About Anxious Mom

I’m a stay-at-home mom in my thirties and have two beautiful kiddos — a third grader I refer to as Little Man and a toddler I call Baby Girl. There’s also my wonderful husband Sam*, who has tolerated me for more than a decade.

I enjoy reading, Netflix binges, and occasionally playing video games. If you haven’t figured it out from my posts yet, I’m very much a dork. My Lord of the Rings tattoos are permanent proof of that.

If you’re wondering what kind of stuff you can expect to read here, I’ll go ahead and warn you that I like posting about my kiddos. They’re cute and often very funny, which makes for easy posts, which I like. I also occasionally post about my mental health stuff, as well as random life happenings.

*Some names/locations will be changed on this blog to protect the innocent 😉


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