End-of-Week Brain Dump

Tomorrow is the big day. Back-to-school for the girl and the start of virtual schooling for the boy. How we’re all feeling about this:

Baby Girl: shifting towards excitement
Me: oh god, the anxiety
Husband: chill as hell
Little Man: still livid that he has to restart school

Hopefully all goes well. BG has a ton of practice wearing her mask, and we got some new ones for her (not made by myself lol) that provide more coverage and have extremely good filters. I got some for the rest of us after seeing how good hers was. (Stark face masks, if you’re wondering. Pricier than the other masks and not fashionable, but it has a .3 micron filter, doesn’t crowd the mouth, and is extremely comfortable. I never thought I’d get excited about face masks, but 2020.)

I got a voice mail from a radio station on Friday. “We’ve got some bad news and good news for you. The bad news is, you didn’t win the cruise. The good news is, you won a 30-inch pizza.”

I had completely forgotten about entering a raffle back in January for a local business that was trying to raise funds for something. The main prize was a cruise for two in December on a boat I love and in a good spot on the ship. Sniffle. I wonder if cruising will even be back in three months. Doesn’t seem like it would be, at least not for the U.S. Unlessssss all of my “COVID hoax” family/friends are right and the virus disappears on November 4th.

Imagine actually believing a political party faked a virus so your guy wouldn’t get elected, got all major medical institutions to agree to it, and got every other country in the world to fake having a pandemic. It makes my head hurt.

Moving along.

So, Week 1 of the meds went great for Baby Girl. Week 2? Not as good. A couple of days were fine, a couple others were less bad that a normal day, but then a couple other days were on the extreme end of things. I have some new bruises thanks to one particularly violent episode. And she bit the corner of the bed so hard that a bottom tooth was very loose afterwards and bleeding a bit. (She’s right at the age where she should be losing one soon, so I imagine it was a bit loose already.) There are still less meltdowns overall, though, so we’ll stick with the medicine for now and see how things go.

She has been doing a thing this year for meltdowns where she spins in the floor. She lays on her side and pushes herself in circles. It looks like a clock hand going around. If not for the meltdowns, it’d be pretty funny. Maybe next time I’ll throw a wet rag under her so she washes the floors a bit.

Hmm what else for this week?

I had a virtual doctor appointment this week to discuss weight. I am not a fan of virtual appointments. It seems so awkward. I wish they would do texting appointments. I saved an hour of driving at least. My daughter’s school had a virtual open house. Unfortunately, they messed up and required a school district email and password to access it, which most parents didn’t have. I was able to get on because LM was already logged in under his email, so yay for that. I imagine it will take a while to get the virtual schooling kinks worked out.

My appointment to get the skin cancer spot removed is this Friday. I have a nice, thick packet of paperwork to fill out, too. Hopefully all goes well with that and it doesn’t take too long. I guess I’m addicted to screens myself when the idea of sitting there for 4-8 hours without any form of entertainment is the most worrisome thing for me. Lawd.

Have a good week everyone!

8 thoughts on “End-of-Week Brain Dump

  1. Haha I know quite a bit of people who believe it will end nov 4 as well. It seems crazy….but times are crazy..🙏🏼prayers for your crazy busy week

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  2. The stupidity…I cant. I just can’t. Anna’s campus has almost one thousand cases in two weeks and they are waiting to let the freshmen and sophomores go home Labor Day weekend because of MONEY. My 20-year-old daughter said to me, “you’re right mom, it IS all about money”. I wanted to cry. She knows there is a price tag on her head. That alone should make us want a new form of government.

    I am sorry for what you are going through too. Being a parent is so hard right now.

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    • Inches. Murica? They say you have to tilt the box to get it in the door of your house. 😮

      Right! The rest of the world is screwing themselves to spite Trump. These people are something else. I had a parent comment to me this morning that she’s worried, but it’ll all go away after the election. I was quiet for a moment and said “Well, that’s an interesting perspective.” Sigh.

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