The Boy Is Back

Little Man has not had the best summer. He has often been moody and defiant. He hasn’t wanted to read or do any of the summer school work I’ve prepared for him (the last part is understandable, though). And he regularly antagonizes his sister, which leads to the screaming and name calling. I chalked a lot of it up to puberty coming on.

Since school is starting up in a week, I decided to put him back on his ADHD meds. (We don’t typically have him take them on weekends or school breaks.) Plus I made him start going to bed earlier, so he can get back on a sleep schedule that will be appropriate for when school starts.

And now my angel boy has been back for the past two days. He has been ridiculously sweet, hasn’t had an attitude about doing his chores — he even asked what he could do to help — and he finished a Harry Potter book and started another, without being asked to read. Plus he is making LEGO creations like crazy and isn’t asking to watch TV or play video games all the time.

Praise the lord.

It’s interesting. I know his ADHD meds help with focus (although he was always a big reader in the past, meds or no meds), but I never noticed not taking them affecting his mood/behavior in the past, but that is the only big change, so it has to be it. (He isn’t sleeping any longer than normal, so it’s not going to bed earlier I wouldn’t think.)

I am so grateful. Now, I know for a fact that he’s definitely in the throes of puberty (which I found out for a fact earlier this week in a way that has scarred LM and I both), so I know those mood flair ups will still happen at times. But seeing such a turnaround in his attitude and his love for reading coming back makes me so damn happy. There won’t be anymore skipping ADHD meds during weekends or breaks now.

In other news, BG had her kindergarten readiness assessment earlier this week. Her teacher said she is definitely ready for 5K and was impressed with her reading and other stuff. While she did well on that, BG said she isn’t ready, though, and wants to go back to preschool.

I think school anxiety is contributing to her meltdowns. She doesn’t want to be away from me, she doesn’t want to give up Pizza Hut Wednesdays (probably obvious, but our routine was Pizza Hut on Wednesday), plus she’s worried about making friends. BG said she doesn’t think people will like her because she’s different. And then she said if anyone asks her to be her friend, that she’ll say no because she doesn’t want to make new friends.

Plus her teacher doesn’t have superhero stuff and has “that yucky Barbie doll and princess crap.”

I think she’ll feel differently after she goes for a couple of weeks. She has her share of challenges ahead of her, but she’ll like getting back into a more scheduled day. I think she’ll also enjoy some of the enrichment classes she’ll take, like a STEAM-based class. Fingers crossed.

14 thoughts on “The Boy Is Back”

  1. I have friends with depression who take ADD or ADHD. Some of them swear by it. Some didn’t see improvement until they started taking taking their ADD or ADHD med. I’m I surprised that your son’s mood was “altered” by his ADHD meds? no.

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  2. I’m glad you’re experiencing more joyful times with your boy. Getting back into the routine of things will definitely help your BG. Hopefully your Pizza Hut isn’t one that’s closing. That would be horrible for her 😦

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  3. My daughter is on ADHD meds that are non-stimulants so we aren’t able to take the weekends off as it needs to work in her body for days to well, work.
    I know for a fact that she is happier on her medication because it regulates her brain. When she isn’t, she is sad, lost, angry, and of course, not focused.
    So I understand all of this completely.

    Also, she had major school anxiety which is why we had to pull her out and homeschool last October. Like, failure to progress-type anxiety. We are planning on homeschooling again this fall but her (and my) therapist feel like she needs to get back into traditional school by next year and that is giving me huge anxiety for some reason.

    Oh, we could talk about so much but instead I am leaving a novel in your comment section. 🙂

    Just know you aren’t alone and I am so glad I found your blog.

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    1. I wish it would’ve occurred to me sooner. As someone who takes meds to regulate her mood, I feel like it should’ve been obvious!

      Poor girl! I’m worried about having go home school my son. Changing classes 7 times per day, lockers, keeping track of where to be and what time, I wonder how he’ll be able to adjust. We have a great online charter school if need be.

      Me too ❤️❤️

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  4. I’m right there with you – we started Kiddo back on his Vyvanse this week since school starts on Monday. But he is 11 and right in the start of the teenage changes. Like yours, I find that he is much more focused on his meds. Chores get done, summer reading is finished, etc. Not sure how/if they’ll affect the emotional issues that will be coming in the future. He says he gets less ‘overwhelmed’ when he’s on his meds. So we’ll see how this goes. Good luck to y’all!

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