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The stomach bug got us all. Baby Girl got it twice and the rest of us got it once (pleeeease no seconds). Since Baby Girl seemed better the day after the throwing up ended, she went back to school on Thursday, only to wake up that night throwing up again. So I’m sure half of her class will get wiped out, too. I’m going to stick a couple cans of Lysol in her backpack as a weak-ass apology.

It was funny how it affected all of us differently. Baby Girl obviously had it the worst with all of the throwing up, plus she complained of a headache, and she’s still feeling worn out today. I only had it bad for several hours, but then I had muscle spasms that lasted a day later and still feel like I had my ass kicked. My husband was sick for a couple of hours and slept all day but is still worn out today. LM was also sick for only a couple of hours and slept all day but is going full blast today. The rest of us aren’t at 100 percent just yet, so if looks could kill, he’d be a dead man by now.

Since BG was feeling better on Thursday, we went to her parent teacher conference that night. Her teacher and assistant teacher had lots of good things to say about how she was doing. Her test scores were great (yep, they have to do standardized testing in kindergarten) and at the top of the class. Her teacher said she can read pretty much any word she puts in front of her and is on a second grade reading level so far and is great with math, too. Her teacher also said she seems like she’s in her own little world a lot when they aren’t doing the more structured activities and doesn’t see her initiate playing with other kids but when they approach her she plays (and takes charge) and gets on well with everyone.

The teacher vented about Asshole Psychologist a little, too, and told me that they had the FM system for BG within two hours of that meeting. She said as a mom of a kid who will need services in a couple of years that it scared her and that she was in our corner and would do whatever she could to help. ❤ (And eventually I’ll stop gloating/complaining over Asshole Psychologist, but probably not anytime soon since a) it pissed me off so badly and b) we aren’t done.)

We aren’t quite caught up on laundry yet, but are getting there. Hopefully everyone will be back to normal tomorrow! My husband has Monday and Tuesday off work, so it’ll be nice to play catch up and relax a little. The kids have been on a Teen Titans Go! kick, and now we’re watching Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, and it’s fucking hilarious. It’s definitely my favorite kids show they’ve picked up lately.

Oh, and remember how I hadn’t had a sugary drink (Coke, sweet tea) since April? Well, I shot that all to hell with my virus. After hours of being sick, I found a bottle of Pepsi in the fridge and drank it. I never cared that much for Pepsi, but it was heavenly. It didn’t stay down long, but now I’ve gotta start over.

How is your weekend going?

9 thoughts on “[Insert A Title Of Your Choice Here]”

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a bit of a time of it in the Anxious Household over the last couple of days. I’m glad you’re all on the mend now, though.
    It’s great that BG is doing so well at school, and has such a great supportive teacher 🙂

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  2. What a week, eh? This week will be better, and eventually you will get the laundry (mostly) caught up … for a few hours anyway. I threaten to make my whole family go naked for an entire day just so I can stay caught up for 24 hours! Hang in, my friend!

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  3. Oof, so sorry about all the sick! The girls and I had bad reactions to our flu shots, although all a bit differently. We’ll get them on a Friday next year.
    I’m so glad your teacher is in your corner and I’m worried for her kid, too! AP is terrible, just terrible! I’m also happy BG has done so well.

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  4. I am sorry all of you got it! But I am glad it seems to have cleared up fast. Ella once had a stomach bug that went on for a solid week. It would get better then come back. Over and over. The doctor said it was the same virus just not ready to give up the fight. So I am sure that is what happened in your case and the kids were already exposed, to begin with. To which I say, they are in school and if the parents don’t expect them to get sick, maybe homeschool is a better option. EYE ROLL.

    Sending you all hugs. 🙂

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