The Good Old Days

I wrote my post for today, and I scheduled it to publish in a few hours. And then I jumped over to this. I’m still waiting on my Ambien to kick in, and if it does, then I’ll abandon this post and go to sleep and maybe finish tomorrow, if it’s worth it. If it doesn’t, then I’ll finish it and you’ll get to read something in the middle of the night. Er, when you wake up.

I know some of y’all have been blogging longer than I have. I started in the fall of 2014. Baby Girl was indeed a baby back then. When I started then, it seemed easy to find a few blogging communities that I clicked with really quickly.

And then time did its thing, and slowly but surely, almost every blogger I followed has stepped away. (Hell, I stepped away for a little while, too.) It sucks, though, not seeing posts from your favorite people. Some simply fade away, posts slowing down until there aren’t any anymore. That’ll be me. I make efforts to post, but I’m not good at posting regularly. Others announce their departures. And some just leave and go from daily posts to nothing.

One of my absolute favorite bloggers did this. If your favorite person at work is your work husband, then I suppose this dude was my blog husband. Hilarious guy. But he just disappeared a few years ago. Never posted anything or commented again. I always wondered what happened to him and if he was okay. His blog is still up, so I pop over once in a while to see if he decided to make a comeback.



All good things must come to an end, I suppose. I guess having a dozen blog buddies for a few years was pretty damn good, especially considering how quickly people come and go here.

Season finale of "The Office" got me right in the feelings | The ...

The good old blogging days, that is.

I feel like there was a point I wanted to make, but now I dunno. Whatever it was, I do miss what I call the Golden Age of blogging.

10 thoughts on “The Good Old Days

        • LM was teasing me the other night, so I roasted him by telling him it looked like he got his mustache off He about died laughing. I asked him if he wanted to shave it anytime soon, but he said no. He can’t stand to so much as bathe, so I imagine he’ll put that off as long as he can lol.

          For real, LM aside, most of them seem so much more grown up than I was at that age. And it looks like a lot of them skipped the awkward age.


  1. Sometimes I look at the list of people I followed when I started.back when we used typewriters and carrier pigeons 🙂 It’s even stranger when their blog is still there but they haven’t posted in many years.

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