Weekend Coffee Share: Boring Week

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that we have mostly been hiding away inside all week. With temps over 100, there wasn’t a lot of going outside until over in the evening. Luckily, my dad fixed the problem with our AC unit (apparently the breaker didn’t have enough…voltage or something and kept tripping), so we were able to stay cool indoors at least.

We had to go to the girls therapies and get her hair cut this week, but otherwise, it was pretty uneventful. I didn’t have much planned in the way of indoor activities and crafts, so we mostly read, played video games, watched movies, and played board games. A couple summers ago, I had crafts and science experiments planned for pretty much every day, but this year has been much lazier. I have been pinning stuff on Pinterest, so at some point, that will change.

Speaking of reading, LM has been complaining. In my Facebook Memories, one popped up from a couple years ago, where he had read for 3000 minutes at this point for the library program. That’s 50 hours, or a little over an hour per day, which isn’t a lot, but still good. He hasn’t even finished a book this summer, which is very disappointing. I make him (yes, I have to make him) sit down every day, but he’s only halfway through a Harry Potter book. He told his dad that he shouldn’t have to read because he’ll get enough of that when school starts. What happened to my little bookworm?! He only wants to play video games and build with his LEGO blocks.

BG, on the other hand, can’t get enough of being read to. As some of y’all already know, she read her first book out loud yesterday. It was one she hadn’t read before, and she zoomed through it so quickly that there’s no doubt in my mind that she has been able to read at least somewhat for a while now. I rather doubt that she’ll read much for others just yet, because that’s how she rolls, but I’m so proud of her. She has struggled in a lot of areas developmentally, so it’s great to see her “win” one.

So, coffee folks, if we were still drinking, I’d tell you that I’m at a loss for anything else to tell you for this week. I swear, my life has gotten so boring lately in terms of juicy (or interesting) stuff to share. That or my memory sucks, and I’m pretty sure it’s the former. Boredom is good, I suppose, since that means there’s no shit hitting the fan anywhere.

As the random girl who popped into the break room in college, looked around, and then quickly darted off said, “Ta-ta for now.”

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21 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Boring Week”

  1. Amen to the “boring” week… treasure it. It’s been my experience that it doesn’t happen often enough. Enjoying iced coffee and staying indoors, too. This means at a loss for activity…so, when at a loss, I clean and rearrange the house. Drives Hubby nuts. But as I’m doing so, I’m packing up non-essentials for our move at the end of September. Throwing out a lot of “junk” that just doesn’t need to be moved. Still, it seems like too much stuff for 24 yrs of marriage.

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  2. Yes the weather is horrible right now. Real temp 95 feeling like 110 was miserable. Mine has been reading books to us now as kindergarten approaches and I’m so proud but also just want to read the story one more time. Like what if I read my Last story and didn’t know it.

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    1. Late fall needs to get here. (Cause us Southerners know early fall isn’t helping us heat-wise.)

      I’m sure you’ve got a long time before that happens. LM still likes me to read to him, and he’s 11. Apparently BG was worried that if she could read that we wouldn’t keep reading to her anymore, which is why she faked for so long. Idk why she thought that since she sees us read to her brother lol

      Also, even my middle school kids liked being read to (on up to age 14). Wayside School stories were a favorite when they were older, but they still enjoyed stories like “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs” and “Where the Wild Things Are.”

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  3. Our children are obviously paralleling each other. The Dude can’t get enough of reading and Stella has been on strike. Since our stupid schools start next week, her strike is about to be officially over. Dammit, I’m not ready.

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  4. win for bg! yay! sorry LM wont read a lot though! Its probably just his age! I hope your well! I will try to get to your book soon and review it! I cant wait to read all the hilarious tales of the kids in there! xo

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