2020 Strikes Again

I’m so over 2020. I know y’all are, too. Today brings yet another 2020 type thing (admittedly not remotely as serious as other 2020 things, but still).

Back in February, my doctor was concerned about a spot on my forehead. I asked my previous provider about it a couple of times (so it’s been around since 2017, maybe earlier than that, but that’s when I first noticed it), but she didn’t really check it out. My new doctor was concerned about it and froze it off and referred me to a dermatologist to get checked up. That got put off for a little while because of the pandemic, but I had the biopsy last week — and the dang thing had grown back — and got the results today — basal cell carcinoma.

This is the most minor type of skin cancer and should be easily removed with no problems. (KNOCK ON WOOD, 2020.) The nurse who called said it was in a “weird area” (not sure why, because it’s just the forehead, should’ve thought to ask) and that they would refer me to someone else to have it removed since I’d need to be sedated for it. Fuuun. I hit up Dr. Google, of course, and read that it rarely spreads, especially when it’s caught early.

Being a very white person who has had so many sunburns, I’m not at all surprised by this. And I’m not really worried either (no worries, I’m still Anxious Mom, because I’ve got the anxiety over everything else lol). It comes at a bad time, though. Things have been so rough lately, like “time to see the psych to adjust my meds” rough. So while this skin thing isn’t serious, an extra stressor is not welcome right now.

2020 is like this since I said it wasn’t serious–

Man in yellow suit hiding behind a tree (Anthony "Spice" Adams ...

Fuck off, 2020.

We’ve been playing a game called Organ Attack that BG got for her birthday. It’s meant for ages 10 and up, but BG’s aunt said she knew BG would love it and didn’t think she’d have any trouble playing it. She was right, and it’s really fun. Everyone gets a bunch of body organs, and you take turn playing cards trying to wipe out everyone’s organs. For example, you can play necrosis on any organ to wipe it out or play conjunctivitis on the eyes. BG loves it and it has cause a shit ton of fights because BG is very protective of her organs and doesn’t want anyone to play cards on them.

Upon hearing my husband and I discuss the phone call about the skin stuff, BG commented that I could play an Immunity Boost card. This card removes an attack (or affliction), which I thought was very sweet. ❤


15 thoughts on “2020 Strikes Again”

  1. Oh friend, I am sorry. THIS YEAR CAN SUCK IT.
    But I am glad they caught it.
    I had a mole removed when I was 19 because they were worried about it. Turns out it was malignant but still, I know how scary it can be not knowing etc..
    Sending you hugs and chocolate and booze, that seems appropriate? I can’t drink it, so that means more for you. 🙂

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  2. Yes, 2020 sucks! And now you have another stressor … just what you needed, eh? Take heart, though, in knowing that years from now, you will look back on this all and … laugh? Maybe? Hopefully? Sigh. Hang in there, my friend!

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    1. Y’all would love it. Especially Felix. I saw some card games that are supposed to be similar when I was looking at expansion packs on Amazon. One called Chemistry Flux looks really fun.

      For real. I was looking at wrinkle cream the other day. I don’t have them yet, but it’s just a matter of time.

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