Google Classroom is the Worst!

Two weeks of schooling is done. (And a new one is starting, because I apparently can’t write and publish a post in a timely fashion.) And by two weeks, that comes out to three in-person days and two online days for the girl and nine online days for the boy.

BG enjoyed her in-person day last week (no school on Labor Day) and liked the way her lessons for online were set up. She’s a very happy camper right now.

The boy is still less than enthusiastic. Everything annoys him. The other kids and their questions and constant messages annoy him. Two of the teachers annoy him because “they’re idiots.” The constant emails about assignments annoys him. Google Classroom annoys him. The list is endless. He said if it weren’t for having to get up earlier and change clothes that he’d rather be in the classroom for the two days.

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Replace “She” with “Google classroom.”

If he changes in January, we’ll see how he likes not being able to play Fortnite or watch TV during his lunch break. 😉 And those two teachers he doesn’t care for? Well, he’ll have the pleasure of being with them in-person.

I had my skin cancer spot removed last week and more was removed than I thought would be. It ended up being stage 2 and had spread a bit under the skin, so the area cut away was larger than expected. The original spot was about the size of an M&M, but after removing it all, the wound ended up being 2 inches wide. Luckily it’s almost at the top of my scalp, and the way I wear my hair covers the wound/scar. I “learned” this lesson in the past, but apparently it didn’t stick — if something doesn’t feel right, follow up with another doctor (or two). That could’ve been handled three years ago had my previous provider listened.

When the girl brought home her school stuff on Tuesday, she had a little book in it about being safe around each other. (Pandemic stuff.) While I very much appreciate that they’re really enforcing masks and distancing with the kids, I about peed my pants laughing at this book.

How can we greet our friends?

Other options included elbow bumping, foot bumping, and air hugging. I think I’ll go with saluting. I would foot bump, except I’d probably fall.

LM tried to get me to learn how to do this dance with him. It didn’t not go well.

Here’s to another good week!

7 thoughts on “Google Classroom is the Worst!

  1. Aww that is a cute graphic how to greet friends.

    So you are all in the clear then? Even though they found more than they thought?

    I hear my neighbors and friends complain about Google classroom all of the time and I am glad to be homeschooling. I don’t think there is anyone getting out of this easy, but I am glad I don’t have to be on Zoom with a teacher or a class full of kids, that is fo’ sho’.

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    • They are super on top of things with this. Down to the teacher wearing a mask on the virtual meeting to set the right example. I know nothing will be perfect, but things could be sooooo much closer to normal if everywhere would be like that school. How crazy is it that 5 and 6 year olds are better about this than adults?

      Yep I’m good! I’m going to be getting six-month checkups for a while but the doc checked the skin removed under the microscope and removed it until he had clean edges.

      Lol FaceTime, Zoom and all that just horrifies me at times since my daughter will run off with the computer. She came in the bathroom last week while FaceTiming while I was on the toilet. “Wanna say hey to my mommy?!” Gah shoot me.

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