The Silent Ha-Has

Day 23 out of the 30-day posting challenge. I’ve done…maybe half of that. Crap. Maybe I can pull it off in July.

New thing with the kids: after banning “ha-haing” at each other, they’ve cut down on it a little bit, but are now resorting to the silent ha-has.

Baby Girl: “Mommy! Little Man silently ha-haed me!”

LM: “Mom! Tell BG to stop silently ha-haing me!”

For the love of god, y’all.

I had an appointment with my audiologist on Thursday and an appointment with a dermatologist tomorrow. Look who’s out and about! The appointment last week was more time than I’ve spent with anyone outside of this house aside from my MIL and best friend (who needed me to ride with her for an appointment). It was rather awkward being in such a confined space with someone else.

The audiologist adjusted my cochlear settings and is hopeful that within the year that I’ll see some improvement. (It’s not like a regular hearing aid, as the brain has to relearn how to process those signals.) She is also looking into something to add to my device to utilize some residual hearing in that ear. That all depends on insurance, of course, so we’ll see. I’m desperate for improvement there, because career prospects seem so limited. Fingers crossed.

Today is the girl’s birthday. She’s the big 6! It’s different this year with the pandemic and all, and with two sets of grandparents quarantining (more on that later) and one set out of town, we won’t be doing a cookout as hoped. We picked up ice cream this afternoon from BG’s favorite ice cream place, are picking up her favorite pizza tonight, and will get in a swim after supper if it doesn’t rain. My husband took her for a hair trim, and I know that salons are getting a lot of flack, but we felt like one-on-one with everyone wearing masks for that short period of time was safe. She wanted it short again, and it’s super cute! She hasn’t complained any about it being so different this year, aside from not being able to open all of her presents, which started at 5:57 AM.

“I can’t resist these presents! I’m going crazy, Moomie! I’m just going to lose my mind if I don’t open these presents soon!”

I’ve heard that so many times that I may very well lose my mind if she doesn’t let up haha.

Lose My Mind GIFs | Tenor

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