Back To School

After a week at home following the tonsillectomy, the girl is back at school this morning. I was worried she’d need to be out longer, because even on Saturday, she was cranky, complained of headaches, wasn’t eating or drinking much, and was tired enough to be napping. She did a 180 yesterday, though, and aside from a bit of crankiness, she went through the day just fine. She actually ate more regularly and drink a bunch of water, so I know that helped!

BG had her tonsils removed because of sleep apnea, and her doctor thought that it might help with ADHD symptoms in addition to snoring. I definitely haven’t noticed as much snoring over the past few days. I’m guessing it may take some time to see the ADHD symptoms decrease if we do at all. Oddly enough, we’ve seen more of the odd sensory behaviors (she is rubbing everything and sat in the bathtub running water over her hands for half an hour three times, for example), which we were hoping would decrease.

I was working with her on some makeup work for school when she felt up to it, and lord, it was like pulling teeth to keep her on track. I see why she brings home so much incomplete work. Part of the makeup work was working on handwriting. From what I’ve seen of the other students’ work on display, she has the worst handwriting in the class. She has developmental coordination disorder, so the poor handwriting goes along with it. She also has a summer birthday, which doesn’t help.

I feel bad for BG watching her try to write, because it’s such a struggle for her. A lot of her practice is tracing letters, but she is rarely able to keep her pencil on the dotted line. It blows my mind how I can show her the right way to form a letter and guide her hand over how to make it multiple times, and she does the opposite or something completely different directly after. You wouldn’t think that she had three years of preschool, almost a year of OT, and her mom helping her every day by looking at it, poor kiddo.

The girl’s teacher kept in contact with me over the week, checking in on her. I thought that was really sweet. It means a lot to know you’re leaving your kid in the care of someone that cares about her during the day!

Things are about to get busy again. My husband and Little Man are both doing the Christmas play with our local community theater group, so they’ll be practicing three nights per week. LM wasn’t going to do it at first because his free time is reduced since his school day ends later and he has to go to bed earlier, but the director messaged us and asked and he agreed to do it. He really enjoys acting, so even though it cuts down on his time after school, at least he’ll be having fun.

The girl wanted to sign up for Cub Scouts. She went to the first meeting and decided she hated it for some reason she wouldn’t give us, so that’s out. Her grandmother is relieved, because it gave her a small heart attack that her granddaughter wanted to join something that is supposed to be for boys (even though that group is co-ed).

I did so much of that during our text exchange over Cub Scouts.

We tried to get BG to try another meeting, but she had a meltdown and was sobbing, so we let it go. It would’ve been nice for her to have the opportunity to socialize outside of school, but whatever. The Cub Scout leader gave my husband a form for a popcorn fundraiser at the very first meeting and said we needed to sell $300 worth of stuff, so my husband wasn’t inclined to fight BG over it too much.

Here’s to a good week. Happy Monday 🙂

11 thoughts on “Back To School”

  1. I feel you… Our Girl Scout leader was also the Den mother/leader for the Boy Scout troop. We often had joint meetings and camped together. I was better at the boy skills then the girls and would often beat the boys at shelter building and fire starting. Tomboy that I am. I don’t know if you have Girl Scouts or maybe Campfire girls, or even a local church youth program that might be an alternative. Maybe a child’s choir. Glad to hear she’s back on the mend from surgery.

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    1. Ditto. I did Girl Scouts for a year or two as a kid, but I hated it with a passion. It pissed me off to no end that the boys did all the cool stuff! She doesn’t like “girl stuff,” so I doubt she’d be into it very much. I think we’re gonna have her play soccer in the spring at least.

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  2. My doctor once decided I couldn’t have tonsillitis as I’d already had them out, except I hadn’t. They were too small to see…
    I liked Cubs but not Scouts. Everything changed, it was all big kids and whatnot. And $300 of popcorn? I’d give you $300 NOT to sell me popcorn. Filthy disgusting stuff 🙂

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    1. Yikes!

      I love popcorn, but not popcorn that costs $20 for less than what you’d get in a microwave bag. I wish these people would just give the option of writing a check for whatever the expected share of profits would be. I can’t stand bothering people over fundraisers.

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  3. Everyone’s experience is different, but for us, as parents, Boy Scouts was demanding and we hated it as much as the boy loved it and when he didn’t love it anymore, we freakin high-fived and didn’t look back. Girl Scouts was enjoyable for all parties and all the girls participated longer than Bubba’s 3 years in scouts.
    I wish, my husband wishes, and my husband himself wishes he’d had his tonsils out. I hope BG reaps many benefits of being tonsiless. I sure do 😀

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    1. The calendar they sent home, too, whoa, especially for the kindergarten group. Meets every week and something every weekend. 😮

      Fingers crossed. Ditto, it is nice not getting strep or tonsillitis a dozen times per year.

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