June Blog Challenge

I know that January, April, and November all have some sort of daily writing thing going for them. I’ve done the April A to Z Challenge in past years and enjoyed it. Well, how about June? What sort of challenge is out there for writing every single day in June?

Google showed me a challenge where people try to raise their page views in June. I’m not a stats person, because you have to have stats to be a stats person, so I’ll pass on that one. Google also showed me some fitness challenges for June, because Google knows all about my Quarantine 15 and thinks my efforts would be better served on fixing that than writing. Sorry, Google, I’ll work on that in July. June is for blogging.

Me Exercising GIF - PitchPerfect RebelWilson FatAmy - Discover ...

I really want to blog more, but just haven’t been doing it. There are always reasons. Plenty of them. Some are legitimate reasons and others would probably slide into the gray area of being an “excuse.”

No more with that. At least not until July.

My goal for June is to write one post per day. No minimum word count. Maybe one post is 1000 words about all the stuff that has been going on and maybe another post is a few sentences about how lyrics from a certain song move me. Or a repost, even. Whatever, it doesn’t matter as long as I post. (And with that, maybe I’ll get the wheels turning in my brain and get back into a regular blogging habit that has always been helpful with my mental health.)

See you suckas on Sunday.

(My nephew once said that when he was leaving, “See you suckas at Thanksgiving,” and it just stuck with me. He was in first or second grade and said it in his little tough guy voice and thought he sounded so cool walking out with that line. To have that confidence.)

If any of you suckas wanna get on board with a blog challenge for June, then come aboard and don’t forget that on Wednesdays, we wear pink.

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