School Days, School Days

School days, school days
Dear old Golden Rule days
‘Reading and ‘riting and ‘rithmetic
Taught to the tune of the hick’ry stick

I have fond memories of my grandmother singing that in the mornings to wake me up for school. She fixed my “breakfast” of a Carnation Instant Breakfast drink since I wouldn’t eat real breakfast and got me ready. Good times and something I sorely missed after my dad remarried and we moved out of her house. My kids didn’t care for me singing that to them very much, which may have something to do with my inability to carry a tune.

So, Little Man is only on his third day of middle school today, but he said yesterday that it was still awesome. He likes the lockers, the extra bit of freedom, and having different kids in most classes. He also really likes the teachers he has had so far and even likes riding the bus. He made a friend (whose name he can’t remember, of course lol) who is into superhero stuff. He said even though the kid thinks Spider-Man could beat Superman in a fight, he’s pretty cool otherwise.

LM said his heavy backpack caused his desk to flip over in class when he got up, and was shocked when no one laughed and another kid helped him get it back up. I hope this polite behavior continues. Middle schoolers can be pretty harsh to each other, but it’s starting out on a very good note.

Baby Girl, on the other hand…yikes. She said her first day was “fine,” but didn’t give me much in the way of details. Last night when we got her ready for bed, she was rage crying over having to go to school again. I hoped she’d feel better after a good night’s sleep, but more rage crying again this morning. She perked up a little when we got to the school and the principal let her cuddle his dog, so that’s good.

I know it’ll take a little time for her to get used to the longer days and less fun atmosphere (compared to preschool), but hopefully she’ll come around. She’ll only have a half day once per week since she has to go to her therapies (which she enjoys), so maybe that’ll help. I hope we won’t come to regret starting 5K instead of opting for another year of preschool.

The transportation is a headache. Even though LM rides the bus, we have a 20 minute drive to the bus stop, and he has to be there an hour before BG’s school begins. I’m not feeding her breakfast at home and letting her sleep a little later and taking her to get grits while we wait for her school. And in the afternoons, we’ll have to wait about half an hour for his bus to get to the stop. Leaving at 6:40 and getting home at 4:20 every day. Less than three hours of free time before taking showers and getting ready for bed, and that doesn’t count homework and supper. Yeesh. At least they aren’t doing any sports or plays.

It was nice to have a quiet house for a few hours yesterday (and take a nap!), but today I’m missing them. I’ve gotta stop dragging ass and get on my to-do list. Eventually.

If your kids have gone back to school already, how’s it going for them?

7 thoughts on “School Days, School Days

  1. I have always said the first day of school isn’t the hardest, it’s the second and third days. When it hits home that this is their new reality. Saying a prayer for all the kids in our school district today as it is their second day. 🙂

    Enjoy your time, you earned it! I remember the feeling of the first day of school and the quiet of the house. I always had so many plans but sitting on the patio seemed to always win out.

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  2. Yikes… a 20 minute drive to the bus stop! Yall must leave waaaaaaaay off the main road. That’s our commute from my apartment to the school. Oh how my ex is lucky with his 5 minute commute. I said yall better not EVER be late to school lol.

    But we’re almost through the first whole week. I’m not staring at the clock as much & luckily next week I switch to day shift. She enjoys it. We have one “best friend” and a few other kids she plays with. Lunch is a struggle as she’s a picky kid. 🤦‍♀️ Today the teacher messaged me asking if she brought just a snack because all she wanted was cheese and peaches. 😬 I’m like we gotta start putting a decoy sandwich in there lol.

    She hasn’t let us walk her into school since the first day but it gets a little easier every day.

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    • We live in the COUNTRY. It’s a 20 minute drive to the grocery store.

      LOL! We actually live in walking distance of an elementary and middle school (but the others are a better fit for our kids with the special programs and stuff), and we used to be late when LM went there in kindergarten all the time. I don’t know what it is, but getting out the door with that child is hard.

      Aww. I hope the teacher doesn’t try to force her to eat anything else. I doubt they would now, but when I was back in school, they were all up in your business about what you ate. BG is picky, too, and she likes PB&J but not every day, so today she had what looks like a bunch of snacks. As far as I’m concerned, she’s got the protein in the cheesestick and peanuts, the fruit, and a few animal characters, so she’s all good.


      • I understand completely. Logically she should have gone to the school in my district… the one 5 minutes away from BOTH of jobs. But we liked the smaller school is his district. Nope, teacher doesn’t enforce anything but she did question our lunch or cheese and peaches. 🤔 can’t remember if I mentioned that or not but yes. Our kid had her teacher thinking we didn’t have food to feed her haha.

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