Hell Month

There are certain months of the year that I call Hell Months. Those are the months where there are hardly any blank spots on my calendar. It can be overwhelming, and some of us with our sanity intact more so than others. As it turns out, with both kids getting older, we have more of those types of months than not. (So it’ll become normal instead of overwhelming soon enough.) June is one of those months.

Before summer started, I added on extra appointments each week for BG’s speech and occupational therapies. I wanted to do twice per week for each one to try to get her as close to being ready for kindergarten as possible. And then the teacher she’ll have for 5K contacted me about a program that helps with kindergarten readiness. That is once per week for several weeks. The appointments are supposed to be an hour long, but BG blows through them in under 15 minutes. Her issue with readiness has nothing to do with the academic side of things, which is what these sessions are focused on. I’d rather not drive all the way into town for this, but at least she’s getting better acquainted with her teacher.

At the last appointment, Miss “I don’t know how to spell anything” used letter tiles to create words on her own and wrote words on a sheet of paper without being prompted. For whatever reason, she likes to pretend like she doesn’t know jack at home much of the time. I can ask her to read or spell a simple word like “did,” and she’ll usually act clueless. But then I’ll catch her spelling and printing out words on my label maker. I guess she likes telling us “no” so much that it’s just second nature for her to refuse to do something that she can easily do.

Back to June busyness.

So, after the therapy and school appointments were put in place, we then added on a few psychologist visits. A visit to the ENT. (She recently tested for a higher frequency hearing loss, so they’re gonna double check that. If she does indeed have that, it would explain why she struggles with certain sounds, which are also in the higher frequency range.) Another visit to the ENT to discuss possibly removing her tonsils. (Sleep apnea.) LM’s basketball camp. Plus some other random stuff. Since most of those appointments take place in the city an hour+ away, we have/will put some miles on the car this month. Therapies aside, though, July is looking much slower. (KNOCK ON WOOD.)

This week is one of those weeks were we have at least one appointment per day and sometimes two. Plus the girl’s birthday parties. It’s gonna be long, but will end on a great and fun note! BG has a very peculiar cake request, which I’ll be sure to share pictures of later. And we’re going to take her to see Toy Story 4 on her birthday. I hope it’s a little more lighthearted than Toy Story 3, because that one about broke me when we took LM to see it at the theater (he was 2, I believe).

How is your month looking?

9 thoughts on “Hell Month”

  1. You are not kidding about the month of June. School is out and instead of taking a breather, we parents pack it with so many activities to keep the kids busy…and keeping us busy too. My June is packed from the 1st to the 30th. Hopefully July is a little better. 🙂

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      1. AMEN. Between you and me, I loved the summer my husband was deployed, Bubba and Sissy were mostly with their grandparents, and it was just me and the girls. We did so travel about freely. It was one trip after another, we just did what we wanted to do. I’m so glad we had that before the pre-k began. Wouldn’t trade it for a million dollars ❤

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