Changes Are A’ Coming

It has been quite some time since I played the blog name change game. I actually set up a new WordPress account, thinking I’ll just get a fresh start and maybe that would help with the writing. I don’t know how much sense that makes, but it did at the time.

And now I’m thinking maybe a blog makeover here, where I’ve been for six years, would be better. I wouldn’t have to refollow everyone and all that. Does it make sense that it would help with the writing? Still probably not. But hell, it’s worth trying.

Writing has been my outlet for a long time, and it is also one of the few social outlets I have. I have a couple of friends I talk to regularly, but those conversations have been getting shorter and shorter since there really isn’t much to talk about. And lord, Facebook is just awful and frankly contributes to some depression. (That might sound odd, but I’ll explain more about that later.) So much for social media being a great outlet for social interaction during a time of isolation. It’s important to be active on here, through posting, reading, and commenting to have that outlet.

I’m also going to go through my old posts and see what’s worth keeping up and what’s not. Not that anyone goes through old posts anyway, but whatever. It’ll be part of the process and might even spur some ideas for new posts.

So, yeah, some changes are coming. And hopefully it’ll be worth it.

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(I’m so optimistic!)

9 thoughts on “Changes Are A’ Coming

  1. I completely understand your comment about FB. I’ve had to limit my exposure because I am so tired of the politics and the squabbling. I have friends and family that I “snooze” regularly. It makes me sad to realize that people I thought I knew have views that are so foreign to me. Good luck with your restart. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of it!

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  2. I’ve gone through the same thing! I went through and redid the blog I already had. It wasn’t hard for me though considering it was from forever ago and it no longer fit who I am today. I did keep some posts but got rid of a lot. It felt good and definitely helped my creative flow. And I agree with the social media. I deactivated Facebook for a while since I don’t have the willpower to just stop checking in. It helped me a lot and my mental health immediately made a turn around so I highly recommend it.

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  3. I TOTALLY get it about Facebook.

    By the way, I love LOVE the new header! So cool.

    Writing, as I said to you in the other post, is a savior. Keep doing it. Even if you are writing in a journal or on recipe cards. Do it for yourself. Make the time. You deserve that. 🙂

    It was so good to see two posts from you this week.

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    • I hid a bunch of people, and try to avoid mindless scrolling, but damned if some stupid shit doesn’t still slip through. I shouldn’t get so bothered by stuff online, but seeing people’s total lack of empathy just gets to me.


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