Tuesday Brain Dump

“I bet you’re getting a lot of writing done now.”

Three people have said this to me over the past week. Each time I smiled and nodded enthusiastically in a way that indicated I was indeed working on the next big thing. Look at me, with all my free time, being productive! My stepmom, who never takes an interest in anything I do, took an interest and asked what. Dammit, woman. I told her about an outline for a YA novel I wrote several months ago because I wasn’t admitting to working on nothing right now and sounding lazy. I don’t know why they expect me to be writing so much in the week the kids have been back to school.

In reality, I’ve written nothing more than some blog stuff. I’m sure I’ll get around to working on that outline or some other outline that probably won’t go anywhere, because my ability to finish a writing project that is longer than 20 pages doesn’t exist it seems, but right now, nada.

So, I didn’t get the Big Job, it appears. I wrote about being sent a contract for a writing job and then not hearing anything back after signing the contract. I went against my husband’s advice and reached out and heard nothing. I’m not sure why you would send someone a contract and then not give them actual work, but whatever. I’m equal parts bummed and relieved because with riding all over the country for these kids’ schools, BG’s therapy, and other crap, I’m not sure where a fullish time job would fit right now. Okay, maybe it’s not equal parts anything (I’m 90% bummed), but I guess it’s sort of a silver line? Hmm.

I whined to my husband about it. He told me not to worry and that I didn’t need to move into something so quickly anyway. I ignored him and whined more about wanting to make money and feeling like things don’t ever work out, which made him roll his eyes. Mr. Corporate America himself told me I shouldn’t be selling myself out for corporate America in the first place. Okay, then. I’m allowed to be disappointed. 

Yesterday LM asked me for some needle-nose pliers and wire cutters. I gave them to him, happy to see that he was building something. And then I asked what he was making.

“A lock-picking kit for school.”

I asked why.

“In case I forget my combination. There’s a place for a key in the back. I could whip out my lock-picking kit and get in.”

Oh boy. I told him nope because the school has a master key for those locks, and I was pretty sure that they’d frown on a student being able to open every locker in the school. Also, carrying around a bunch of wires in his pocket would not be good. He didn’t understand why. Really, son? You don’t know why poky wires in your pocket near your junk isn’t a good idea? Hmm.

He decided that he’d continue with his set anyway so he could open any door in our house. He wanted to be able to get in the front door if we got locked out and couldn’t find the spare.

First, you really have no concern for the poky wires, do you?
Second, you are so not fucking with the door that is already fucked up. I can barely get in as it is.

The kid ended up locking himself out of the bathroom in an effort to show off his lock-picking abilities. The bathroom has an exterior door on it for whatever reason, so it has a real lock. One that we don’t have the key for. LM offered to kick down the door, noting that it’s possible he’d break the wood but that the hinges would probably be okay. My husband got it open.

Whew, BG was a mess to get ready for school this morning. She refused to open her eyes, because if her eyes weren’t open, then she wasn’t awake and couldn’t go to school. That’s how she explained it, anyway. I got the pajamas off her little stiff-as-a-board body and dressed her. After getting her shoes on and telling her that she really need to stop messing around so I could brush her teeth and hair, the waterworks and kicking and screaming began. After I got her calmed down, I carried her out to the bathroom and found LM dancing while drinking a Capri Sun. He wasn’t fully dressed, of course. We got out the door on time, though, and LM didn’t forget his backpack like he did yesterday.

I took BG for breakfast at the place with the legit best chicken sandwiches. She did not eat, but at least we got a picture of her favorite stuffie of the day.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Brain Dump”

  1. Dude, I feel ya. I’m definitely not as motivated as I feel I should be. It’s like, when one thing doesn’t go exactly right I just shut down. So now I’m just chilling, folding laundry, and watching Vampirina with my 3 month old! 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ll get there eventually.

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  2. I feel ya… A lock-picking kit…now, that’s something I would have made when I was little. I never did get the hang of combo locks, and carried a key for my locker (which coincidentally did open every locker on my hall) because the janitor got tired of having to let me in every morning. I was a MacGiver fan first-class, so I can see the desire. Made some stuff in Chem class in high school that really freaked out my teacher. Ahhh, those were the days of innocence. I’m chuckling a little, but then again, I had to free the cat from the refridge today… not sure how/why she got inside. Sigh….

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  3. 🤣🤣🤣 A lock-picker in the family already!!! Um, Tolstoy wrote War and Peace during the first 3 days his kids were back to school … and you haven’t … written … anything? (Just kidding … I have no idea how long W&P took Tolstoy, but saw an opportunity to give you a bit of teasing!)

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  4. It’s lucky you got suspicious about the needle-nose pliers and wire cutters. The last thing you need is for LM to be sent home from school for “going equipped” 🙂


  5. Let me say this now, as a mom who works a full-time, away-from-home, ‘real world’ job — People need to remove their noses from the lives of stay home moms. Do what you want. Do what serves you and your family. Enjoy the time. I sure did. I wouldn’t trade it for free ice cream for life.
    As for the job, seriously, their loss.

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