The school district released their plans. The first option is all virtual for the semester, with two days of teacher instruction online for grades 2-12. And the other three days would be working on assignments. The other option is two in-person days per week, with the other days working on stuff that’s online. (Half of the non-virtual kids would go two days and the other half would go the other two days.) The kindergartners and first graders would get packets and do no virtual work.

Our district has put student safety as their top priority from day one, and this plan definitely reflects that. And I know it has to be tough as hell to try to find something that will work for most people. From what I’ve heard, the students can’t do Zoom or other virtual meetings without a parent present on camera at all times, so I don’t know how likely any social interaction time is.

We’ve already signed up the boy for virtual, so he’s tied to that through January. (People aren’t allowed to change after submitting.)

I’m torn on whether to let the girl do the two-day option. Aside from chatting with a kid for a few minutes at a drive-through birthday parade, she hasn’t interacted with another child her age since mid-March. That just sucks. That would suck for any kid, but she has ASD, and getting some social time is important. Add to that doing all the learning by packets again, and well, that’s just rough. The girl is smart as a whip, but it’s like pulling teeth to get her to do anything.

The schools are going to enforce mask-wearing, distancing (which her school will be able to do especially well with since the classes sizes were small to begin with), and disallow any activities that could increase spread. They’re also doing temp checks and some other stuff that I can’t remember right now. There will be just a handful of kids in her class, and they would stay in their classroom all day, except for recess. (But no shared equipment even then.)

My husband is leaning towards letting her go for the two days. I just don’t know. The things I listed are important, but are they important enough to take the risk? We have until Monday morning to decide.

10 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. I’m really sorry you’re having to make this decision. My wife and I just had our first child during quarantine which came with it’s own set of challenges but I can’t imagine having to make this decision. I honestly don’t know what I would do. I’m sure whatever decision you make will work out for the best.

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    • I hope so! And I can’t imagine how tough that is, having a child now with such limited contact with family and friends. I know that’s gotta be tough and isolating as hell. Hopefully the next few months bring better days!


  2. This is so hard! I’m fortunate my “kids” are older, now young adults. I see how hard parents with school-aged kids are struggling. Their kids are lonely, online school often isn’t very good, and many parents need uninterrupted time to work. And though kids seem to get sick less, it’s hard to know.

    I also have a kid (young adult) with ASD and know how that complicates things.

    It sounds like you are thinking thru the options and risks the very best you can. Whatever you choose will be imperfect, of course, but once you decide, please don’t ever blame yourself for the imperfections of whatever you choose. You are clearly doing your best in a very trying situation.

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  3. I feel like you haven’t been writing for a while. It is good to see you again. 🙂

    It is such a hard decision for everyone. Up here, most schools are doing remote learning, anticipating the numbers to go up again.
    I trust you to make the decision that works best for you and your family. Sending you love.

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