About Anxious Mom

You should definitely read this in Morgan Freeman’s voice. 

Anxious Mom, who is known as “Mommy,” “Mom,” or “Momo” by her children, is a 30-something woman who resides in the Deep South. (And by “resides,” we mean “suffers” due to the unbearable heat and humidity.) She has two heathens — a son in middle school and a daughter in kindergarten. When the children aren’t busy tormenting each other, they torture their mother in ways only children can.

There are many things Anxious Mom enjoys doing in her spare time. If you ask her directly, she’d probably tell you that she loves reading and doing intellectual activities such as going to the museum. If you observe her in her habitat, however, you’ll find that she mostly watches shows on Netflix and plays games in her downtime. She is particularly fond of comedies, including The Office, Parks and Rec, Friends, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She has jokingly said that liking one of those shows is required to be friends with her, but through careful observation, we have learned it is not, in fact, a joke.

If you asked Anxious Mom about her background, she’d tell you that she did a brief stint as a teacher before becoming a stay-at-home-mom. Since then, she has done freelance work part-time, including providing content writing and editing services. Her primary job, however, is working as a chauffeur. This is where she truly excels in life, as she has a penchant for punctuality (as long as her children and husband don’t intervene) and safety. The mother, who we suspect was a hall monitor in another life, is proud of having never gotten a speeding ticket. She does, however, fill her swear jar every other day thanks to her time on the road, so she isn’t as goody-two-shoes as she seems.

As you can see, Anxious Mom is a blogger. Some people call her a mommy blogger, and that irritates her greatly. “I am a mom who blogs,” she maintains, as though there is much of a difference. She has blogged for six years and writes about herself and her family. When she first started blogging, she wrote a lot about her mental health, and it’s suspected that she’ll do so again. The rapidly-approaching-middle-age mother is also fond of writing blog posts where she rants about meaningless topics.

This concludes our glimpse into the life Anxious Mom.

100 thoughts on “About Anxious Mom

  1. Hi there, sorry it took a little while, but I would like to just say thank you for checking out my blog and for following. I appreciate it. Also congrats on your awards. That’s great. I look forward to reading more. Thanks again.

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  6. well Howdy ! I am so glad you stopped by my piddly assed blog and decided to give me the benefit of the doubt and gave a follow, I look forward to getting to know you and reading about your perspectives on things, I too suffer from depression (more so now since my wife passed) , I blog about her, blogging is also therapy for me.

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    • Hi! I look forward to reading yours as well – I found your blog linked on Josh’s “What I read” post. I’m sorry to hear about your wife, but am glad you are finding blogging therapeutic as well. Even if a good portion of my posts remain in draft mode or get “unpublished,” later, it’s such a good way to work things out.

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  15. Anxious Mom, I can’t tell you what a relief it was to find you following my blog without me having to resort to bribery. I usually have to get people to follow my blog by sending followers a check. And my accountant (the wife), recently informed me that I had already exceeded the 2015 bribery budget. Sincerely though, thank you very much for following me in “The Attic” and it’s my hope I provide you with hours of laughter. However, don’t be surprised if when you add it all up, it only turns out to be no more than a few minutes. Your blog is about raising your family while confronting your problems with being Bipolar and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I wanted to say, that I applaud your idea of using your blog as a way of dealing with the issue. Not being a member of the medical community, I can’t say if it the recommended approach, but I feel that it offers a therapeutic attempt that deserves a try… and I personally happen to like it! :@)

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    • No check is fine, but I will be waiting on that fruit basket 😄 And thank you–not only has it been helpful to have a place to vent as needed, but it’s also been wonderful to connect with others going through similar things. Sometimes knowing you aren’t alone in it is a big help!


      • I hear you. There is comfort in numbers, and although the more the merrier may not be an app saying for this occasion, I believe in the idea that having to endure any problem in the company of others who understand what you’re going through, is infinitely better than going it alone. Now, I have to get in contact with Edible for a proper arrangement for that fruit basket. :O)

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  16. Please to meet you E! I came to you by way of the Weekend Coffee Share and I think I’m going to like it here. I too have a weird thing for LOTR (it’s better your daughter be a Hobbit than a Gollum!) and do battle with anxiety as well. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures. Hang in there! 😉

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  20. In the depression / anxiety boat too. There are a lot more of us than they think there are! I have two daughters, 15 and 11, and I call them Thing One and Thing Two. So the names for your kids are not as bad! I talk about them and my mental illness sometimes on my blog. Also I talk about a lot of random, pointless things. Nice to meet you (I found you through evil squirrel so no stalking or anything.)

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    • Crap, I always wanted a stalker 😉 Nice to meet you too, I look forward to checking out your blog. Even though I don’t wish anxiety and depression on anyone, it’s still nice to find someone who gets it.


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