Day 9

A friend shared a link for a free course on COVID-19 contact tracing through Johns Hopkins University, so I started that over the weekend. I’m really enjoying it so far, too. I can’t imagine doing such a job since much of it is being on the phone talking to people, but it’s still fun to learn.

Science, Bitch ! GIF | Gfycat

This has me wanting to figure out a master’s degree program to start working on again, but I am still so torn. There are a few degree areas I’m interested in, but I’m not certain when I’ll go back to a full-time job. Cost is a factor, too, as some programs I’m interested in are upwards of $60,000, which is just insane. (This is coming from someone who graduated in 2006. I had a scholarship, but still kept an eye on tuition rates, and they went from “able to afford it on my part-time job and have money leftover” to “I’d definitely have to get financial aid” from Year 1 to Year 4 had I had to pay for it myself.) Finding a master’s for an area where I’ll be in an environment where hearing won’t be an issue is something to consider, too.

I think this is something like Year 8 of “figure out my future.”

On a different note, the kids are doing something else that is very annoying. Surprising, right? So, y’all know how “jixing” and “ha ha-ing” is a thing? Add “Force (choking, shoving, etc.)” to the list.

“Mommy, he’s Force Pushing me!”
“Mom, she’s Force Biting me!”
“Mom, he’s Force Pulling me!”

Top 30 Force Push GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

It sounds like something to embrace at first, because they’re not actually touching each other. No biting or pushing is good! It’s still annoying as fuck, though, after they Force Something each other 30 times in five minutes.

Tomorrow is Speech Therapy day for the girl. Her therapist said she’s only providing virtual sessions for a couple more weeks, and then we have to either switch to going to the office or stopping them for the time being. Occupational started back a couple or few weeks ago (time is funky, so idk), and we opted not to go back yet. Their office is taking a lot of precautions, but an hour one-on-one of handling shit other kids have handled seems like a bit too much exposure. And I’m not sure how speech will work in-person if they’re wearing masks, especially since her therapist uses different tools in BG’s mouth to position her tongue. Previously the office said all kids would be required.

Decisions. I’d really hate for her to lose both of those therapists. :-/

5 thoughts on “Day 9”

  1. I need to take more courses on Coursera.
    But I also want to go back to school and have the same concerns you do. Is it worth it at my age? Would a specific career certificate be better worth my time?
    Too much to think about. I think being at home so much this year made me think more about it than ever.

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    1. I hadn’t heard of it before that COVID course. Even if I don’t find a master’s program right now, I’m sure doing some other free classes would be a good way to work those brain muscles lol. My husband told me I should do it in a few years for sure when BG is a bit older. He says we’ll probably work until we’re 70 anyway, so 15-20 years would definitely be enough time to make it worth it.

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