Growing Up

It feels nice coming back to this blog. Kinda like coming home from a long vacation, except without all the suitcases to unpack and dirty laundry to wash. (Well, maybe not, since I’ll be airing out some stuff…expect lots of posts soon…but ya know.)

I’ve been lingering around the blogverse since late 2014, back when I had an infant and a first grader. And here we are, heading off to middle school and kindergarten. It’s funny how the first six years with LM didn’t fly by that quickly, but the last five have. You know, I expected to be a train wreck for the last part of May, when their graduations were taking place. Milestones — especially major ones like that — always get me. Jeez, when LM graduated from preschool, I was probably more of a train wreck than at any time in the past few years of blogging, so some of y’all know that’s saying something. (Being 29 and feeling all old for being so close to 30 didn’t help.)

I teared up at the preschool graduation, but only at the end when they showed photos from the year, including a baby photo of each graduate with a sound clip of those sweet little voices saying what they wanted to be when they grew up. One kid said Spider-Man (not mine, shockingly), a bunch of kids said teachers or firefighters or police officers, and mine (and her best friend) said doctor. That got to me. So much hope in those voices, so much innocence, and so much confidence because the world hasn’t knocked them down yet.

The boy’s graduation got to me a bit, too. Y’all know that song 7 Years by Lukas Graham? (I’ll link it at the end.) LM started listening to it when he was 7 years old, and now he’s 11 (another age that is referenced in the song), so it already makes my eyes wet. Well, some monster who really wanted to fuck with everyone’s emotions changed it to 5 Years and was about going from kindergarten to fifth grade. I don’t think there was a dry eye there, and a couple of the girls singing started bawling during the song. The rest of the kids faces looked like stone — you could tell they were really struggling to keep it together.

Once I was 5 years old
My mama told me
Go make yourself some friends in kindergarten
Once I was 5 years old

Soon, I’ll be all grown up
Right before your eyes, remember that we’re making lots of memories
I make my teachers happy when I use vocabulary
I hope my classes are just as fun as elementary
Soon, I’ll be all grown up
I will find success with lots of friends to support me
Soon, I’ll be all grown up
Soon, I’ll be all grown up
Will my parents be proud of me? Will I become what they hope for me?
Soon, I’ll be all grown up

That’s not all of it, just some from the beginning and the end, but you get the gist of it. I was glad the ceremony was outside so I had on sunglasses. I told LM that if he ever has to sing anything like that again to warn us. Or at least pass out xanax with the programs. Really, though, that part aside, it wasn’t that tough emotionally. Lots of happiness, lots of pride.

I didn’t really intend to write a post just about the kids growing up, but *shrugs*. I’m feeling all sentimental now, but next week I’ll probably write about some of Baby Girl’s more stressful antics and the hellishness of tweendom. (For real, though, why didn’t some of y’all warn me?!)

7 thoughts on “Growing Up”

  1. Ah, the crying at music. Yeah. Me too.

    We can’t warn you, because like all previous stages of parenthood, you would not believe what your kids would do while they’re not doing it.
    “Oh my sweet boy would never…” and “My daughter’s too smart to…” 😉

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