We Don’t Love Her Anymore

When Little Man was Baby Girl’s age, there wasn’t a lot of drama. Aside from him telling a kid he was going to hell (he said “hot place”) for telling a lie and for claiming we broke his heart when he was upset once, we didn’t get a lot of over-the-top stuff with him. (That came later.) Baby Girl, on the other hand, has a flair for the dramatic. She has been this way quite some time (she has tried giving her brother away on several occasions), and whenever she gets upset with us, she lobs all sorts of accusations at us.

When Baby Girl doesn’t get her way, sometimes she handles it fine, but other times we get the little pint-sized tyrant raging around, stomping her foot and other nonsense. The other nonsense these days is telling us we don’t love her anymore.

“Nobody likes me! There’s not a person in this house who loves me. I wish my mommy and daddy loved me. I’m so sad now.”

Lord. We tried reassuring her that we love her when she first started that, but now our reactions are more like RDJr’s above.

And, in addition to not loving her, she also isn’t our friend anymore. No screen time? “I’ll never be your best friend again!” She also uses this one when kids don’t play with her, whether she knows them or not.

She also accuses us of trying to starve her. The kid is a picky eater, which is frustrating (although I am, too, so I can’t complain too much), but I can deal with that.  Some folks wag their fingers at parents who fix more than one meal, but I’ve been there myself and know that with certain head-strong children, they’d rather go days without eating than give in. So, we make sure to get something she likes whenever we’re eating something she won’t go near. Sometimes, though, she refuses to eat the things she likes and even the things she asked for minutes earlier. I’m flexible, but I have my limits. If you don’t eat what you asked for, there’s no way in hell I’m making/getting something different.

(I hope she never mentions us starving her when we’re at an appointment with her pediatrician. She is a petite little thing.)

This doesn’t sit well with BG, of course. After grumbling, she eventually tells us, “You just want me to starve to death! I’m going to starve and you don’t care!”


So…we don’t love the girl, we aren’t her best friends, and we try to starve her. What else? Well, one of her most recent comments wasn’t as dramatic as the others, but there was still an attempt.

After watching a TV show, she wanted another. I told her “No,” because we try to limit her screen time. Too much, and you’ll have a moody devil child on your hands. She wasn’t quite at that point when I told her “No” the other day, but she still voiced her displeasure.

“I just want a good mommy,” she told me.

Is a second RDJr eye-rolling gif too much? I don’t know what the poor child has done to deserve someone like me.

The drama will only increase, I imagine.

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