What is your earliest memory?

One of my earliest memories is sitting on a stool watching my grandmother make a cake. I got to lick the beaters. Salmonella be damned — licking the beaters and the bowl is the best thing EVER. Especially for vanilla pound cakes.

Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?

Under, of course — that helps with tearing. Only heathens put it over.

What makes you feel grounded?

Hmm…that’s a question that I don’t have an answer for. I’m sure there’s something, but I’m blanking right now.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week? Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

The work in my house is finished! Except for a little touch up paint, the bathroom is done. My kitchen cabinets have been sanded, painted, and hung. No more people coming to my house.

My kids made me smile a ton. There’s no end to their antics, many of which are hilarious (even if I have to smile in secret so as not to encourage them).

The Share Your World Challenge is hosted by Cee’s Photography Blog.

ADHD Problems

I really hate to complain about my husband and son, but I’m going to anyway.

ADHD is gonna be the death of me.

My husband and son both have it and life is like this:

Food wrappers —-> floor
Clothes  —-> floor
Chores are left undone
Spill in the floor? Leave it there
Nothing is done in a timely manner
No one knows where anything is
Keys are lost, work IDs are lost, school papers are lost and WHY DOESN’T MOM/WIFE KNOW WHERE IT IS
“Insert whatever lie here” —> I said the wrong thing, sorry

Every time I say something or remind them, it’s, “Sorry…can’t help it.”

Look, I get the struggle. As someone with anxiety who is also prone to episodes of depression, I have days where the bare minimum gets done. My husband has always been good about picking up my slack with the kids and stuff when needed, too. So I know I have no right to complain about him.

But Jesus H. Christ.

I feel like I’m taking care of four toddlers. Yes, four, because the messes my husband and Little Man make are equivalent to that of at least three toddlers, plus there is Baby Girl. I literally cannot get anything done unless they leave the house for the day, because I’m constantly interrupted and then when I do get one thing cleaned or all of the laundry folded, I walk back through the kitchen and it looks like a tornado went through just to eat some cereal and get juice. I’ve got my job (writing) plus writing projects, and I’m one of those people who really struggles to function in chaos.

Sometimes my husband tells me that I just need to be bitchier and hold them more accountable. Sigh.

I give reminders. I set specific places for them to put things. I set up an app on the devices (30/30) that gives you each task and a timer, so there is no question to what the routine is. I leave notes/post-its. I even made a laminated keychain for Little Man’s backpack reminding him what needs to be done before he leaves his classroom every day. (Do you have all papers? Have you turned in everything? Do you have your books? Do you have your lunchbox, jacket, and glasses?) You can guess how well that has gone over.

I preach being pro-active. I have to be pro-active to manage my own illness, so I know that not doing that is either going to create a bad situation or make a bad situation worse. I preach personal responsibility and being accountable for your actions/behavior. All to no avail.

So I don’t know what to do, but it’s driving me nuts and making my anxiety/irritability skyrocket. And I don’t know how much they can help it — is it all ADHD or is some of it laziness/carelessness? Can I even suggest laziness/carelessness or does that make me an uncompassionate asshole? It’s getting worse by the day it feels like with both of them. LM’s impulsiveness even created a situation where he accidentally did something that would likely have gotten any other student suspended last week.

I don’t know what LM is going to do when he gets in middle school if things don’t improve. He’ll just be one of a hundred students for each of his teachers; he’ll have his 504 Plan, but still, they aren’t going to let him get by with losing stuff and not having his materials or homework all of the time.

Tomorrow we see the behavioralist NP who has been working with him. We’ve tried three or four meds so far, and those have not helped. Maybe she’ll have some ideas for what to do now.

Surgery Went Well

Everything went well during surgery today! No facial paralysis from a nerve being cut, doesn’t appear to be any issues with some nerve connected to taste being cut, AND I can faintly hear music out of the implanted ear with my other ear plugged — that’s a great indicator that at least not all of the residual hearing was lost! I’m also not wobbly or dizzy. The implant area hurts, but that’s to be expected. Next week I get the stitches removed and then the implant will be activated in a month.


My husband said when the surgeon came out to give him an update, he said, “We were able to fully insert the canal.”

That’s what she said!

The people who do the implant kept telling me how I’d come in “to be turned on.”

Y’all implant people need to choose better phrasing, because I can only do that “mature 34-year-old woman” thing for so many seconds.

That’s what she said!

Also funny:

When my husband brought the kids home, Baby Girl ran in and wanted to know how Google Home was doing. This child was rather upset about me having surgery, but she didn’t say a word about it when she came in. She is low-key obsessed with Google Home (she is convinced a tiny woman lives in it) and that trumps mama. Boo!

Thanks to everyone for the positive thoughts! ❤