I’m All Signed Out

Kids are so weird. Baby Girl often changes her name depending on what she’s interested in and wants us to call her that. She has been Charlotte, Wilbur, Marshall, Lucy, Elastigirl…it does not stop. Sometimes she’ll keep the name for days or weeks. (Like the time she wanted to be called “Miguel” and insisted on that in public, which got weird looks.) Not calling her by her preferred name usually results in a meltdown.

She is now heavily interested in signs. It all started out by asking about curve and wet floor signs, looking for them everywhere (she will look in every nook and cranny in smaller restaurants/stories for wet floor signs stashed away), and now it’s a full-blown obsession. Road signs, wet floor signs, etc. Everywhere we go, she points out all of the signs and only wants to talk about signs.

And now she will only eat her food if I do “Road Signs and Indoor Signs Guessing Game.” That means I have to ask her random sign trivia and when she answers correctly, she’ll take a bite of food. If I run out of questions, then she’s done eating. The whole trivia thing has been a deal for the past few months (it reflects the other interests), but good lord. On the plus side, asking about shapes, colors, and the letter certain signs starts with is educational at least. (So is counting when she sees MPH signs and drawing them, for that matter.)

Little Man is ready to lose his shit over that. It is getting annoying, but I guess he forgot how he talked incessantly about Pokemon for weeks on end!

Since she’s into signs now, she has changed her name to reflect that.

“I want to be a  sign. I’m Baby Girl the  ‘No Smoking’ sign.”

The rest of the family has gotten new names, too, and she will only call us by those names. I’m Exit sign, her dad is Yield sign, Little Man is Wet Floor sign, and the dogs are Railroad Crossing signs.

All of her knock-knock and “The chicken crossed the road” type jokes are all related to signs.

Her Christmas list: “All of the road and indoor sign stuffies they make. At least a Curve sign stuffie and a Yield sign stuffie and a No Smoking sign stuffie.”

I tried explaining that there isn’t a demand for such stuffed animals, so the toy manufacturers aren’t producing these for kids, but she thinks I’m full of it. After looking around, I did find some pillows with street signs on them, so I guess we’ll get one if this is what she’s still into in a couple of months. My husband said we could buy her a wet floor sign for Christmas, too. Can you imagine getting a wet floor sign for Christmas?!

File this under “Another thing I never thought I’d be doing/saying as a parent.”


13 thoughts on “I’m All Signed Out

  1. This post was GREAT!!! My daughter went through a phase of renaming people she met because she liked her names better than their given names. It took me a bit to catch on to what she was doing. After the first few, “wait, I thought your name was…”, I learned to ask, is that really their name or did you give them a new one. Then she obsessed over the name Rosemary or Rosie. When she called her doll Rosemary’s Baby, I ended the name changing. I know she had no idea on the connection, but both her dad and I were like, “NO” when she tried that one LOL

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