Hello, Monday

So, some of y’all saw my update last week that our meeting with the psychologist got canceled and rescheduled for tomorrow. The advocate won’t be with us, but I think we’re ready. I don’t feel like a fight or arguing or whatever. Our game plan now is to tell him we know what the girl is legally entitled to, and if he wants to play hardball, then we’ll a) file a personal complaint with the school district and DOE and b) submit a due process complaint. What’s that about best laid plans? Hmm. Anyway, I’ll post an update later, and hopefully it’ll be a positive post.

My birthday was last week, and it was pretty low-key. My husband got me a cake and a couple of gifts. We planned to go out for dinner, but BG lost it, so we stayed home. I had the music going (Hanson’s Snowed In album, in case you’re wondering, which has been my tradition to play for tree decorating since I was 14), and we were getting the ornaments up when the shit hit the fan. She started sobbing, covering her ears (so long, tradition), and said that celebrating two holidays at once was too much. (Christmas and my birthday…nice to know my birthday counts as a holiday!)

(That’s my current favorite Christmas song. I so love the retro-ness of the video.)

After she calmed down, we finished decorating and then talked about where to go for dinner, which triggered more sobbing. She didn’t want to go out to eat at the restaurant, which was a longish drive. I didn’t have it in me to try to convince her, so I said “Fine, we can do it another day.” She started crying harder because, “It’s your birthday, you have to go out for dinner.” So I said fine, if she thinks she can keep it together we would go. More crying. More saying “Okay, we’ll stay at home.” More crying about me not going out to celebrate.

Lord Jesus. I needed a strong drink right about then.

After more talking, I convinced her that I do birthday weeks (and I do for the kids) and that staying at home would be fine. Make it up later, which we did yesterday. (And that went super smoothly.) I wonder if it’s just the holidays getting to her, because BG has been in overload a lot lately. She’s started crying and saying, “Oh no, I’m panicking!” and hyperventilating. Or talking about being in the red zone or green zone depending on how she’s feeling. I talked to her occupational therapist, and she’s going to focus on sensory stuff for now. We agreed that it was good she’s doing better about identifying her emotions, at least.

Little Man has been quite the challenge, too. (And between the two of them, I am so drained.) So much attitude and surliness and flat-out disrespect. I don’t know how that child makes it through the school day taking direction from teachers, because I can ask him to do the smallest thing, and it’s a Huge Fucking Problem. I’ve been reading The Explosive Child, and it is probably the only parenting book that has the potential to be helpful, so we’ll see if using some of those strategies helps with him (or BG). We’re trying to find a therapist close by, but haven’t had much luck yet. Not that he’d be able to start right now, anyway, because he’s busy with theater stuff most evenings. Hopefully we’ll find someone around the first of the year!

The girl had to go to the urgent care last night. She fell and hurt her arm. She isn’t usually one to complain about hand, but after talking about how bad it hurt and not being able to use the Play-Doh, we decided it would be best to take her. The X-ray didn’t show a break, so the doctor said it is probably just a sprain and to let her wrap it up for a couple of days and see how it does. She said it still hurts today, but not as bad as yesterday. When I picked her up from school today, I spoke with her teacher, and the teacher laughingly said that BG is playing it up. Apparently BG announced that she can’t write, read, or do anything for herself for now, LOL.

The first one is true since it’s her right hand, but not the others, of course. I wonder if she’ll act like it hurts longer than it really does so she can get out of doing anything.

The girl is after me to play with her, so I’m off for now. Hope y’all had a good weekend!

6 thoughts on “Hello, Monday”

  1. Happy belated birthday!!! My birthday is a big deal for ME lol but I love celebrating me especially since I don’t really do that any other time of the year. So I do birthday weeks as well and love it because then there isn’t as much pressure on the actual day. I am glad you do that as well because you deserve to celebrate YOU.

    When my youngest was in public school, she was wonderful all day at school but came home and just let it all out and was horrible. I suspect that is what is going on with Little Man as well. Sending you loads of patience and of course, there’s always vodka. 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I’m big on birthdays and love doing big celebrations, but my husband is the opposite so I’ve gotten used to doing next to nothing lol.

      I have a nice new bottle of Tito’s, hopefully that’ll get me through the holidays 😉

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  2. Happy birthday for last week 🙂
    It’s always very upsetting for children when they can’t do their schoolwork because of a horribly sprained appendage… I hope it gets better soon, though, even if she pretends it isn’t 🙂

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  3. I love that I found your blog. My best friend has a son who is autistic and I hope to be able to share your blog with her.

    Her son is autistic and my profession is working with child and adolescent psych patients. So we don’t meet on that “personal” level that you might could reach to her.

    Her son’s initials are actually BG. I found that quite coincidental. I hope you are having a great start to the year. I can’t wait to catch up on more.

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