We Have A 5-Year-Old

Our weekend was a busy one since our sweet girl had her birthday! She’s five now, which she is equal parts thrilled and angry over. Thrilled because, “I’m five and have been wanting to be five my whole life” and angry because “I’m not a baby anymore and want to stay four forever.” She cracks me up.

She had her preschool party last month since we hoped having it early would ensure most of her classmates would come. (It did not, sigh.) And we had her family party on Saturday and spent Sunday just the four of us. Usually I make a special birthday breakfast, but she wanted to go for McDonald’s for breakfast, so that’s what we did. And her special birthday dinner was a grilled cheese sandwich. She was easy to please at least.

We went to see Toy Story 4 yesterday, too, and I cried more than I did over Toy Story 3. (But not as much as Endgame, which is the most I’ve cried over any movie ever.) I won’t give away any spoilers, but despite the crying, it was probably the worst of the series. And by “worst,” I mean it was really good, but probably only a B+ compared to the A or A+ the other movies are.

We got the girl a few birthday presents, and her favorite was a uterus/ovary plush. She has been obsessed with body organs lately and requested a bunch of different plush organs. She wanted a fetus, which I ordered, but it got canceled. We’ll see how long she sticks with that obsession. I think she’s shifting gears to space stuff from her other obsession (road signs), as she’s been talking about the solar system a lot. If that obsession would have kicked in earlier, it would have been much easier to find gifts for.

She told her teacher all about how much she loved body organs at our meeting last week, and the look on that woman’s face was priceless. Especially when she mentioned getting a uterus cake. And then BG broke out her “About Me” bag, which included a tiny gallbladder and stomach. After recovering, the teacher said she couldn’t wait to tell her assistant about that since that was the most interesting student interest she has seen.

The kiddo is sick today. After seeming fine all day yesterday, she got a headache and started running a fever last night. Same thing today and no other symptoms. We’ve been passing bugs around for the past month (of the 24-hour variety), so hopefully that’s all this is. If we can get by without projectile vomiting again, that’d be nice.

15 thoughts on “We Have A 5-Year-Old”

  1. I certainly hope any and all types of vomit are avoided and that she’s back to complaining and asking questions soon 🙂

    She’s an interesting girl, with a good and curious brain.

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  2. I’m cracking up at the organ obsession lol

    My little one just turned 5 over the weekend and we’re experiencing similar emotions. “I’m older but I don’t want to be.” Believe me kid, I want you to be younger too.

    Was Toy Story B level or Endgame Haha I haven’t seen either yet.

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    1. Aww, I wish we could just keep them as babies!

      Toy Story 4 wasn’t quite as good as Toy Story 3, but better than 2. It had by far the funniest moments of the other movies. Key and Peele did two of the characters, so their scenes almost had me in tears from laughing so hard.

      Endgame was the best of the MCU movies!

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      1. I want to keep her a baby only in the sense that she was free to eat. Now I’m dropping $10 on a buffet dinner when she’s only going to eat fruit and dessert Haha I feel like there should be “my kid isn’t going to eat much” and “my kid will clean this buffet out” prices Haha

        I wasn’t big on Toy Story 2. I liked it and I like Jessie… but Toy Story 3 made me cry it felt like the end of an era. Then Disney was like just kidding yall are all adults with kids let’s cash in. I’ve only seen a handful of the avenger movies but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve watched

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        1. Haha my husband was complaining about buffet prices the other day. They should really do different age ranges, paying the same price for my two kids when one eats a normal amount and the other eats nothing is crazy.

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