Adios, June

Today is Day 30 of my June Writing Challenge. This marks the 15th day that I have posted, so I only posted half the time. That’s better than previous months, at least!

My husband took the kids camping yesterday in a nearby state park. It was Baby Girl’s first camping trip. I opted not to go, because I hate everything there is about camping. I don’t like the close proximity to people, how uncomfortable it is, the bugs, the lack of a nice, private bathroom, and the heat. Oof, the heat. My last camping trip was sometime before my husband and I got married. It was fall and we were in the Grandfather Mountain area in NC, so it was nice (and the only issues were being uncomfortable and lack of a nice bathroom).

For whatever reason, my husband decided that the end of June in South Carolina heat was a good time to introduce BG to camping. And not even in the mountains, where it probably would’ve been cool enough to sleep last night.

They came home around 11:30 to sleep.

My husband said BG wasn’t having any of sleeping in the tent. First, he forgot pillows and her sheet. She can’t sleep without those. Then she complained about being cold despite being soaked with sweat from the heat. She also complained about being hot, but this didn’t stop her legs from being cold because of the forgotten sheet. The air mattress was “yucky and horrible.” (I agree.) And then she didn’t want to sleep next to my husband and her brother, so she moved to sleep at their feet. And then she didn’t like them moving around, and when LM bumped her with his foot, she started hitting him and yelling.

I can only imagine what the campers nearby thought of all of this.

My husband said they tried to sleep in the car and gave BG the whole backseat to herself, but she didn’t have her sheet, so that didn’t work. When they came home around 11:30, they all crashed.

My husband did say the rest of the day was fun — fishing, hiking, roasting marshmallows, etc., so I guess next time just spending a day at the park will be the plan next time.

I had the evening to myself. I was going to go for a swim, but the ladder on the pool was messed up (my husband had to replace a bracket or something and forgot to put it on), so I just took a long bath. I had a nice rum drink to go with the bath and ate pizza, plus a Lily’s chocolate bar for dessert. Mmm. After playing a couple rounds of Fortnite, I watched a movie called Clemency, which was a pretty good movie. Having a few hours to myself was very nice! And now my husband will need the same after camping with the girl.

11 thoughts on “Adios, June”

  1. I cannot do heat up north here so I cannot imagine how hot is it down there.
    I think it’s as I age or as I near menopause, honestly. My mom thinks so too because I wasn’t like this even 10 years ago.
    Or it’s the Earth getting closer to the sun.

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    1. I was outside all the time as a kid and never thought a thing about it! Wasn’t until I was about 20 that it bothered me and then it was like whoa. One good thing about quarantine is at least I don’t have to be out in the super hot times of the day.

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  2. You got me at “lack of a nice bathroom”!!! No … just no. Give me the luxuries of a nice bathroom, a soft bed, a nice bathroom, air-conditioning, a nice bathroom, a fridge filled with leftovers, and a nice bathroom!

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  3. First off, I adore camping, but NOT IN THE SUMMER. That’s insane. That’s bonkers. That’s flat out an awful idea.
    I am also so jealous of the alone time. The only time I’m alone is my one office day at work, but that’s work and I’m creeped out to be out in the world, so it’s just not the same.

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    1. If I had a cot with a nice foam pad, I could probably handle camping in the fall just to get in on the family stuff. There is no amount of money that would get me camping right now, though.

      It was really nice. I went to Target a couple of weeks ago, hoping it’d be kinda normal and me-time ish. It was just weird, though. I got what I needed and left. I miss Target browsing.

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